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  1. Hello, is your plugin include in the7 theme? When yes, what is the difference between bersion in the7 package abd version on your page?

    • Hello Pawel,
      can I ask what makes you think that WPML is inside the the7 theme? Unless we did an exception recently (I’m gonna find out for you) you need to but WPML separately even if a theme is marked as WPML compatible.

  2. So I’m in the process of creating a trilingual website with woocommerce.
    One of the most important requirements is upsells.
    So I have a book in English and I have its translation in French.
    But I’ve not linked them as translations as they have different covers, blurbs and prices.
    Does WPML provide an option to ensure upsell URLs aren’t auto translated and can be hardlinked?


    • Hello Nick,
      nothing gets auto-translated in WPML. When you want to translate a product or a post/page, you create a new one but in a different language. As an option, you can use our ATE editor with machine translations, but this is optional and the translations can be always corrected by you.

  3. Hello
    We have an old CMS certification and I need extra 3 sites now.
    When I am trying to buy new CMS for 79$ I get renewal for 59$ with no extra sites.
    I got refund for deal like this.
    What are my possibilities if I need extra site?
    Can we upgrade the old account to “Agency” with discount?
    Please advice
    Yehuda Bar Lev

    • Hello Yehuda,
      I refunded your purchase yesterday and sent you a link to upgrade to Agency for 59$. Please check your inbox as well as spam folder.
      Let me know?

    • Hello Antonios,
      I have just checked in our system and see your account is already activated for the automatic renewal. The payment will be processed on July 6th. The amount to be charge dis 21$.
      Please let me know if you have any other question.

  4. Hello,
    few years ago I bought a multilingual CMS package. The plugin is used in two sites, now I am not allowed to add a third one. What does this mean? Can you use it in 3 websites but all within a year?

    • Hello Marco,
      yes, now with the multilingual CMS package you can register only 3 sites. We have changed our subscription model last year and we notified users like you (actually a few notifications were sent) offering you some options. I think you must have missed those emails. In case you would like to discuss that case further, please contact us directly via this form: https://wpml.org/home/contact-us/contact-form/

  5. Hi WPML team,

    I would like to buy your plugin and use it with WordPress 5.2 integrated in Magento 2 via Fishpig.
    I have URLs like http://www.mysite.com/us_en or http://www.mysite.com/it_en, where “us” and “it” are the stores and “en” is the language. The same with other stores and languages. My question is: do you think it’s possible to create translation dedicated to each domain as a combination of store/language with your plugin? If the answer is yes, which version (Blog or CMS) is useful to translate only pages and posts?

    Many thanks,

  6. Hi, how can I upgrade from the basic version to Multilingual CMS? I just bought the basic one a week ago. Thank you.

    • Hello Jason. You will find this option in your WPML account. Please log in. When you use it our system will calculate the price accordingly so that you don’t need to pay the full price again.

  7. linking translations in WordPress multisite subdirectories


    i am developing a multilingual site with 3 languages using multisite subdirectories like

    domain.com english version
    domain.com/es/ spanish version
    domain.com/de/ german version

    i’d like to know if wpml works with wordpress multisite and if it can link these languages versions
    in the backend using hreflang tags

  8. Hi

    You can visit my website, my website address is the last part of my email entered with this comment. my questions are :

    1) Please visit my website and let me know if it is compatible with your plugin, the theme is Bridge Child theme, but regardless, you can goto my website and check.

    2) I have around 5000 word in english, and i need to translate into 4 languages, means 20,000 words translation, i get free 2,000 word machine translation with WPML Multilingual CMS, package , so i would need another 18,000 words machine translations approximately.

    How much would i pay exactly for your plugin. I need a quote so i can prepare myself for purchasing the plugin.

    and how do i go about purchasing the plugin.


  9. Hello,

    I want to hold my account 6 month to 1 year, How can I do that now?
    Or need to cancellation subscribe?

    Please advise asap!

  10. Hello, I wish to buy your product but I want more details.
    I have two websites http://www.activeviam.com/blog and http://www.activeviam.net/blog that have the same content but I installed a wordpress for each site.

    My questions are:

    – Can I install the same activation key for both or should I have a key for each?

    – Multilingual CMS gives us the right to install it on 3 website, in my case both sites account for one or not?

    • Hello,
      if you have two WordPress installed you will need two separate keys. By the way, I wonder why you need two separate sites with the same content – it’s not good for SEO. Anyway, in case you would delete one of your site, then, you will need only one registration key.

  11. Hi I have recently purchased the WPML plugin. I need to translate the site to French and German from english and already have the translated text. Is this product right for our use? Is it suitable for a small site where we already have the translations and therefore do not need translators? I cannot find anything in the documentation to show me how to add my own translations and view the draft pages. I am wondering if the plugin(s) is just too complex for our use? Would you advise please?

    Many thanks

    • Hello Kate,
      if you have your own translations, the better. WPML in its default setup doesn’t provide any translations anyway. If you can reply on your translations/translators, it will simplify your work a lot (no need to send anything for translators/translation services and using machine translations).

  12. for Multilingual CMS, does 3 domain is an only main domain or it also covers sub-domains under the main domain?

    • Hello,
      It covers subdomains provided you use one WordPress installation for your subdomains (as in the WordPress Multisite). One install of the WPML plugin/WordPress = one registration key.

  13. 1.What is that Stripe-alternative payment method which was used for my payment?
    Is that safe as the others since as I remember you were hacked recently.

    2. Why was I charged twice for renewing my account?

    3. How can I remove the auto renewal and my card information from my account?

    • Hello Antonios,
      1. Stripe-alternative payment method allows you to pay with your credit card. It’s safe. I don’t know what you have in mind saying that we were hacked.
      2. I’ll ask the person in charge to check your order history and if there is anything that didn’t work correctly we will sort it out. I’ll keep you posted.
      3. This is the link:https://wpml.org/purchase/how-to-change-your-payment-method/ 

    • We have checked your order history and here’s what we have:

      You started with us on July 7, 2017 with a Multilingual Blog account on July 4, 2019 and you set up automatic payments for the account, meaning that a subscription was started.
      On July 7, 2019 the automatic payments were processed and your account was automatically renewed for one more year. Currently being active until July 7, 2020 time when the next automatic renewal should happen.

      In terms of payments this is what happened:
      1. On July 4, 2019 your set up the automatic renewals and pays $1.24 ( this charge was because you used Stripe as a payment gateway and there is a small fee associated with that ).
      2. On July 7, 2019 the automatic renewal scheduled was triggered and you were charged $26.04 having your account renewed for one more year.

      I hope it helps.

  14. carrying on from my previous question – is it possible just to see/use the language that is set in the users browser?

    • Hello Joe,
      yes, it’s possible to redirect the user to the appropriate language according to his/her language set in their browser. This option is disabled by default and can be enabled in WPML settings.

  15. Hi again
    I understand, thank you.
    Is there any way to disable the automatic renewal for each year.
    I d like to pay manually each time instead of automatic payment.

  16. Hi,

    Can I setup a flag to go to an external link?

    I have this website where I want to add a Russian translation, but I also have a different website for the Italian market and I want to add a flag to redirect people there.

    So I want to do the following:

    1. English (current language)
    2. Russian (to be translated using WPML)
    3. Italian (want the flag to redirect visitors to another website)

    Is this possible?

    • Hello Nikolaos,
      not, this is not possible within WPML setup. WPML generates the language switcher automatically based on the languages you have chosen in WPML. Custom adjustments would be needed in your case.

  17. thank you for your previous reply.
    If I stop the subscription in the way you describe, will I be able to have the updates of the plugin for the year i have already paid?
    thank you

    • Hello Antonio,
      If you have already paid for the renewal you have access to updates until August 2020. If you don’t renew again next year you will stop receiving updates as from this date.

      Hope this explains things.

    • Hello, you need one registration key per WordPress install. If your websites use separate WordPress installations, you would need 4 keys. But you can start with the Multilingual CMS package and upgrade to the Multilingual Agency later for the difference in the purchase price.

  18. People, I have a problem with the plugin on one site. I want to describe it to you. I have not purchased the plugin myself and can not access the forum.
    I wanted to contact you – I did not find where. I wanted to create an account to make a ticket without being a customer – I can not.
    I am increasingly surprised by the modern methods of “constantly closed doors”.
    Please give me a chance, a method, an opportunity for some written contact with you.

  19. I am using wpml plugin on my site. I want to translate product attributes on different language but there is no such a option. I want to purchase add on that can translate product attribute also.
    So which one add on will be best for my site.
    Could you explain all the information.

    Thank you
    Best regards
    Nic C

      • I am asking about adding new custom attribute from product attributes option for different language. I can add new custom product attributes from product attributes option for my default language(US) but I am unable to add new custom product attribute for other language like Spanish. My website is on seven different languages. I can add custom product attribute only for default language but unable to add for other languages. When I go to product attribute option for other language it give message ‘This is a translation of DSIP. Some of the fields are not editable. It’s recommended to use the WooCommerce Multilingual products translator for translating products’.
        My requirement is I wanna add custom product attribute for other language. How can I add?
        Have I purchase ‘Multilingual products translator for translating products ?
        Please give me details about product addon for multilingual products translator.
        URL of website – https://www.peptides.net/
        Please check below screenshots –

        • Hello,
          no, you cannot add custom attributes to products in your other language because it’s not considered a translation. It’s actually a different product. As an alternative solution, you can create a new product only in your second language without its equivalent in the primary language. WPML allows that.

          • Is there no any addon to add custom product attribute. If we go to add custom product attribute it give message It’s recommended to use the WooCommerce Multilingual products translator for translating products. Is there any addon that can help to add custom product attribute ?
            What about WooCommerce Multilingual products translator addon ? What does this addon work?
            Please provide me details.

            • Hello,
              All WooCommerce add-ons compatible with WPML are listed here. Please note that WPML allows you to translate your products with all their features to other languages. If you need to have a different set of custom attributes for each language it’s better to create separate products for them.

  20. I write here again, because in the whole world no one can or not want to answer my question.
    We have the following problematic situation:
    Multilingual site for rooms booking. Basic language + 2 additional languages.
    We fill bookings only manually in Google Calendar. We have introduced the URL field to the Google Calendar in our site. In each language individually, at the exact place for that purpose. We do not have more work on the site.
    We fill a new booking at Google Calender. The primary language is synchronized immediately, but the additional languages ​​are NOT.
    The developers of the theme said the problem is from the WPML plugin. We have been struggling with this already second year.
    For our clients in the main language the room is occupied, but in the additional languages ​​- it seems free. And the quarrels come.
    I have read all the setup tips in the forums.
    I bought the theme a second time to get access to their support, but no result.
    Does anyone have a similar problem? Does anyone know what I’m talking about? All send me for “green caviar” and no one want deals with the problem.

    • Hello,
      I am sorry to hear this. I am not a technical supporter and cannot help from here with your issue. Please go to our dedicated forum to clients, log in and start a new thread where one of our supporters will assist you https://wpml.org/forums/forum/english-support/.
      You need an active subscription to access technical support.

      Kind regards,

      Kind regards,

      • That’s exactly the problem.
        “Catch-22 (Joseph Heller)”
        First I have to buy the product to can ask a question – will I need the product.
        Of course, I will buy a subscription, but only if I know my problem will be solved.
        That’s exactly what happened with the Theme. I bought it again – meaningless.
        Years ago there were clear emails of true living people. You write – they answer. Then you buy and everything is fine.
        I still can not understand the modern conspiracy.
        Please, very please, contact me with a living person who is technically literate.
        Many thanks.

        • You can use our refund policy in case your problem is not resolved after purchasing. Investigating technical issues cannot be done in comments in the pre-sale section. This is why we have a support forum with experts and tools.

  21. Hi there,

    I’m just trying to build my page, cause I would like to start my business. I downloaded theme Perth and trying to make it look similar as the demo is I found in list of wordpress themes.
    I am not technically type, so I am checking documentation and there is part to download plugin from this page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/types/
    But this plugin is not available. What can I do, please? Can You help me, please.
    Thanks a lot.

    Have a lovely day.

    Kind regards
    Eva Maria

  22. Hi,

    I have a few questions about a project we are getting into. We are wanting to create a multi-language website where we have about 8 different languages.

    We will be building this on a multisite platform where every language gets its own website but all of the content will be the same.

    We are looking at translation options and you guys were one we were looking at. I noticed in some of the comments that you said it doesn’t automatically translate, so I was wondering how the process worked?

    Does it work where we put up the english content and then have to send it off to be translated and then we can post the translations to other sites?



  23. Hello there,
    I am looking for a theme builder that works without problems with WPML. I am interested in Elementor Page Builder but before buying WPML I would like to make sure 100% that works well with WPML.
    Thanks in advance.

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