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  1. Hello,
    I use “Classified Ads WordPress Theme” on my page which uses its own “Classifieds Custom Post Types” plugin. This plugin creates pages (in this plugin, not between pages) where there are ad posted by users. My question is: have you tested WPML for this theme? Do you think WPML would help me translate these pages? Rival plugin to translate the site did not help me. Many thanks.

    • Hello Adrian,
      this theme hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility team (the same with the plugin) and we don’t know how it will work. If the post types have been implemented by following WordPress standards, there is a good chance that you will be able to translate them in WPML but I cannot say much for themes/plugins not checked by our team. You can buy WPML with our refund policy in mind. It will allow you to test WPML for 30 days and you don’t risk anything (except of time).

  2. Hey,
    I’ve purchased WPML plugin a few months back and canceled it after a few days.

    The problem was that it wasn’t compatible with screen readers, navigating with a keyboard was impossible (checked with a compatibility expert, we couldn’t manage to select a language using a keyboard).

    I’m using Avada theme, and want to use this plugin to add more languages to my site, but it must have compatibility in mind.

    Please advice on how to proceed.

    • Please log in to your WPML account and try to buy it again (when being logged in). Then you will be able to access our forum again. If for any reason it turns out that you want us to refund your order, you will be able to do so.

  3. Hey,
    As I’ve stated earlier, I’ve cancels the subscription months ago. I just want to know if you fixed the issues with compatibility for blind people, using the keyboard navigation and screen readers?
    Thank you !

    • Hello Danny,
      let me reach out to our developers to ask. Where can learn more about the issues you are mentioning? Did you create a support thread maybe? Anything that helps us to understand those issues better is much appreciated.

    • Danny, our devs say that we do have one accessibility issue we are working on. It’s something specific for the language switcher. Could you please remind us what was your issue? Thank you.

      • Hey, I don’t recall opening a thread of this issue.

        – The issue was that whenever I tried to switch language using keyboard navigation (instead of using the mouse), it’s wasn’t functional, even if I find the element I can’t use it with just the keyboard.

        – The screenreader (which reads text in DOM elements) couldn’t recognize the language switcher (it would skip the switcher and go to next element as if it didn’t existed) – blind users won’t even know it’s there.

        – Also, there was no option to change the aria-label to name it correctly for blind users. the element only shows the name of the language, for example: “English” instead of a prompt like: “select language”.

        • Hello Danny,

          after consulting the issues with our developers, here’s what I got:

          Right now the only accessibility fix planned for a post-4.3.0 release is to add the “lang” attribute to the items in the language switcher, so that screen readers can understand that. We are doing this according to the WCAG2.1 AA issues: 1.1.1 A and 3.1.2 AA.

          We will address all the issues you’ve mentioned in the next releases.

  4. I am working on 2 separate domain sites of translations that will be hosted on 2 separate country servers, currently in development for a client. Is there a way to link the language switcher to page on external sites or only internal to the wordpress installation?
    Thank you

    • Hello,
      WPML is a WordPress plugin and you need to have at least one WordPress-based site with WPML installed but you can use WPML with different domains per language, as explained in this tutorial.

      Would that help you in your case?

  5. Hi,

    I currently have an English site and I want to create Spanish and French versions of my site. I would like to ask if I publish a new page or post in my English site, will it also appear in my Spanish and French sites?


      • Thanks for your response, Agnes.

        Just to clarify, I will be using two different domain names for the French and Spanish version of the English site. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I understand that I would need to provide the translation. Can you also provide a video, if there’s any, so I would better understand it?


        • Hi Michele,
          Agnes is gone for the daty. WPML provides the different language versions of your site within the same wordpress install, but it does not provide the translated content itself. It offers automatic translation as one of the translation methods. You can see how WPML works here https://wpml.org/, in the video on our homepage.
          Let me know of any further question!

          • Hi Mercedes,

            Does it mean that when I install WPML in the English site, will I be able to add another two languages and link them in to their respective domains?

            Also, when I update the content in the English site, will the French and Spanish sites will be updated as well?

              • Hi Agnes,

                I checked the instructions here on how to setup different domains per language. I have some questions:

                1. Do I need to add an A record on the main site (English version) and to the other domains?
                2. Does it mean that I need to add the other domain A record on the main site?
                3. I already have domains for the non-English sites, however, when I try to add them as Parked / Alias domain, it shows this error: “There was an error when the system attempted to create the alias. Park::park failed: (XID 8b8ma2) The domain “domain.com” already exists in the userdata.”

                Can you please help me with this? Thank you!

  6. Hi
    I am currently developing a multivendor website and I need a plugin translation for my website. I would like to purchase the Multilingual CMS – the most popular one. Is it a good option for a multivendor website? I ask this question because I have a limited budget for now.

    Please let me know.



  7. hello,

    I want to purchase Multilingual Blog- The economic solution for multilingual WordPress blogs and I need your company’s registration number so I can integrate it in the internal documentation. Usually this is a public information but I ca not find it anywhere.
    Could you please let me know it?

    Thank you,

  8. Hello,
    a few days ago I bought “Multilingual Blog” but I would like to upgrade to “Multilingual CMS”. Would that be possible or should I ask for a refund and buy the correct plan?


    • Yes, updating is possible and our system will smartly calculate only the difference in the purchase price. You need to be logged in and you will see an option to to upgrade.

  9. Hi Sir,
    We have a website https://bondevalue.com/ and we are planning to create two more different languages website that is for SG & UAE. So we are planning for wpml and our deverloper wants to try this plug-in in free version then will make plan for paid version. I am not able to find the frees this plugin. coupld you pleae help me to download for the free version.

    We need to set up 2 new websites in order to target Singapore and UAE.

  10. Hi WPML Team,

    can you please get back to me about order 4617337 as its been more than 24 hours after payment and the account is still not online.


  11. Hello,
    I have question about choosing the right version of WPML to buy. Multilingual Blog seems to fit my needs perfectly, but i dont understand, is “String Translation” included in Multilingual Blog?

    • Hello,
      the String Translation plugin is not included in Multilingual Blog. You can start with the Multilingual Blog and if it turns out that you need the String Translation plugin you can upgrade to the CMS version (you will pay proportionally) or you can buy CMS now, up to you.

  12. Dear,
    I need to install WPML to my wordpress website but i’m not sure if it’s compatible with The7 theme version: Version: 4.0.2
    Please advise.
    Any demo license and/or website?

    Henry Kozhaya
    Best regards..

  13. Hello I didn’t renew my wpml because I thought to have bought it forever. Did you allow a plan forever? Now it seems I have to buy it again for 1 year and not renewal at 50 usd…
    pls let me know
    Thnaks a lot

    • Hello Fiorella,
      I see you have an expired subscription for CMS, which needs to be renewed in order to access updates and support. We used to offer lifetime subscriptions but we have removed them from our system.

    • Hello,
      is your request still valid? Can I ask what you do and what message you get? We can reset the password for you but first I need to make sure your request is still valid (not to destroy your password if you managed to get a new one in the meantime).

  14. Dear All,
    I represent the Institute of English Studies, University of Łódź, Poland. We offer a translation programme for our students. Recently we have paired up with Memsource and have plans to teach our students how to localize WordPress-based websites. My question is: do you offer any academic programme or are you interested in establishing an academic cooperation with our Institute? If so, please contact me at: michal.kornacki@uni.lodz.pl. Best, Michal.

    • Hello Michał,
      WPML helps you to make your WordPress site multilingual which is different than localizing WordPress-based websites. I’m not sure what exactly you have in mind by asking about the academic program. Can you please elaborate? What would be your expectation about this cooperation?

  15. Hi guys,

    We are interested in using WPML for a current project, however the site we are developing will consist of a large quantity of embedded content (PowerPoint, H5P, Video) and we were wondering if your product provides any way of controlling what content is displayed in embedded items such as these.

    We are using DIVI as the builder/editor for our site, in case this is important to know.

    We would love to us WPML, but fear that even though all the text content of the page is switching language, all the embedded content will remain in the default language (english in this case)

    I hope this all makes sense. If you have any info or know of a workaround that works in conjunction with WPML, then please let me know so we can figure out if WPML will work for our project.

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Hello Alex,
      it depends on how you handle/store/link to your embedded content. I will need more details to understand your case. Do you use DIVI modules for it? Maybe you use custom fields? WPML works with DIVI, which means, that you don’t need to copy your DIVI layout for each language but you only replace the content. Please check this page for details. But of course, if needed, you can always create a separate page for each language and then you can include in it whatever you need.

      • Thanks for such a quick reply!

        Ah ok, yes we have powerpoint and H5P content embedded into pages using DIVI’s code module. So we basically add the embed code for a video into a code module, or we include a shortcode into normal text module.

        So does that mean WPML supports loading different modules depending on language?
        We don’t have the option to create individual pages for each language, so the only option we will have is to switch out modules, (or module content) somehow.

        I really hope that makes sense.


        • No, WPML doesn’t support loading different modules depending on the language. What it does instead it allows you to provide different content for your modules (per language). Would that help in your case?

          • Ah, in that case yes it might work. As we will simply be including embed codes and shortcodes into a module, then I guess this code code simply be placed into the language fields your plugin provides.

            Naturally I assume WPML supports the DIVI text module, but do you know if this would be the case for the code module too? The code module is basically a text field, but focusing specifically on code.

            If both of those modules are supported then I think we have a winner!

            Thanks again for your help with this. It’s important that we know we can achieve this before we purchase.

            In fact, is there a trial version that we could test with out of interest?


            • OK, our devs from the Compatibility Team conform that it should be fine and you need to translate the page with WPML Classic Translation Editor, or, duplicate the page and just edit the secondary page to change the embedded content.

              • Ah fantastic thank you.

                I’m assuming the annual renewal cost is for updates and support. Will WPML still work without a yearly renewal?

                I imagine we will continue to purchase for updates regardless, however I need to know in order to pass the details on to our partners for clarity.

                Thanks so much for the help!

                • That’s correct, the annual renewal cost is for updates and support. WPML will still work without a yearly renewal but of course, we cannot anticipate what will happen with new WordPress releases.

  16. Hello
    I ordered the CMS version since September 18th ($ 79), I still have not received the download link and the status of my order is still “pending”. it’s urgent

  17. Hello,

    If we were to use your plugin on a multisite setup, with each site serving a different country, is it possible to exclude some posts or pages from certain countries so they don’t exist?

    For example, we will be translating most pages for each country – but one or two pages might only be relevant for one of the countries. We would like these pages to be hidden (404) on the other sites.

    If this is possible, how would it work, please?


    • Thank you for your interest in WPML. I need to understand your case better.
      Are you going to use WPML on your WordPress Multisite? If so, do you want each of your subsites to use one or more languages? By hiding languages, you mean not displaying the langue switcher?

  18. Ah, in that case yes it might work. As we will simply be including embed codes and shortcodes into a module, then I guess this code code simply be placed into the language fields your plugin provides.

    Naturally I assume WPML supports the DIVI text module, but do you know if this would be the case for the code module too? The code module is basically a text field, but focusing specifically on code.

    If both of those modules are supported then I think we have a winner!

    Thanks again for your help with this. It’s important that we know we can achieve this before we purchase.

    In fact, is there a trial version that we could test with out of interest?


  19. I just need to ask , can this plugin automatically translate all site content in one click ?

    Actually I have number of pages/products which will not be possible to select each page and automatically translate one by one.

    Please let me know if this feature available?

    • No, you cannot do it in one click right now. We have some plans to make it possible, let me check with our developers the status.

  20. Almost 24-hours ago I bought and paid for the plugin. But I still cant download. Why is that? Could you please enable the download since the payment is ok?


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