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  1. I have built sites for nonprofits in the past, and received licenses for the product under that program. Is that program defunct, because I cannot find any reference to it on your site?

  2. Hi,

    Does APR Energy have an active account with WPML.org. If so, what is the email address associated with it? We are attempting to access our account to register and update our wp modules but cannot do so without a key.


    Antonio Mendez

  3. I am working on a WordPress site using the theme generatepress. I also use Elementor Pro and crocoblock plugins together with ACF Pro and CPT UI for custom posts and categories. My question is does WPML CMS work with all these apps? Or do you maybe have another solution for me? The site is in English and will also be in Swedish.
    Really appreciate your help. Thank you.
    Kind regards

  4. Before I buy your product, I have the following question: which product do I need in combination with the Divi-theme? Is that Multilingual Blog or Multilingual CMS?

    • Hello Petya,
      I see your account has already been renewed successfully. The charge has been processed.
      Please let me know if you have any other question.

      Kind regards,

      • I would like to cancel an extension and the last fee. Biting will return the amount to me. I have not booked an abbo. You have debited money from the main account, without my consent

      • Ich möchte eine Verlängerung und die letzte Gebühr stornieren. Beißen gibt mir den Betrag zurück. Ich habe kein Abo gebucht. Sie haben ohne meine Zustimmung Geld vom Hauptkonto abgebucht.

        VAT number: EU196000846

  5. Hi ,
    I try tot log in in the paymentprocedure, but the log-in doesnt work. I renewed my password, but that doesnt work either.
    Can you remove my account, so I can renew the buying procedure?


  6. Hey
    If you don’t renew the license yearly, what will happen?
    You don’t loose all your translations I suppose, only the new updates?
    Kind regards

  7. Thanks Agnes, the support has been really helpful, we will be purchasing the plugin next week and look forward to using it.

    Many thanks again for all of the support.

    Kind regards,

  8. I have two questions regarding attribute translation for Woocommerce.

    1) Imagine, I create a product in Woocommerce with the type “Variable product” and created different price variations. Attributes for variations pre-created globally and also translated. Than I translate this product into other languages… will variations automatically appear in the translated product?

    2) Suppose initially the product was “Simple Product”. And I translated it into different languages. Than I decided to change “Simple Product” to “Variable Product” and pre-create attributions globally and also translate them. When changing the product type from Simple to Variable for original language, do these changes appear in the translated product automatically?

    Will be very nice if you could have a demo with admin access so people can check this functions themselves instead of spending your time.

    Regards! Morissa.

  9. Hi, I am looking to change default currency in Woocommerce and keep all previous orders as they were (in the relevant currency). It looks like the WPML Woocommerce bit is ideal for what I need to do, but the rest of the site is not going to be translated. Is it possible to apply WPML only to products and nothing else?

  10. I’m building a multilingual woocommerce website for a client and I would like to evaluate WPML as the multilingual solution. I don’t intend to buy WPML personnaly, the client will purchase it’s own licence of whatever plugin I build his website with.

    Is there a way to have a development copy of wpml ?

    • Hello,
      if you need to test WPML with your theme and your set of plugins, the only way is to buy it (you can request a refund if needed, you will have 30 days). You can use this demo (please click “Create test site” and don’t forget to click on the “The site will be multilingual” option) but please note that this website is a bit complex since it was created with a different purpose in mind. But it uses WPML so you can have a look.

  11. Hello!

    Looking forward to purchasing this for use on 50+ websites but would like one question answered before I move on. Could you clarify the statement ‘2000 words between any language pair per website’ listed on your /purchase page.

    • Hello Rony,
      Suppose you buy the Multilingual CMS package. It allows you to use WPML on 3 websites. If you decide to use machine translations (see this video to understand how it works), you will be able to translate 2000 words for each of your 3 sites. Which gives you 6000 (3*2000) words for free in total. If you need more than 2000 words, you will need to pay extra (see the pricing here).

  12. This is not a presales question but I don’t have access to the WPML account that made the plugin purchases. I can provide a valid registration key though. My Question:

    Can you please provide me with access to a technical support option please? I can’t find any way to do it without having access to the original account.

    This is fairly urgent as the plugin is generating the “Class ‘WPML_Super_Globals_Validation’ not found” error and it is crippling site functionality.

    Any assistance is appreciated.

    • Hello,
      only users with active WPML accounts/subscriptions can access our support forum. If the site doesn’t belong to you you have the following options:
      1. You can ask the site’s owner to share access to his/her WPML account and you will report the issue on his/her behalf.
      2. You can buy WPML with your email and open a ticket
      3. You can ask one of our WPML consultants https://wpml.org/contractors/

  13. Well the site has an active registration key on it, but the developer who originally purchased it is not accessible. So the only option is to buy it again?

    • Hello Duane,
      Yes, I am afraid that if you have no access to the account you will need to purchase a new subscription to access support.

      Best regards,

  14. Hi,

    We are looking to purchase WPML for our multi-language needs, but due to the way the project is funded we would only have the ability to spend money during 1 year, therefore making it impossible to renew our plugin membership after a year.

    Would it be possible to pay in bulk for 5 years cover rather than the standard 1 year?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Hello Alex,
      Thanks for your interest. I am afraid this is not an option. We offer yearly subscriptions with automatic renewal payments. If you set up the payment now it will be processed automatically in the upcoming year(s). Hope this help.

      Let me know?

      • Ah thanks for letting me know.

        In that case we will be unable to renew after the project timeline completes, which will likely be within the next 12 months. At that point the unspent budget disappears and no money is available for future purchases.

        Thanks anyway.

        Kind regards,

        • Hello Alex,
          of course, you will know best what to do in this situation but please note that every WordPress site involves maintenance costs. This is because WordPress core itself constantly changes. The only way to avoid it is to lock both your WordPress and the plugins with the current versions and don’t allow future updates. But there are drawbacks – security issues for example (note that keeping both your WordPress core and all plugins/themes up to date minimalizes the risk of potential attacks).

          • Yes thank you Agnes, yes I fear we will have to disable all updates. Unfortunately it is out of my hands, however they are being made aware of the potential issues.

            I hope that the project will find a way to support renewals but at the moment they are going to be able to purchase a second year, but nothing after that.

            Many thanks for the information, another member of the project teams will be purchasing some time next week.

            Kind regards,

  15. Hi,

    After I buy and start using a 1-year plan, what happens to my WPML-enabled websites when I don’t renew my plan at expiration? Will the bilingual feature of my website(s) that have already been built with the WPML plugin be disabled or somehow become non-fonctional?

    For more context, I don’t need to use a translation service as I myself am bilingual in the languages that I intend to use for the website(s) I am building (not more than 2, one of which is simply a blog.) And of course, I am not interested in paying every year with I don’t really need to. So I was wondering whether a one-time payment would work for me, that is, whether the WPML feature enabling to switch from one sent of contents in one language to another in a different language will remain active on my websites once for all.

    • Hello,
      you can still use WPML plugins and the content your created using WPML won’t disappear even if you don’t pay for the next year(s). An active WPML subscription is required only for getting new versions of WPML and our support help.

  16. Does WPLM support multi sales points? I am using provider http://www.payu.pl and with their plugin I can only use one currency sales point ID. I need to use two more currencies with separate sales point ID’s. Is your plugin capable of it? Also is there a way to test it before purchase?

  17. I wanna use your plugin to translate 2 languages English and Myanmar.

    i will use your plugin in the following link . Before i buy it, i want to sure when client or members or users upload a news ads post in listing.
    Description will need to fill by them in 2 languages and some Content fileds will be already assign by admin in 2 lanaguages. (example Gender(Englsih) = က်ား/မ (Kyar/Ma) (Myanmar) ). i can use like this, right? and how much does it cost?

    I will use these themes.

    • Hello,
      Yes, you can set up your languages like this but please note that your theme wasn’t checked by our Compatibility Team and is not on our themes compatible with WPML. It means you can expect issues. It’s not a simple theme and might requried special adjustments to be WPML ready. You can buy WPML and test it yourself keeping our refund policy in mind or choose a different theme.

    • What you ask about should work as we don’t have anything major in support but we’ll run some test to update WordPress.org – thanks for letting us know – we have overlooked it. We have one issue with the “display as translated” mode which will be solved in WPML 4.4 (BuddyPress Multilingual produces the wrong addresses to pages when using “Display as translated” mode for pages).

  18. Hello,

    I have a few questions about WPML with Buddypress

    1) Buddypress Multilingual plugin- when will this be updated? I noticed it hasn’t been updated with the last 3 WordPress Updates.

    2) If I use Buddypress, would Multilingual Blog plan be the best purchase? I have only 1 website.

    3) Does WPML plugin (the multilingual blog plan) translate everything for Buddypress?

    4) How many translated languages can WPML hold? I would like 5 different language translations on my website.

    Please let me know soon, thank you!

  19. Hello, there
    I have a very specific need of translating an existing website to suit the needs of my audience. I currently have English on the top level domain. I now wan to create a sub-domain that caters for the native speakers.

    I’ve looked around in vain. The language I want isn’t within wordpress which most plugins provide. Will WPML allow me seamlessly translate the subdomain into this native language that doesn’t exist within wordpress laguages?

    Please let me know ASAP so I can quickly purchase. 🙂

  20. Hello,
    How can I get an Invoice to y company as I wrote just my name for my two payments? I’ve purchased Blog and then multilingual?
    Please let me know

    • You transfer your site as if you would move any other WordPress site. If you are going to change the domain as well, you will need to register a new activation key. In your WPML account go to Sites and generate a new key. Without the key, your site will work as well but you won’t get new updates.

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