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  1. Hi,
    guys this not fair, I had serve issue in WPML which not translating the Arabic text to English, I have report the issue to your team they took a full week with postpone daily one response, and now subscription is finished , and my problem not fix and I cannot response the my post.
    this not fair, since I raise the issue long ago before my subscription is over, and your team reluctant to fix it.
    I don’t want to renew since I don’t have a lot of change,
    now what I do ?
    I cannot let the customer see the English version of my site since incomplete,
    am not going to pay for 60$ for renew because your team delayed to fix the issue I have reported. …
    really not fair

  2. Hi,
    I have manually translated the site with the .po file, but I get feedback from clients who receive emails in English when trying to change their password.
    If I instal WPML on my WordPress installation will I be able to translate various pages and automated emails such as the ones for the “Lost password” process?

      • Hi Mercedes,

        I just purchased the CMS version. My site is in one language and we don’t intend to translate it as it’s a membership site and as far as I know membership plugins still cannot handle multilingual site.
        I just was not able to translate those “deeper” strings of text in forms and emails. Most of my site is in French.
        When I launch the WPML wizard after the installation WPML runs me through a default wizard requiring me to select another language, other than the one on the site… I don’t won’t to add a language I simply want to have access to string translation which I have already installed.
        How might I go about changing strings of text from English to French without translating my the entire site to another second language?
        Thank you,

  3. Does your solution support multi language entries for Yoast and SEO meta descriptions? Or is there a solution you can recommend that supports this feature.


  4. Hello, I provided the link to the pre-sale questions because I feel that this should not be discussed here, as WooCommerce Multilingual is a free add-on that bridges WPML and WooCommerce, and this forum is focused on WooCommerce Multilingual.

    • Hello,
      I’m confused about your comment. What sort of help do you need? What is your question? What link do we talk about?

  5. Help.. I purchased WPML but I accidentally entered the wrong email address, so now I can’t access the account and it belongs to some other email.

  6. I can’t reach the previous command line. I wanna sure after i bought your plugin (79$) and your plugin not fully compatible with classiads pro themes. can i refund my money back?
    is there any other rule and regulation for refund.

    The following text is our previous chat.

    Hi Arker Phyo,

    Agnes Bury replied to your question:

    “Hello, Yes, you can set up your languages like this but please note that your theme wasn\’t checked by our Compatibility Team and is not on our themes compatible with WPML. It means you can expect issues. It\’s not a simple theme and might requried special adjustments to be WPML ready. You can buy WPML and test it yourself keeping our refund policy in mind or choose a different theme.”

    Reminder – your question was:

    “I wanna use your plugin to translate 2 languages English and Myanmar. i will use your plugin in the following link . Before i buy it, i want to sure when client or members or users upload a news ads post in listing. Description will need to fill by them in 2 languages and some Content fileds will be already assign by admin in 2 lanaguages. (example Gender(Englsih) = က်ား/မ (Kyar/Ma) (Myanmar) ). i can use like this, right? and how much does it cost? I will use these themes. https://classiads.designinvento.net/classiads-solic/listings/b-listing/laptop-for-sale/

    To reply back, please go to this link:

  7. Hi, can u tell me if this will work for myself & my members of a WP Multisite please as don’t want to have to install on each subsite/account separately, so does it have the capability of translating admins, plugins etc if so, which version do I need to buy please? Many thanks for your help
    K Finch

    • Hello,
      if you install your plugins on the network level of your WordPress Multisite site, you need to install and register only one copy/instance of the WPML plugin. So the Multilingual CMS package will suffice in your case (it allows you to register up to 3 websites).

      • Hi Agnes, thank you very much for the reply, I appreciate it, when you say “register up to 3 websites” does this mean another 2 domain names as well as my main one (multisite main one) plus 2 other main ones or does it mean that I can only register 3 sub domain sites within my network? i.e. am I allowed t use it on all my subdomains as they are not actual domains or only 3 sub domains? also, and sorry but I need t be sure, will WPML allow the changing into other languages plugins, admin menus etc in the admin sections? again, many thanks for all your help but I need to be sure this is cost effective for me

    • No, it won’t stop working but you will lose access to our support forum and new versions unless you renew your subscription. Actually your subscription will auto-renew unless you cancel/sop it in the meantime.

  8. I would like to buy WPML plugin, but I can not pay by PayPal account. I have money on my account but PayPal demands to add credit card to account… (why ?).

    Can I send to you money by Bank Transfer or PayPal account (with out credit card) ?

    • Hello Slawek,
      I am afraid you cannot pay with your PayPal account unless it is linked to a credit card. If it is, you can pay using your PayPal balance but it is a requirement that is validated with a credit card.
      You can also pay with a debit card selecting Alternative Payment Processor.

      Hope this helps.

  9. If I go with WPML, I would like to know a little more about the advanced automatic translation service. After reading https://wpml.org/documentation/translating-your-contents/advanced-translation-editor/automatic-translation-pricing/ I would like more details on the underlying software doing the automatic translation?
    1. Is it machine or neural translation?
    2. Is it through google cloud: https://cloud.google.com/translate/ ? If not which software is used?

  10. Hello,
    1. Can you please let me know can we buy a License on behalf of our client? Can we resell your license?

    2. Can you priovide us Tax Residence Certificate for tax year 2019?

    Thank you

    • 1. Yes, you can. You can buy it with your credit card (PayPal) and your email and you can install it for your customers’ sites. For example if you buy the Multilingual CMS package, you can use WPML for 3 sites (3 customers). If you buy with your client’s credit card and his/her email, your customer will be charged.
      2. Here’s our company’s registration number: 1683657 – I’m not sure if this is what you are asking for. Probably not so I need to check with our account manager. I will keep you posted.

  11. 1. Is the 2000 word count for machine translation a ‘per page’/ ‘per language’? Or is it 2000 words for the entire site?

    2. If we want to take advantage of the machine translation, and we have less than 2K words on each page/post, will we be able to do so for eight plus languages?

    If not… how do you add more machine capabilities and/or more language options? Are there upgrades to add more, and if so, what’s the cost per unit?

  12. Hi, I bought yestedray your plugin, but I believe I misspelled my email address. It was bought for (email address edited) and my actual email is (email address edited)

    black, not balk.
    Please could you send me the access to the plugin? and change the email to the correct one?

    Kind regards,


  13. Hello – I currently have the multilingual blog but would like to upgrade to the multilingual CMS. Might be a daft question but still haven’t found how to upgrade? Many thanks

    • Please log in to your WPML account and you should see a link to upgrade. If you cannot see a link to upgrade but to renew your account, first you would need to renew and then you will be able to upgrade.

  14. I’m looking to purchase your plugin and trying to better understand the various translation options. I get 2000 words for free, and then if I need more, I purchase more? Are they in bulk? Also, I have a translation service; which I can integrate into the plug-in. Can I chose to manually translate some pages, and send others out to the service at the same time? I’m assuming I can. More then anything, I’d like to better understand the additional options for purchasing words.

    • Translate yourself, means that you enter your translations yourself. So you need to know that foreign language (or you do copy-pasting from somewhere else). Machine translations are translations provided automatically by a system (similar to google translations by done by a different systemin our case)

  15. Hello, I have a question can I edit title, meta descriptions, keywords if I use your plugin for a website with 2 languages. What about the alt text of the picture?
    Can I translate popup forms too?

    • WordPress itself doesn’t allow you to edit the meta descriptions and keywords. This becomes possible when you use a SEO plugin (Yoast for example), and yes, we are compatible with such plugins. The most popular ones. Yes, WPML supports image translations (alts etc). “Can I translate popup forms too?” – depends on the plugin you use. Here’s the list of all plugins compatible with WPMl, tested by our team: https://wpml.org/documentation/plugins-compatibility/

  16. Hello,
    We want to implement multilingual for our website.

    Example: wpml.org/de, wpml.org/pt

    Will it be possible with this plugin.

  17. Hi,

    How many sites can I setup WPML with for each types of account? If I used all available site slots, can I disable/log out 1 site so I can activate it on new site?

    • Yes, you can do it. You need to go to your WPML account -> Sites and deregister the site. And then you will be able to generate a new key.

  18. I am sorry that I have to post this on this site, but since I do not have the login details for our account, I cannot log in and submit a support ticket.

    Our company owns a WPML account, but the one that registered his e-mail address has quit the company. How can I get access to the account for necessary updates of the plugins in our website?

    Yours sincerely, Kennet
    ASK e-Learning.

  19. Hi,

    I have a question, my company is developing a plugin and for that, we are interested in purchasing WPML.
    I would like to request a demo to test all features to see if this is what we are looking for.

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Hello

    I am blogger and digital marketer

    I am interested to buy this plugin

    I want make many blog and websites in multiple languages, so my readers can read my blog posts in their own language

    I see this plugin have 3 plans multilingual blog,cms,and agency

    So I am little bit confused which plan is sufficient and sutaible for me

    So please guide me

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML.
      both the Multilingual Blog and Multilingual CMS include the same main WPML plugin. The Multilingual CMS has some additional plugins which are optional. It means that you can start with the Multilingual Blog and upgrade to the Multilingual CMS later (for the difference in purchase price), if needed. If you use a relatively simple theme on your blog, the Blog package should suffice. The table on this page: https://wpml.org/purchase/ summarizes what you won’t be able to translate using the Blog version.

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