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27,333 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi there,

    I have a multilingual CMS package purchased on my account.
    This is for a client’s site, and he does not want to translate the license. The license is still “active” till the end of the year.
    Now, I would like to purchase another Multilingual Package for a partner’s site (that I’m developing).

    Just wondering what would be the best way to do it:
    – use the same account, in this case, will I have separate control over the two packages? (meaning that later on I’d like to renew only one of the package subscriptions…)
    – or create a different account for it


    • Hello Adrian,
      You can use the same CMS subscription to register the second site, since this allows to register up to 3 sites.

      Kind regards,

    • Hello, since I am planning to transfer my site/blog to another domain and make it multilingual, I would like to clarify:
      Can I buy a single licence
      e, translate it, then move all of its content (including translation) to another domain?

      I understood that I’d need to unregister the licence from the old site, create another apy key and then register WPML on the new site (exact copy) – is it correct, and everything would be ok and work?

      My choice is WPML, but I would appreciate the answer because it helps me to plan and incorporate the translation in the whole migration schedule?

      Thank you, Iva

      • Hello,
        yes, that’s correct: you can unregister your current domain and register a new one with a new key. You can do it as many tymes as you want.

    • Hi, I’m a developer, and looking for a plugin to do a multilamguage site for my client, wanted to clarify few things.
      Is your plugin, covers Malaysian, malay language?
      And is there any tutorials how i can use your plugin with WordPress and divi builder ?

  2. Hi Agnes,

    I refer to your reply here:
    I have an update for you. Our decision is to sell support along with our plugin updates because our data show that any other business model proves to be sustainable for us. So if you paying $59 per year for 3 domains is an option for you, you might consider buying the Multilingual CMS package – you will pay $79 for the first year and $59 for upcoming years.

    So, you are saying that:
    I can’t transfer one of my domains and get support for the rest?

    • >I can’t transfer one of my domains and get support for the rest?
      You can, but in this case, the person who owns the lifetime account would need to open support tickets for the rest.

  3. Hello, im interested buying this plugin does this plugin work after 1 year ?Do i need to buy license every year? Does this plugin translate woocommerce products?

  4. Hi,

    An error code pops up.

    WPML Update is Incomplete

    You are running updated woocommerce-multilingual and wpml-media-translation, but the following components are not updated:


    Your site will not work as it should in this configuration Please update all components which you are using.

    How can I fix this issue?

    • Hello,
      yes, you need to install a few more WPML plugins. On your WP site, please go to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab and you will see all WPML plugins there (you need to have the Multilingual CMS package to have access to all our plugins).

  5. Hi!
    I’m currently using translatePress but it’s missing a crucial feature that would let me translate email notifications in WooCommerce subscriptions. I’ve read a bit on the support forums, but can’t find a definitive answer. So can you 100% confirm that WPML can translate email notifications in WooCommerce Subscriptions and that these emails, even renewal notices, are sent in the customer’s language (or the customer’s last order language)? After asking TranslatePress support they told me (about WC Subscriptions): “out of order emails like reminders (if you use subscriptions) will always be sent in the default language as we don’t store the user language in order to know in what language we should send the email.”

    Thank you!

    • Hello Alexis,

      WooCommerce Subscriptions is a plugin which has been tested by our compatibility test in the past:

      Translating emails as you suggested should be possible with WPML. However, as you can see there are some issues opened. I have checked in our system to see if there is anything related but I couldn’t find anything related so far.


    • Hello,
      we don’t have anything special for non-profits. You would need to buy WPML for the same price as all other customers. But thanks for asking.

  6. I purchased the plugin but I used the wrong email address, ( I did not get my login credentials, please help.

  7. Hi there,

    I am Sander and along with my fellow Europeans we are building a network of people and companies that have 3d printers. Aim is to be able to organize the printing of respirator replacement parts and other medical equipment.

    Our goal is to repeat this trick in all european countries and we woudl like to ask your support. Will you be able to donate a licence for WPML for us. We will make sure to list you on our sponsors page.

    • Hello,
      Could you please explain what do you mean by “donate a licence”? I can see your site already uses WPML…

      • Hey Agnes,

        I took the liberty of temporarily “stealing” a license from another client. Just so we can speed up the development of the website. I have done this without permission. We are hoping WPML wants to sponsor a licence, so I do not get in trouble.

        The site uses elementor, so we would need the middle license I think.

        Kind regards,
        Sander Kooger

        • Sure, we will grant you a free one. My colleague Mercedes Barreda will handle it for you. I’m letting her know to get in touch with you directly.

  8. Hello,

    We would like to buy Multilingual CMS version for our ecommerce shop, made with wordpress+woocommerce. My questions is how can i translate all the products without one by one. Is there any options, even if it is with automation with google translate?

    Many thanks.

  9. Hi, I have paid for WPML Multilingual CMS on 22 nd of MArch, and transaction was done succesfully, also with registered money withdraw on my bank statement. But now when I wanted to create site key, it does not allow me , since status of my payment is “pending”.

    Can you please brief me why this happened?

    Thank you in advance for prompt reply.
    Kind regards, Bostjan

    • Hello,
      are you saying that you have been charged for this order? In our system, we can see your order in the pending status (not completed) and we need to further check it if the money left your bank. I’m notifying the person who is in charge of managing accounts and has access to translations. We will keep you posted.

          • Dear Mercedes, as requested, I ve send you my explanation, and you confirm via email that payment for multilingual CMS was realized.
            Why there is still status that my payment is pending, which disable me ( and my programmer) to continue tu use your services, which was paid?

            Thank you for our prompt answer!
            Kind regards,

  10. Our future webpage is used in an educational project.

    32 students divided into 5 groups will create there own web solution based on the same requirements. We gonna pick the best one and use as our public webpage.

    The requirements says multi-language support.
    Our number 1 choice is WPML.

    If we buy a licence, can we use this license in 5 those developer instances, and then use it for 1 public domain only within a few weeks?

    • Hello Mike,
      yes, you can do this. As long as you don’t need to do WPML updates directly from within your WordPress, you don’t need to register the domain.

  11. Hello,
    I am a web developer from Germany ( North Rhine-Westphalia). As you can see from the media we are quite strongly affected by CoVid-19 (Coronavirus).
    I am currently working on a website for a neighbourhood help. I would like to establish it across regions. Therefore I would also like to address our fellow citizens who are not so proficient in the German language.
    I would be happy if you could support me in my project with a license.
    I am very happy to hear from you.

    Best regards


  12. Hi,

    I think I want to buy the package with 100.000 words translation every month.
    Do I have to pay every month of 1 time a year?
    If I decide to stop after 5 months, will I keep the translations from before?

    Kind regards,

  13. Hi WPML,

    I kindly need a quick support from you for this below concern .

    I would like to translate my website from english to other languages . Already i have translated few pages by manual translation. Meanwhile some pages has technical datas with some texts , i couldn’t translated those pages exactly into required language (for example into spanish, portuguese and turkish).

    So my question is that , Can i keep those english translation text page as it is, in my spanish, portuguese or turkish webpage ?. Can this action reflect negatively on google SEO rating?.

    Orelse is there any other option like when my customer clicks on those specific spanish , portuguese or turkish web pages , can it automatically redirected to my english webpage which has those technical datas?.

    Also i would like to know how wpml translation plugin can help me for this concern if i purchase it ?.

    Thank You so much looking forward to hear from you soon.



  14. Hello team,

    What are the T&C of the multilingual agency plugin ? I can’t find them on the website. Is it a GPL?

    Kind regards,

  15. Hi,

    I have a subscription for the basic package (which I believe is about to expire) and like to upgrade to CMS. Do I need to “purchase” for $79? Oder is there a way to “renew + upgrade” for $59?


  16. Hi,
    I have a question about license after a year.
    Do I understand it well, that I can resign from bought subscription after a year? What happens then? I loose updates and support but the translation on my website keeps working?

    The plugin translates content on my page automatically, but can I modify it if needed?


    • Hello Anna, yes, you can cancel your subscription after the first year, actually, you can do it anytime. When you cancel, you can still use WPML plugins but you will lose access to updates and our support forum. Your translations won’t be deleted because they are saved in your WP database.

      WPML doesn’t translate your content fully automatically. We do provide machine translations but you need to enable the ATE editor. Please check this page to see how it works. As you can see you need to approve those translations and you can also modify them if needed.

  17. Hello,
    We are planning to buy the Bridge theme by Themeforest. Looks like your plugin is supported. We just need a language selector, we will make by ourself all the translations. Wpml blog will be enough? Is it compatible with Elementor?

  18. Hi,

    For example, if I automatically translate a site of 100,000 words within 1 month, and the next month I don’t let automatically translate new words, do I have to pay again for the words that have already been automatically translated the month before?
    If not, I could stop the subscription after the first month?
    I think I already can read the anwers above, but would like to know for sure.

  19. Hello, already a toolset clie,t, I want to purchase WPML.
    the fact is I try to pay but the paiement is “pending” on my account. Do I have to strat again the paiement process ?

    • Hello Antoine,
      The invoice was pending payment which means we have not charged you for it. I have deleted it from our system. You need to log in to your account and start the process again.

      Kind regards,

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