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26,324 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. HI!
    I am a web designer working in Korea.

    I would like to buy WPML, but please tell me how to buy it by bankbook deposit, not by card and paypal payment. I belong to a Korean corporation.

    • Hello Vinicius,

      That should be possible, we have tried successfully this configuration in a Cloudways server in the past.


  2. Hi, yesterday I purchased the elementary packet 29$, because I have only one web.But I realesed I need the 79$ option in order to translate automaticatly sites, productes description …

    What can we do now? Can you modificate my purchase and I pay the diference, including translations managment and the oders pluggins and Keep my key product?


    • Hello Myriam,

      You can upgrade your package directly from your WPML account.Please sign in into your account, you’ll see a button which will allow you to change your license and pay the difference only:


  3. Hi, I am creating a worldwide online store and I would like to see if I can achieve this with your plugin:

    what I want exactly can be found in this website ( check language switch on top right corner).
    I’m looking to create a multi region, multilingual, multi currency, and multi unit ( sqm, sqft)

    my theme, content and products and inventory are the same,
    but prices, payment methods, warehouse location, shipping methods, units and currency are different on each region,

    for example:

    region USA ( USD) + available languages ES, EN, FR, IT + unit SQFt
    US_EN, US_ES, US_fr,…

    region Spain (EUR) + available languages ES, EN, + unit SQM
    ES_es, Es_en

    region Germany ( EUR) + available languages DE, EN, + unit SQM

    region Canada ( CAD) + available languages FR, EN, + unit SQFt

    and so on
    now my questions:

    1. can WPML do this ?

    2. as my understanding, I can achieve each region by multisite (each region= 1site) and set the default language and currency and unit.
    but when it comes to extra languages for each region, do I have to translate for example EN for each region(site) or translating it one time makes it possible to use in different regions/sites?

    Looking forward to hear from you

    • Hello there,

      I’m not sure if WPML is the right tool for project. From one side, our WooCommerce Multilingual works as a “one shop” website, that means that all your original products should be available in other languages, this also applies to shipment methods.
      Also, with WPML you can’t mix different URL formats, thus, you shouldn’t be able to use regional and sub-regional languages, instead you could create a list of languages of your interest:
      – US-ES
      – US-EN
      – ES-ES

      I hope it helps,

  4. Hi,
    you sent me an invoice about the WPML Multilanguage Blog Modul. I am not sure which website it concerns to and i even habe no invoice.

    Can you please contact me and support me with an invoice?

    Thanks and wishes,
    Falko Keller

    • Hello there,

      WPML will continue working. However, you won’t have access to our forum and updates which may lead to errors or incompatibilities.


    • Hello there,

      You won’t have access to our forum and WPML updates which is not recommended as it may lead to errors or incompatibilities.


  5. I have a few questions:

    How do I list our services in site as a translation service provider after buying a package?

    How do I get more familiar with WPML so that we can use in our site and be able to service to our clients with Web page localization, multilingual SEO, etc?

  6. Hi team,

    Our website has been built with ThemeRex addons. We are about to translate it in English and we want to know if the version of $29 (Multilingual Blog) is suitable for us or we have to purchase the $79 one (Multilingual CMS)?

    Can you please let us know if apart from the ThemeRex addons, if WPML is compatible with the Contact form 7?

    Thank you,

    Stefanos Bontas

    • Hello Stefanos,

      If you are using theme, plugin or admin options, most likely you need our Multilingual CMS license. Let’s say that you will need our Blog license, when you are building nothing but blog: a list of posts with images in different languages.

      I hope it helps. 🙂


  7. Is there a way to test the plugin with out buy it

    I would like to bench test it first, also can you explain how the 2000 words between any language pair every month.

    thank you

  8. Hello

    I wanna buy the agency plan to work with it.
    Please, can I use the logo of WPML on my banners, to show my prospect that I’m using WPML?


  9. Good morning,

    I would like to buy your plugin. My questions is the following :

    right now i have a website : (based in Australia)

    I would like to add the translating version for french for example.

    Can I redirect to the domain : when people will click on the french flag in the menu ?

    thank you

  10. Hi,
    We would be interested in a trial of the “multilingual blog” at $29. Please confirm:

    1. We are talking about a “yearly fee”?
    2. We are working with Elementor, will this package of WPML be compatible with Elementor?
    3. Could you have a look to our website, we are using couple of features from Elementor (yet very simple ones – but we had some difficulties with other plugins who could not process the translation), could you please confirm that it would all be compatible with the features you will see on our website for translation as well and most importantly with manus translation.

    We are ready to go forward and purchase your plugin if you give green light.

    Best Regards

    • Hello Didier,

      I’ll try to answer your questions:
      1. Yes, our licenses work on yearly fee basis.

      2. WPML is compatible with Elementor, however, you will need our Multilingual CMS package instead of the Multilingual Blog.

      3. Just checking your site is not possible to tell you if all your features are compatible, there are a lot of Elementor add-ons in WordPress repository and not all of them are multilingual ready. However, if you are using only Elementor or Elementor Pro (not any other add-on or theme extension), it should be compatible.

      Don’t forget that you can always buy a WPML license and check during the first 30 days if this is the right tool your project.


  11. We’re looking at tools to offer translations on our site. We do English (primary), Spanish (secondary). On occasion we will have pages that are in Spanish, but not English. Does WPML require a page in the primary language in order to generate a translation in the secondary language or can we create a page just in the secondary language?

    Also, if we do not translate a page, does it just not appear in the secondary language translation or does it appear as English?

    • Hello Kyle,

      Yes, WPML requires and original or main language. However you are also able to translate from a secondary language to the main one.

      For your second question, by default WPML won’t display any content in secondary languages when a page is not translated. However, you can modify this behavior and also display your original content.


  12. How does the licensing model work for a multisite installation on the same domain? Does each new sub-site within that install count as a “website” against the licenses or does each new domain / sub domain?

      • Hi Andrés,

        Forgive my ignorance but that doesn’t answer my question as I’m not familiar with these terms, what do you mean by “for the network?”.

        I am looking at what licence option I’d need if I have a multi-site installation on a single domain e.g.,,

        I’d like to budget for and purchase the correct type of licence for the above scenarios? Would that change if the website structure was,,

        • I apologize if was not clear. When you work with a WordPress multisite you can activate themes and plugins per network (globally) or per site (individually). You can find more information about it the Codex.

          That means that you can register your WPML in the network but activate it per site. Thus, in your case, it is more important if you are going to need WPML Translation Management, String Translation or WooCommerce Multilingual. In any of those cases, you would need our Multilingual CMS license.

          Does it help?

          • Hi Andrés,

            It’s actually my ignorance here with Multisite terminology! Thanks for the feedback, I think I understand better, can you confirm that what you refer to as “network” is the same as “website” on this page? would this entitle me to only 3 sites within the network or three networks?

            I really just want to know how to budget for this project properly.

            • Let’s say that you would only need 1 license for working within a Multisite/network and you could use it in every subsite. However, you should also ask, does my project need WPML String Translation, Translation Mananagmenet and/or WooCommerce Multilingual? If so, you should opt for our Multilingual CMS.

              Let me know if it helps, Daniel. 🙂

  13. Hello I had Multilingual Agency subscription. Is there a way to downgrade that to Multilingual CMS and renew as such?

    • Hello,
      I am afraid we do not have downgrade options. You need to buy a new CMS subscription at full price (79$)


  14. Hello there,

    For some projects I’ll be needing a translation solution. Therefore I’m considering the Enterprise subscription. However, I have three questions remaining.

    – Is it possible to have a post not translated? For instance, If someone want to purchase a paid blog on the spanish site I don’t want it to appear in other languages if it’s paid for Spain only.

    – Sometimes a post will be originally written in Dutch and sometimes it may be in English. Can your app translate ‘up and down’ or do all original content have to be in the same language for translation in other languages.

    – Finally I see that automatic translation for 2000 words per month is included. What happens/what are the costs if this amount is exceeded (I will be needing at least ± 8.000 words per month.

    Thank you in advance,


    • Hello Robert,

      I’ll try to answer your questions:

      1. It is possible. If you don’t translate a post, it won’t display anything in other languages.
      2. WPML uses a default language from which you should translate your content. However, it is possible ta create content in other languages and translate from there. What we don’t recommend you is to translate from a translation.
      3.You can find the automatic translation prices on the following link:


  15. Hi support,

    I have one pre sale question.

    If I buy your plugin – version Multilingual Blog, and I realize that I need more features and want to buy Multilingual CMS version, what’s the price in that case?

    • Hello Stevan,

      There is an option in your WPML account which allows you to upgrade your license directly paying only the difference between licenses.
      I hoppe it helps.

  16. What happens if I don’t renew my subscription after one year? WMPL will stop working on the site or will I not only have the update? How does it look like?

    • Hi Marcin,
      If you don’t pay for the renewal you will lose updates and support but you can keep using the files as they are installed on your site.

      Kind regards,

  17. Hi,

    I have a “conceptual” issue that I’d like some clarification on.

    There is one specific text box on my website Homepage that is being professionally translated by a third part into 10 languages. I want to translate the remainder of the Homepage using the automated machine-translation service built into WPML, but I do not want to alter the professionally translated text-box on my Homepage in the process.

    I know this should be possible, but it is unclear to me what the best way to go about this is. What is the easiest way to auto-machine-translate only *some* elements of my Homepage and leave the rest unchanged?

    Thank you!

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