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26,324 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. My question keeps disappearing or I have to wait till you answer? I was asking before if WPML is compatible with ListingPro. Thanks … again. 🙂

  2. Hello Wpml. I am really curious to get that plugin but before i wanna ask few questions. Does this plugin allow auto translations based on user ip? Also for currency? Please let me know is that possible if yes then how any tutorial? Kind regards,

    • Hello,
      thank you for you interest in WPML.
      WPML doesn’t translate automatically. It provides machine translations as well but let me explain how it works. By default, when you translate your pages, you provide your own translations, but you can enable our ATE editor and then you can use machine translations. Please check here how the ATE editor works:

      To answer your question, no, WPML doesn’t translate anything based on the user IP.

      About currency. If you plan to use WPML with WooCommerce, you can set up currencies for your products in different languages.

    • It’s a manual selection of the language. Yes, our plugin generates the languages switcher and you can choose flags as well.

  3. Hi. The plugin seems to be great. But I am wondering if email templates (pdf invoices) can be sent out in english and Arabic based on the navigation of the user.

  4. Hi,

    Do we have to pay annually/yearly or it is one time payment only.

    If the payment is annually, what will happen if we don’t pay for next year?


    • If you don’t cancel your WPML subscription (which you can do anytime from your WPML account), it will auto-renew after the first year. You can still use WPML plugins (even if you don’t extend it for next years but without access to new versions and our support forum).

  5. Greetings!

    I have purchased WPML plugin and setup completed in my server I have translate content in English to Arabic language page content are translated but “owl carousel” slider content mix up in all language I have added Arabic language content appears in the English language.

    how to separately show content in a particular language.

    Please help me

    • Hello, thank you for purchasing WPML. Now, when you are our WPML customer please use our support forum to ask all technical questions:
      1. Log into your WPML account.
      2. Go to this link:
      3. Type in something in the search.
      4. Then click the orange button at the bottom of the page to open a new thread.

  6. When using the machine translation feature of WPML, is the translations stored in WordPress database so that even if we don’t renew the plugin annually/monthly then the translations remain with the website forever?

  7. Hi,
    I have purchased multilingual CMS (the 79$ tier) but now I want to renew but with multilingual blog (29$ tier)

    How can I do that?

    • Hello Diogo,
      I am afraid we do not have any downgrade options. You will need to let your subscription expire and buy a new Blog at full price.

      Kind regards,

    • Hello Giant,

      As when you are working in a WordPress multisite you can activate WPML per site, you can decide which sub-site needs it or not. So yes, you can setup your WPML only for the main site and don’t activate it for the rest of your sub-sites.

      I hope it helps,

    • I have completed the order, also received a letter.
      Then I enter the username and password according to the letter.
      But can’t complete login(ERROR: Incorrect username or password.)

  8. Hi, I’m building a site for a client on a temporary “working” site and when I’m ready I’m gonna move it to the clients URL. If I by a single license – is it possible to transfer that to the clients URL?

  9. Hello!

    I’m interested in buying WPML for my company (registered in EU), but when entering my company’s VAT-number in the checkout the tax amount is not removed. Could you please advice on how to resolve the issues? Thanks in advance!

  10. One article on one of my websites I want to use WPML to have multiple languages but I have also made an ebook in each of the languages.
    Can you set links individually of each translated page to go to the corresponding language download page?

  11. Hi, am I able to pay with debit card without having to go through PayPal please?
    I also don’t want to create a PayPal account, I just want to purchase please.


    • Hello Nitrous,

      Yes, you can use your credit card for both, Stripe or Paypal, you don’t need to create an account
      I hope it helps.


  12. For a customer, I need to do the following.
    The customer has 2 websites, with individual woocommerce installations. Dutch and English.

    I want to make a new website, with one woocommerce installation.
    The plan is to export the products from both websites and merge them into one new website.

    The SKU for the products is identical on both woocommerce installations.

    Is WPML suitable to use in this case?

  13. Thanks Andes, for your answer. (I don’t see it here but I got it in the mail).

    Can you tell me which package of the WP import I need? Because I see woocommerce import (139$) and import pro (199$).

    The wpml all import is a free plugin?

    Thanks in advance

  14. Hi,

    I wanted to ask about the automatic translation limits. If we want to translate at one time 200 000 words, then we need to get the 79$ automatic translatino subcription. But after the translation has been done, we dont need to pay every month that same amount, right? Since we only need this job to be done once and then saved on the site. Please clearify this, since I cannot see it mentioned here:


  15. Hello
    I have Multilingual CMS, for 3 web sites
    I want to upgrade to the agency to add more web sites
    on my account I have :”Your current account only allows to use WPML on 3 sites. You can upgrade your account to build more sites with WPML.

    Upgrade to WPML Multilingual Agency”
    but if I click on the buy button it says : “You already have an account that includes all the features of this account.” and I can not upgrade
    How to do ?

  16. Hi, Our WordPress website has not one original language and several other secondary languages. We post content in four equal important languages: Dutch, German, French and English. We receive content from various users, they all write in their own native language. We post their original text and need this original text to be translated into the other three languages. With the plugin Weglot, you have to define one original language (for your website/project) and then Weglot will create the translations you need. But in our set-up we have to translate from Dutch into French, German and English, but also from English into Dutch, German and French, and so on. My question: does WPML also (for each project) mainly translate content from one single language to a set of pre-defined (almost unlimited) other languages or is WPML more flexible in this regard? If yes, that would make WPML better suited for our project. Best, Piet

    • Hello Piet,

      WPML also works based in a default language. However, it provides you the flexibility to be able to translate from a secondary language towards the original or another secondary language. However, we don’t recommend you to translate from one language to second, and then, translate from this translation to a third language.

      In the following link, you’ll find all the pair of languages available for automatic translation:


      • Dear Andrés, Thanks for the reply. I know, it’s not recommendable to translate from one language to another VIA another (third) language. This wasn’t our intention. Do I understand you correctly, that with the Microsoft translation service we can smoothly translate any post on our multi-lingual (Dutch, English & German) website from any of these three languages to the other two? In other words: For the WPML plug-in it’s irrelevant if one translates from the default language to another language (the standard practice) or from another non-default language to the default language or from one non-default language to the other non-default language? The procedure is the same for any of such translations and it won’t be a hassle to do, correct? Best, Piet

        • If you find the pair of languages in that list, there shouldn’t be any issue with the automatic translation. 🙂
          I hope it helps.

  17. Hi,
    I want to Purchase plugin but we don’t have Paypal or Stripe support in Iraq! how do I make a purchase I tried with our country credit but declined!


    • Hello there,

      You can buy a WPML license with a credit card and/or Paypal. If your credit card didn’t work, I would suggest you to try again with a different credit card or talk with your bank as the transaction may be declined for a security reason.

      I hope it helps.


  18. Hi, my question is we would have 4 servers each for 2 websites so 4 instances of wordpress will be just running as proxies for the same website. Would we need to pay per running instance or per domain name?

  19. Hi! Sorry for starting yet another thread, I couldn’t find my previous question… My query is regarding license transfers. If I understood correctly, as a web designer I can transfer the license to my client at any given point as long as the license is valid. Could you reconfirm the price the client will be charged for a single web license and whether this is inclusive or exclusive of any applicable taxes? Thanks a lot for your help, kindest regards, Eva.

  20. I just wanted to be clear on the monthly pricing per word for automatic translation before purchasing. So if our company uses the 50k words per month option for $15/month, does it reset every month (for 50k words) or is it total words on the site that’s being translated. We have a small site, about 20 pages plus an ongoing blog but they want it translated into 11 different languages.

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