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30,699 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. good afternoon, I would like to verbally speak with someone from your company. I will be developing an arabic portion to our web site. We looked into WPML before, bet were reluctant to purchase due to the inaccuracies of the arabic language. I have several questions to try and determine is WPML will benefit us. Thank you.

    Please call 916 955-6477

    • Hello,
      you can hire one of our contractors for this kind of job: – if you expand the advanced filters you can search by country/language too. When you have a WPML account you can send them a message.

      Our supporters can help you to fix issues with Elementor and WPML or provide support related to using WPML plugins but not handling the migration. I hope it helps.

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering how i can use my 90000 free credits between any language thats included in the Multilingual CMS for life. Thanks.

    • Hello, yes, you can use these credits between any language (but this is what you get for free in total, not per language).

  3. Also, in wp-admin it says i can use translation credits and pay for what i use. Example 17$ for 50.000-100.000 credits. How do i use that?

  4. Hi guys,

    Do you have any coupon code for first time order to new customer?

    I’ll buy WPML version (Multilingual CMS)

    And what time your Black Friday and Cyber Monday best deals start?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS.: Give me a hand because the BRL currency is a very depreciate plague!

  5. Hi, We have WPML on our site now and a different webmaster set it up. It looks like the subscription has expired but I cant figure out what email they used to sign up. How can I pay for the subscription without completely reinstalling the WPML plugin? Thanks!

  6. Im not trying to get automatic translations. We have the WPML plugin installed and we have someone do translations for us. We have done it like this for awhile. I am not getting an error message on the site:

    WPML plugin cannot connect to
    WPML needs to connect to its server to check for new releases and security updates. Something in the network or security settings is preventing this. Please allow outgoing communication to to remove this notice.

    Then it has a button to check the communication error details installer log which says wpml: Site key does not match for (our website) with the component details being: subscription-fetching.

    This is why I assumed we need to pay for our subscription. But I don’t have what email address was used to purchase the subscription when wpml was first installed on our site.

    I don’t even actually know if its a subscription issue. I am just assuming it is. If it’s not, please let me know where I should post this question instead.


    • Hi,
      You are welcome to purchase a new subscription and register your site again. The site needs to be registered to receive updates. If you still need help you will be able to ask in our forum.
      Enerything will keep working normally while you do this.

      Kind regards

  7. Great to heard your quick response. Could you please send me a screenshot of those settings to my purchasing email. I much appreciated that!

    Thank you and best regards,

  8. Hi there,

    This is the screenshot:
    you can right-click on it and save it to your drive.

    This is for page with no translation. Actually I mean the switcher will always redirect to homepage, no matter the page is translated or not. For example, if I’m at contact page, then I select another language, it should redirect to homepage of that language. Is there anyway I can do that? Thanks!


  9. Hello again,

    A new question about WPML plugin, does WPML change shipping cost currency type according to language changed by user of website?
    For example if the visitor of website choose UAE language does the shipping cost will be changed to AED currency type automatically?

    Another question; Does WPML has different Arabic language according to the visitor zone such as UAE Arabic language, KSA Arabic language, Qatari Arabic language, and different currency types according to visitor location such as AED, Qatari Riyal, Saudi Riyal?

    please answer our question clearly because we planned to buy the WPML plugin.
    Thank you.

  10. Hello Ms, Anges

    Today i had purchased CMS plan and i didn’t got 90000 credit i just got 60000.
    and all are used .
    So please can you advise me before i change to another plugin.
    Thank you

    • Hello Ahmad,
      I see your CMS purchase. You should have got 90,000 credits. Can you please open a ticket in our forum? Our Support team will check what happened with the credits.


  11. “Hello again,
    A new question about WPML plugin, does WPML change shipping cost currency type according to language changed by user of website? For example if the visitor of website choose UAE language does the shipping cost will be changed to AED currency type automatically in “Card Page” ???

    • Hello,
      we don’t have any lifetime offers you can but you can buy the CMS package and cancel your subscription at any time and still use the plugins.

  12. Hi,
    can you let me know if this scenario is possible?
    Woocommerce website: I’d like to translate it into other languages, but:
    – prices of product in language XY should be automatically increased of 10% (or decreased)
    – product description should be automatically translated

    Can you let me know if is possibile and which modules I need for?
    Thank you in advance

  13. Hello,

    Your system doesn’t seem to accept our VAT number and charges VAT. It says VAT number is invalid. Please advise.

    • Hello Stoyan,
      I see the VIES system is unavailable. Please try again in a while. If your VAT number is valid, it should get approved.

      Best regards,

  14. Hello,

    I am trying to buy the plugin to integrate it with woocommerce. However, all the different VAT number combinations I have tried are invalid. Can you please let me know what is the expected VAT number format for a Spanish company?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Oscar,
      You should select your contry and then add the VAT number. If it is valid, you should not get charged for VAT.
      Can you paste your VAT number here?


  15. I have two questions:

    1-is it possible to translate a word to two different words per two different user roles?

    I have a user role “Wholesale Customer”, I use WooCommerce Wholesale Pro and I want to translate the word “Quantity” into the same meaning in other languages for all users and visitors but the user role “Wholesale Customer” would see it as “Group of quantities”.

    2-There’s a way in a plugin called Loco Translate that allows websites to have only 1 language (instead of English + Translation language, only Translation language) is it possible with WPML? If not, is it possible to make the default website language the translation language AND when building the site with page builders there’s no need to add the English version of the page first then translate it but just design the translated version directly?

    Thank You.

    • Hi Mahmoud –
      1. No, it is not possible to display different translations for the same word based on user role.
      2. You can choose any language as your site’s default language – it does not have to be English.

  16. Hi, we currently have Weglot installed, and I think WPML is better for us.

    Please help me understand:

    1) Total cost for Multilingual CMS is 99 USD (one year total) and then 74 USD every year hereafter (total/year), correct ?
    2) Sign up gives us 90.000 credits for auto translation (cost is 1 or 2 credits/word, depending on Translation Service, correct ?
    3) No on-going subscription for words already translated, correct ?
    4) If we add content for auto translate, we just buy appropriate credits (without the need for subscription), correct ?

    5) We can translate ALL content (but not publish before we edit/aprove), including product descriptions… correct ?


    • Hi Stig –
      1. Correct.
      2. Correct. Microsoft is 1 credit per word, Google is 2 credits per word, DeepL is 3 credits per word.
      3. Correct.
      4. You can either purchase a prepaid package of credits, or you can create an automatic translation account. This second option calculates the number of words you translated over the previous month and sends you an invoice. It’s cheaper than a prepaid package, your first 2000 credits are free, and you don’t need to do the extra step of assigning credits to your site. It’s not an ongoing subscription – you just pay for what you translated each month (if anything).
      5. Correct. Translate Everything mode translates your products automatically, and you can review the translations before publishing.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

  17. Our client has a WPML plugin on his website, which was installed by the previous author of the page. Unfortunately, we have no contact with him. Is it possible to somehow recover the key to the module (we want to reinstall the website). Has a license been purchased at all?

  18. Hello!

    I’m building a website for a client using WPBakery page builder and it needs to be translated using WPML. So the client will pay for the WPML Blog license which doesn’t have page builder support. My question is: It can be translated anyway using a different method (like duplicating the page or something like that…)
    I tried to find that in the documentation and forums but I didn’t find anything related to this specific topic.

    Thank you!

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