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32,814 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hey there, I appreciate that this isn’t really the ideal place to post this question but I can’t actually find any other contact options. We are based in the Canary Islands, which is not subject to VAT, but your system (like many) does not recognise that. Is there anyone I can speak to about this, any way of contacting someone?

  2. Hello,

    Is the only way to get an account to purchase the plugin? In other words, I can’t login and begin installing the components until after I’ve purchased the Multilingual CMS package, is that correct?

  3. Hello,

    I’m about to purchase the plugin for one of our company’s websites.
    As I’m using a corporate credit card, PayPal is not allowing me to pay with it without an account. Why?

    I need to complete a project by Friday.

    Thanks, Leo

    • All other transations from PayPal are going through normally so you would need to check it with PayPal support. Or you can use your credit card. On the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it.

    • Hello,
      I need more details. What specific templates do you have in mind? Do you use a page builder? Which one?

  4. Hello!
    I buyed CMS package, updated all WPML plugins, but translations still does not work.
    What I have to do?
    And if I try to ask help it’s so hard. When to click: Support => “Technical support” => “Report a new issue” => “I need help with my accont” => click to “Contact page” => it directs you again to the beginning. Is this some joke?
    Where I have to go to get support?

    • Please put something in the search first and hit enter. Then you will see an orange button that says “Open a new support ticket”.

  5. Hi there,

    A new client wants to make language amendments on the blog (WordPress Divi) – please see below and kindly advise whether these are possible and what I would need:

    1. Hide certain blog posts, depending on the language filter.
    2. Make text edits for each language on specific blog posts.

    Thank you

    • Hello,
      1. Yes, this is possible. You simply don’t translate these posts. When you set up WPML, you cannot choose “Translate everything”. You need to choose “Translate some”.
      2. Yes, you can always edit your translations.

  6. I have a technical question I would like to clarify before to purchase the plugin.

    I want to translate my site to English and Spanish (actual language French) and for that I would like to enable different languages per domain. Following your guide ( I asked my hosting company if I can “add a parked domain (alias) to my existing domain”. They told me that I can’t create a parked domain because this website is an “Addon Domain” as I have another main website in the same hosting. Anyway, they said that we can create the new domains as “Addon Domains”, sharing the same “Document root”. The only difference it that the new domains would be “Addon Domains” instead of “Parked Domains”.

    Can you please tell me if it would work properly.

    Thank you

    • Hello Sylvain,
      This is a technical question that requires consultation with some experts from our team. I will get back to you shortly when I have their answer. Thank you.

    • Here’s what I have for you after consulting your issue with our expert on this topic:
      Parked domain or addon domain can achieve the same results.
      As your hosting pointed out, they can point the addon domain towards the same root directory.
      That is the difference – a parked domain does not allow changing of the root directory – but this is not desirable when using WPML with different domains per language – in our scenario the root folder should always match.
      So as long as your hosting allows an add-on domain (on some shared hostings they can be limits: e.g. 2 or 3 or even 1)) then you can use an addon domain.

  7. Hi,

    I am designing a new website on a preprod.

    If I bye the plugin, can I set it up on and it will work when I will make the transfer on ?
    If yes, when I will bye the plugin, what have I to enter as the url website or the domain ?

    Thank your for your answer.

    • Hello,
      you mentioned an html file, where normally on WordPress sites you have PHP files. Are you using Full Site Editing with HTML files?

  8. Thank you Agnes for your quick answer. I understand from what you said that I can use addon domain, as long as each domain has its own root directory (no shared directory) and make each addon domain point to my main site. Is that right?
    Best regards

  9. Our Web Team for Georgia Al-Anon have a couple of questions we hope you are willing to answer. It seems that the plug in (also used by our WSO Al-Anon website) is going to work well. Would you be able to feedback on these questions?

    How much is the credits if we use up what we are given?
    We like the DeepL version of the translator.

    Does it work well with DIVI Builder?

    Do they have discount for Non-Profit?
    Does it do a automatic translate run every time you edit, or can you determine when it will run?
    How many languages can we translate. How does this affect our credits, do we pay for each translate as number of word.
    Cost: Is the cost a one time fee followed by a recurring fee yearly? Or just a one time fee and then cost is based on other aspects?
    Thank you very much in Advance!

  10. Hi there!

    I want to translate my website into 2-3 languages from English. In terms of SEO, I want to ask:

    I don’t want to create a subdomain for each different language. Can you let me know the best settings I need to choose when setting up WPML (different languages in directories or language name added as a parameter) that work best for SEO?

    I want each “language” page to be able to have its own URL, and meta tags for SEO purposes.

    I also want to know:

    1. Will the URL of my home page change for each language?
    2. Will there be different language versions of my home page showing in Google Search if someone searches for me by brand? How does this work?
    3. Will the URL of all my website pages change for each language?
    4. Are there duplicates of each page created in WP for each different language? If yes, will these rank for their own keywords in Google?

    Please let me know and I’ll go ahead an purchase the plugin. Thank you!

    • Hello,
      languages in directories work very good for SEO, this is what the vast majority of our clients use (we use this option ourselves for our multilingual sites) and this is also what Google finds okay too. For Google the most important thing is using different URLs for each language version of a page – please check this: From the same article you will learn that URL parameters are not recommended:

      >I want each “language” page to be able to have its own URL, and meta tags for SEO purposes.
      Yes, that’s what you can do with WPML. Just make sure your SEO plugin is compatible with WPML:

      1. Will the URL of my home page change for each language?
      Yes, it will but only the postfix will be different: (Spanish) (German)

      2. Will there be different language versions of my home page showing in Google Search if someone searches for me by brand? How does this work?
      Yes, there will be.

      Please try this:
      1. Open your browser in the incognito mode and put the following into Google search:
      WPML The WordPress Multilingual Plugin
      See what you get (

      2. Now, open your browser again in the incognito mode (a fresh window) and this time put the following:
      Плагин для создания многоязычных сайтов на базе WordPress
      You should get

      3. Will the URL of all my website pages change for each language?
      The URLs of articles, pages etc of your site’s primary language won’t change but each of your translated page will get a separate URL, for example:
      yourdomain/es/entonces-como (entonces como is Spanish for “about us”)
      yourdomain/de/dann-als (Dann als is German for “about us”)
      You can edit the translated slug manually if needed

      4. Are there duplicates of each page created in WP for each different language? If yes, will these rank for their own keywords in Google?
      No. WPML adds proper hreflang annotations for each language and this way Google understand that a specific page is a translation of another page (even if you decide not to translate the page)

      Please open any page (can be from, display the HTML source and check what you get in the head section.

  11. I tested the site, averaged 900ms in Singapore and 150ms in the US. Do you have any support if our site is in Singapore region?

    • Hello, I’m not sure if I understand what kind of support you would expect to get. To speed up your site?

  12. Thanks, and another thing can we know what is production and development? Meaning CMS package can support up to 12 websites? Kindly advise

    • Yes, you can register 3 production and 9 development sites. Development sites will have a banner on the WP admin indicating that this is a development site.

  13. Hi! I’m trying to purchase a WPML licence but I keep getting an error when I’m entering my company’s VAT ID. What is correct format that your form accept?

  14. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing WPML. I am looking to translate an entire blog (every page and post) and that would include URLs and also internal links. An example of this would be So for example the French version has blog articles and the internal links in a French article also point to other French articles on the website (not to the original). That is why this website ranks on both and

    Can you please tell me if this is possible with WPML and can you also show me an example site? Kind regards,

    • Hello Thomas,
      as soon as your posts are translated WPML (either manually or using machine translations), the internal link will point to the correct translations too. WPML will handle this for you.

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