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35,701 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi,

    I purchased wpml 2 years in a row, (2021 and 2022) but skipped last year. I would like to purchase it again. Is there a discount for returning clients?


    • Hello, unfortunately our 25% discount applies only to clients who pay for the renewals without a break. You need to pay the full price again. You can log into your existing account and then purchase if you would like to keep the same email address.

  2. hey if my subscription expired and i stopped using the site but i have one site i’ll start translating it and transfer the renewal to client would it be working fine also i register this site with domain name and then change it to new one and unregister it from the old one but every time i translate it its give me this message

    WPML has detected a change in your site’s URL. To continue translating your site, go to your WordPress Dashboard and tell WPML if your site has been moved or copied.” but I’ve already changed it from the wordpress dashboard and account site wpml, and each time I make a change, it reappears without changing anything.

  3. Hey Team,

    May i know if WPML is working with Eventer plugin also it translate all the existing custom filed with that or not?

    for every field should we get all multi language setup or we need to create it customized?


    • Hello, do you mean this plugin:
      Officially we are not compatible with it because it wasn’t tested by our Compatibility Team but when visiting this page I can see the authors did a lot to make it compatible so there is a good chance that it will work with WPML. But we don’t have any documentation available for this plugin on how to set up the fields. You can give it a try and buy WPML keeping our refund policy in mind that allows you to test WPML for 30 days.

  4. Hello! I believe I purchased this plugin a week and a half ago, but now I can’t log in to see the license key and it says my email is not found. Could someone please help me access my account?

    • Hello Annette,
      I have searched in our system but haven’t found any transactions with your domain name, or any other transaction of this month including the key words in your domain name. Do you have the payment receipt or the confirmation from PayPal or your credit card?
      Can you please send me the details of the purchase to


  5. Hey! Does your plugin provide both:
    1 autmatically translate all of the woocomerce products

    2 compatibile for woocomerce& translate all Of it with emails etc

    3 option to edit translation by hand?

  6. Hey! Does your plugin provide:
    1 automatically translate all of the woocomerce products (thousands)

    2is compatibile for woocomerce& translate alL of it with emails etc

    3 option to edit translation by hand?

    • Hello,
      I answered these questions already but let me try again:
      1. Yes, it’s possible.
      2. Yes, WPML can translate everything that comes from the WooCommerce plugin, emails included.
      3. Yes, you can edit the translations if you want.

  7. Hi. I’m looking into best package to translate my new business website either plan of multilingual CMS (Є99/year) or pay as you go. We’re planning to translate across more than 10 languages in total.

    Please advise us for these two options pro and cons. Kindly advise.

    • Translating to 10 languages will consume a lot of translations credits so it’s better to use the Pay-as-you-go option. I would recommend you to add one or two languages at first, finish configuring your site to make sure everything has been translated and only after add more languages.

    • Hello,
      the Multilingual plugin costed 99 euros last week too. 79 dollars is the price for our existing users who continue using WPML after the first year (we give them 25% discount). Please make sure you are log in and check the price again.

  8. Hello Agnes,

    I have a very large site, with around 1800 uploaded articles, and I was wondering if the Multilingual Agency plan can help me translate everything on the site. I’m not clear on what ‘180,000 translation credits’ are, and if they run out, how do I get them back? Thank you for your reply.

    Best regards!

  9. Hello,
    is WPML compatible with this knowledge base plugin (echo knowledge base:
    I would like to implement a multilingual knowledge base by using WPML and smartcat with this plugin. But Smartcat only works if the plugin is compatible with WPML and WPML String Translation.
    Could you give me more information?

  10. We have several WPML plugins that are outdated on our site We are looking for previous account access but were unsuccessful in locating the correct email. Is this something you can assist with? Thx!

  11. In the WPML Multilingual CMS package it notes 3 production and 9 development websites. I just wanted to confirm if all the websites have to be under the same domain or if I can use one iteration of production for and one of production for or if all three must be used under domain.

    Thank you!

    • Hello,
      each site key is meant for a different domain. For example, if you have two websites, one using, another one using you will use 2 of the 3 key production slots we give you.

  12. Hi, if I choose for pay-as-you-go option, do we need to pay it in monthly basis?

    For example: 10,000 words to translate into 2 language = €25.00 EUR.

    So, we need to pay this €25.00 EUR every month to able the translated webs intact?
    Do we pay this amount and able to use the plug in for our website or still have any other price?

    • Hello,
      if you use the pay-as-you-go option you pay only if you have something new to translate. If you nothing has changed on your site since you last translated it, you won’t need to translate anything and you won’t pay anything. If you change only a few sentences on a page that was already translated, you will pay (use translation credits) only for the sentences that have changed. In practice, this means that you might use the most translation credits in the beginning and fewer or zero later. Please note that you will get 90 000 credits in the package when buying WPML. Also, if you sign up for pay-as-you-go the first 2000 credits (1000 words) will be translated for free.

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