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July 19, 2018

One of the cheapest and most cost-effective ways to find new clients is to create a multilingual website for your business.

You already spent time optimizing your site in your own language. Now, for a fraction of the effort (and cost), you can translate it to other languages and enjoy more traffic from people in other countries, speaking other languages.

Tips from successful businesses and developers to help translate your website

20 businesses on how they successfully translated their business website »

20 successful businesses which used WPML to translate their website explain the plugins they use, how they reach out to clients and the key lessons to learn.

Hotel companies give their tips on how to translate your business website »

Hotel companies which translated their website with WPML discuss why they decided to translate their website, why localizing was important for the business and how exactly having a multilingual website has benefited them.

WPML Contractors on the best way to translate your business website »

Some of our WPML Contractors give their advice from a developer’s point of view on the common mistakes from businesses, the process of building a multilingual website and the best plugins.

How to ensure your multilingual website is a success

Boosting Your Marketing and Revenue by Translating Ads and Landing Pages »

One of the most important features of your business to translate are your ads and landing pages. Amir explains how doing so turned his pet project into a profitable business which funded OnTheGoSystems – the creators of WPML.