WPML allows you to translate pages built with Visual Composer. You simply need to create your design in the original language and then use WPML to translate all the textual contents.

What you need

Visit our main page about translating pages created using page builders to read more about the requirements, setup, and the translation workflow.

Watch a short overview of translating pages built with Visual Composer in the following video.

How to translate your Visual Composer pages

You can translate the pages by yourself, or send them to other translators.

To translate yourself, click the plus button for the language you wish to translate into. You can find these plus buttons in the Language box when editing your page, or on a listing page. WPML’s Translation Editor opens and you can use it to translate the contents of the page.

Translating a page designed with Visual Composer

Translating a page designed with Visual Composer

To send a page to be translated by other translators, you need to go to the WPML -> Translation Management page and select the content you want to translate (pages or posts). Then, you need to click to add the selected items to Translation basket. Finally, on the Translation basket tab, you need to select translators that will translate the content. Now, other translators will be able to take the translation jobs assigned to them, on the WPML -> Translations page.

You can find the detailed description of all the above steps on our page about translating content designed with page builders.

The following two images display an example of a simple page created using Visual Composer, with the original and translated content.

Page in the original language Page translated to Spanish

Translating content coming from Visual Composer add-ons

Visual Composer features many useful add-ons that extend its usability. While we are constantly working on expanding the support for these add-ons, not all of them are yet integrated with WPML.

However, there is a workaround if this is the case with a Visual Composer add-on you are using. In this case you can manually integrate it with WPML by following simple instructions provided on our page about integrating page builders that use shortcodes, with WPML.

List of supported textual elements

The following textual elements found in Visual Composer are supported:

  • Text Block
  • Separator with Text
  • Message Box
  • FAQ
  • Single Image
  • Image Gallery
  • Image Carousel
  • Tabs
  • Tour
  • Accordion
  • Pageable Container
  • Section
  • Custom Heading
  • Button
  • Call to Action
  • Posts Slider
  • Video Player
  • Google Maps
  • Flickr Widget
  • Raw HTML
  • Progress Bar
  • Pie Chart
  • Round Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Widgetised Sidebar

How to support Visual Composer custom modules

It is worth mentioning that themes that have Visual Composer integrated may use custom shortcodes for original Visual Composer modules. Further, new modules that generate custom shortcodes may also be added. These shortcodes are not added to the language configuration file; therefore, the textual elements of those modules are not loaded to the Translation Editor screen.

In the case that the textual elements for the new Visual Composer modules are not loaded to the Translation Editor screen, you will need to contact your theme author and inform them that they need to add the relevant custom shortcodes to the language configuration file for the texts to be loaded on the Translation Editor screen.

You can refer your theme author to the following documentation: How to Integrate Page Builders that Use Shortcodes with WPML. We would also be pleased to directly assist theme authors with adding the custom shortcodes to the language configuration file. They can contact us directly to receive suitable assistance.

Getting help from our technical support

We have many technical supporters ready to help you in our WPML forum 6 days a week. They are trained on integrating WPML with Visual Composer page builder.

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