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  1. We are a no profit organization, ONLUS (very stricted NO Profit in Italy, Onlus is the most important category of no profit).
    Can we use free?
    We can provide notary registration, and Act.


  2. Would the API you provide for machine translation word packages be “Neural Translation Model Online predition”?
    Thank you.

  3. Few questions before we buy…

    1. What happens when I exceed the word count for automatic translations? Is the 2000 word limit per site forever or per month? How is it calculated? For example if I rely on automatic translations for (most) of my blog posts, if someone has asked for the post to be translated into French from English once, would the next time that post is requested to be in French count against the 2000 words?

    2. We also have landing pages hosted in HubSpot, is there a way for those pages to be translated or is that out of scope?

    Thanks very much.

      • Thank you David. I want to have a good idea of the budget here. So $80 for the CMS version and (given the scale of my content) $50 for more words. How often do people publishing large amounts of content have to buy more word packages? I’m sure there is something like a peak while content is accessed and translated that tapers off over time, but as new content is added words will be used.

        Could I foresee using $50 every couple months?

        • We don’t see frequent orders for $50 “word packages”. For $50, you get 150,000 words, which is quite a lot for most websites.

  4. We need machine translation between English and Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (traditional and simplified). We also have more than 2000 words. Where do we find costing data?

  5. Hi,
    I am not sure, which package I need. I have only one website (see above) thus, I should be ok with Multilingual Blog?
    I have no experience and do not know about all the feautres you offer. I would start with Multilingual Blog and in case I need more, is ist possible to upgrade?

  6. Hi,

    I have my products translated for some countries but they have unique SKU:s. So there is no common “connector”. Can I still import them and connect them to a certain language?

    • You need to have a connector or you will have to connect the products manually to their translations.
      It easy to connect products manually but if there are many products it can be a time-consuming process.
      The connector doesn’t have to be the SKU, it can be any other field that the products have in common.

      • Thank you for the reply David. Can you please give som examples that could be used as a connector? There is nothing in common except rownr that I have to generate.

        • I couldn’t tell you because I don’t have access to your data. It could be a product ID, it could be a column you add specifically for matching products or it could even be the product title if they match across translations. But its quite simple, WPML can’t guess how to connect products. You have to somehow tell how you want to connect them or connect them manually.

          We can try to help you further in our support forum, this section isn’t really appropriate for providing support:

  7. I have a wordpress website with a wordpress theme that is compatible with WPML. I just want to know how difficult it is to use the plugin and what kind of assistance I’d expect in order to transform my website into a bi-lingual website (Arabic/English) note that Arabic is RtL language.

    Also, is the package a one time purchase?

    Thank you.

    • I think this is the best place to start with:
      It explains the basic and there are links to other stuff at the bottom.

      RTL support is provided by the theme. If you install the theme on a fresh Arabic WordPress site and it works without WPML, it will work with WPML too.

      Our package is subscription-based with yearly renewals. The subscription gives you access to our support forum and plugin updates. When you stop renewing, you will stop receiving updates and support but the plugin will continue to work normally.

  8. The website I am looking to get this plugin for Is using custom post types for the different country webpages. As of right now, there is only a USA and Australia location, but that will eventually change to other countries but as of right now they will all be English speaking countries.

    We are also having an issue with our current plugin that whenever someone types in the url for the website, it will redirect according to the country only about half of the time, and then will not work the other half. So whenever someone in Australia types in the site url, we need them to be automatically redirected to the Australia version of the homepage, but if they are anywhere else they need to land on the USA version of the homepage.

    As we tried fixing that issue, we found that anyone that the redirection works for can no longer switch back between the USA and Australia versions of the homepage. They are automatically redirected back to the Australia page when they try to click on the US link.

    So can this plugin resolve these issues?

  9. Good morning,
    I received by email an offer to renew my account with the old rate.
    When I follow instructions
    Log-in to your WPML account
    Follow this renewal link – Discounted upgrade to Unlimited sites

    I don’t see any option to renew…and when I click on the offer, it says I have already the account activated…

    I am lost, can you please help?

    • Hello Pierre,
      I see your account is already active with the automatic renewal. The payment will be processed on Aug 17th and the amount to be charged is 71.39$ including tax. There is no further action required from your side.

      Kind regards,

  10. Hello, I am working on woocommerce website I want that website in two languages English and Turkish. All pages are in English, but only few are in turkish. So I want to translate only few pages not all. Can I do so?

    Can you provide demo of WPML plugin on 5 th August?

    • WPML doesn’t have “official” integration with Thrive Architect, but the two plugins work fine together. To design with Thrive and translate with WPML you will need to:

      1. Design in Thrive
      2. Duplicate that content from the original language to the rest of the site’s languages
      3. Edit with Thrive and translate the different languages

      Does this help?

        • With other page builders, where we have complete integration, you can design the page once with the page builder and translate just the texts with WPML. This makes translations faster and allows to work with translators who don’t use the builder. We’d be very happy to develop something like this for Thrive Architect, but we need their cooperation. We reached our several times to Thrive and they were not interested. If their clients tell them that they need this integration with WPML, it can definitely happen.

  11. We are a creative agency building a packaged web template for our client to share (free of charge) with their customers, for them to launch their pre-packed websites and personalise them for their needs.

    Will our client need to purchase their own unlimited WPML license to cover this application – or will they need to buy a new license for every single version of the website that is launched?

    • Hello Tom,
      Your client can buy an Agency subscription and register each of the new custom websites through their account. In this case, they will manage updates and support for them. If they need to let them manage these independently, their users will have to buy their own subscription.

      Hope this answers your question.

  12. Hi, I was wondering if your plugin would enable me to create a complete website in a second language. By this I mean, would it give me the option to change the content on the homepage as well as the contents of other pages/posts? Also, I am setting up the website for someone else. Is it easy to set up and change account to someone else? Thank you.

      • Hi Mercedes, thanks for your response. Does any of the required work require me to have knowledge of coding (CSS, etc.)? Or is it very user friendly for a novice? Thanks.

        • Hi Gary,
          You should be OK unless you want to do some custom work. In any case you can always ask for help at our forum and our technical supporters will assist you.

          Best regards,

          • Sorry Mercedes, there was an unanswered question in my first entry. I am setting up the website for someone else, can I purchase the plugin and then change the account details at a later stage? I see that subsequent renewals are discounted, so being able to change the account details will enable my client be benefit from this lower rate when the initial 12 months expire. Thanks.

  13. Hi,

    I’m a web designer. I need to create a website for my client. He told he needs both Arabic & English Website. The goal is when the visitor comes to the website they need to see the Arabic version first.

    Here’s the problem. Actually, I can’t Arabic. But my client helps me translate. So, I select primarily language in English and develop the website using English. Everything done website translates to Arabic.

    After everything finishes, The goal is when the visitor comes to the website they need to see the Arabic version first. So, is it possible? How to do it?

    • Hello!
      Thanks for your interest. You can do this and select English as the source language and Arabic as the target when installing WPML . Once done, you can invert the languages. If you run into any issues you can always ask for help at our forum.

      Kind regards,

      • Hi Mercedes,

        Thanks for the help. But I start with a target (main) language with English. So, can I change it later without any issue?


        • Sorry for the confusion. You can set Arabic as the site’s default language. Then, you can write content in English and translate it into Arabic. WPML doesn’t require to translate from the default language to other language. You can first create the English content and then translate to Arabic (the default language).

  14. I am researching multilingual site options for a client.

    a) It’s not clear to me reading your Features page whether WPML is based on regular single-site WP or Multisite. Which is it? If single-site, will the system become difficult to manage with a dozen+ languages and thousands of posts?

    b) My assumption is that the best method will be to use Google Translate as a first pass for pages and posts. Then, a native speaker for each language will brush that up based on the English original. I thus have a question about “2000 words between any language pair” mentioned for automated translation. Why a word limit? Also, what are config options for selecting an automated translation service that works seamlessly with platform workflow?

  15. One question before making a purchase:

    Is it possible with WPML to identify the regional area of a visitor automatically, and adjust the site language accordingly?


  16. Hi,

    I am unable to sign in to wpml.org – I have tried resetting the password but on following the link and establishing the new password, I am still unable to log in (showing ERROR: incorrect user ID or password).

    My ID is steve-M6

    Thank you

    • Hello George,
      Thanks for your interest. Upon installation of WPML you can choose the language url structure. This means that if you register your url, WPML will take care of generating the other urls within the same wordpress install. This counts as only 1 site to register, for which you would need CMS or Blog, depending on the modules you need. You can add as many languages as you want to, we don’t charge per language.
      If, on the other hand you want to register these three urls as separate sites, they will count as different installs and you will need the CMS (register up to 3 sites).
      These articles will help

      Let me know of any other question?

  17. Hi, I would like to set up a multi language page. Is there an option to check from which country the visitor comes and automatically set the language to this country? e.g. for France show the website in french, UK in english, etc. etc. Of course this will work only if the languages are set and the visitor does not use a proxy I understand?

    Thank you,

  18. Do you support Indian Languages?
    Most importantly Hindi language?
    And if i buy the top plan?
    Is there any limit on number of sites i can use or limit in number of word count translated?
    Cuz i need for multiple sites which needed to be translated 🙂
    If your plugin would work then would love to try hands on it

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