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  1. Bonjour,
    Je suis en train de créer un site de e commerce avec le Le plugin AliDropship et je souhaite savoir si votre solution WPML multilingue sera compatible .
    J’attends votre réponse avant de passer à l’achat .


  2. Hi,

    Some clients have WPML Multilingual CMS version 3.1.4 installed on their site, purchased on their behalf by a previous developer several years ago. Unfortunately it recently crashed the site, and reports a fatal error on attempts to reactivate it.

    I see from similar queries on your support forum that you suggest upgrading to the latest version (WP never flagged that upgrades were available). However, my clients do not have any account details for WPML, so we cannot log-in and download the latest version. How can we proceed to get the plug-in working and restore the translations?

    Many thanks

    • Hello John,
      if your customers’ sites are registered with an active WPML account, your customers should be able to update the plugins. If that’s not possible it means that the WPML subscription has expired or the previous owner didn’t register WPML at all. You can register those sites with your WPML account. If you cannot access your WordPress because of the fatal errors, please rename the plugin via ftp and WordPress will activate them automatically. Then you try to update or can open a ticket in our support forum and ask our supporters for help. The translations won’t be lost (they are still in the database).

  3. Hi,

    I would like to purchase of (Multilingual CMS) for my site built on WordPress, but i have important question: Can I switch sidebar automated on pages after change language from left to right also? I want to make the site support Arabic and English.

    I wait your reply ASAP

    Thank you


  4. Hi there, we will have first develop our website in one language. After we finish everything in one language, then we should create and website version on the second language. Our question is can we install wpml after creating the first version of the website in the first language?

    At first, we want to be focused on the design and content of the website, and our second priority is to translate it. Is there any reason why we should install wpml at the very start of website creating?

    • Hello, Could you please describe your requirements in words? It will help me better understand if WPML is a good match. Thank you.

  5. Hi WPML,

    I’m building a website for a client. We need WPML however my client is not able to buy the license atm due to him having a holiday. Can I buy the license now and transfer the license to my client in a few weeks to make sure that my client is billed yearly for the account renewal instead of me 😉?

    • Hello Edwin,
      this can be tricky because you need to enter the credit card (or PayPal) on the checkout and it WPML account will be associated with it. While you can change the email address easily, changing the card requires a few more steps. Please check this page: https://wpml.org/purchase/how-to-change-your-payment-method/ and see if that would be an option for you. If so, you can buy WPML. Changing the payment method doesn’t affect your plugins/WordPress site in any way.

  6. Hi,

    I want to translate 2 website, and about to purchase, but what is this yearly renewal??
    What happen If I dont renew my account? Can I use the plugin if I dont renew? If I already translated the website, and my account expired after a year what happen? Can I translate my website pages after expired the 1 year?

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      1. Renewals are optional. If you don’t renew, you can still use the plugin you have installed but you be able to use our support forum and access new versions of our plugins.
      2. You won’t lose any content and translations.
      3. You can still manually translate your websites even without an active subscription but to use machine translation (available through our ATE editor), you need to have an active subscription. You can read more about using ATE here. Soon, we also change our pricing for using ATE but for the time being, this is what we have in terms of machine translations.
      Using machine translation is optional.

  7. Hello

    I tried to buy WPML CMS but choose the wrong payment method. So then I went back on my browser. So now I’ve the product in my cart but can’t proceed. Could you please help?

    Thank you very much

  8. Hello,
    I’m interested in buying your product, cause I need a translation for WooCommerce shop on WordPress.

    I got a question, does your “economic solution” (29 $) provides a “product category” translation?

  9. Hi,

    Do you happen to know if the theme enigma pro by Weblizar is compatible with WPML. They claim yes, but so far there are a few things they claimed that did not really translate to reality.
    Also, I would like – beyond the list of tested templates – a suggestion of template that is both recent and compatible. The reason I am asking this is that on your list I found one that looked good, I was very happy to find it, until I dug further in the comments and found out that – aside from its compatibility – there were outdated dysfunctional widgets on it. I really would like not to waste my time, all I want is a good looking business functional template that’s compatible with WPML.

    Also, I am looking for a reliable person to do stuff on my website (for example taking care of this configuration, as I really have other stuff to do) if you have recommendations for a person you can send them by email.

    • Hello Frederic,

      This page says “The Theme Enigma was tested more than 5 months ago” but from what I can see in our internal database, the Enigma was last tested by our Compatibility Team two years ago so we are not sure about its current status. It means that might be some issues, especially if there were some significant changes recently in the theme.

      The only way for you to find out is to test it yourself with our refund policy in mind.
      The queue of themes our Compatibility Team has to test is very long but so they cannot test the recent version for you but if you report any show-stopping issue on our forum, our supporters might provide you a workaround and we will notify the authors as well.

      If you need a reliable person to do stuff on your website, please use this list: https://wpml.org/contractors/

    • Hello Marc, we don’t provide any discounts. Some of our affiliates might have something but I don’t know for sure and if so, who exactly.

  10. Hello,
    I am in the process of a three language website. I am using WP and Elementor. For placing the different languages I am still searching. WPML has been recommended from Elementor support but I would need to know if the layout of the WPML language selection on the layout can be changed on the Elementor pages, i.e Flags, Typographie, position and colors etc. Thank you.

  11. Hello,

    For a new client I have a purchase question.
    He wants to add the WPML plugin to his website and therefor want’s to buy. The price is for the first year subscription and support. After a year you can extend the subscription. What is the price for the next year, etc.

    With Regards

  12. Hello,

    I’m going to use the Theme ‘Avada” from ThemeFusion. I already have seen that this Theme is WPML proof. I just want to know if I could use it with the WPML blog plugin or do I have to purchase the WPML CMS version. I want to use WPML on all the pages of the website.

    With Regards

  13. I own one of your grandfathered developer licenses and have a few questions that I’d like to discuss in private. But I couldn’t find an email address for licensing queries. Can someone please get in touch? Thanks!

  14. buongiorno ho un problema, dovevo migrare un sito da un url ad un altro e credevo di poter utilizzare la stessa chiavedi wpml che avevo acquistato lo scorso anno, ho cancellato il sito in cui era registrata la chiave per poterla utilizzarle sul nuovo, adesso non posso ne utilizzarla sul nuovo e non mi funziona neanche più sul vecchio, mi dice che ne devo acquistare un altra, questa cosa non mi sembra corretta, almeno vorrei reinstallarla sul vecchio!

    • Buongiorno,
      devi rimuovere il vecchio dominio dal tuo account WPML e generarne uno nuovo. Prima accedi al tuo WPML e vai su “siti”. Per farlo devi avere un abbonamento WPML attivo.

  15. Hola
    Que tal estas, en este moneto tengo esta Multilingual CMS, pero yo quiero cambiar a Multilingual Agency porque ahora tengo mas de 3 sites, pero no se como cambiar a Multilingual Agency, me podes ayudar por favor

    • Hola!
      Para actualizar tu cuenta a Agency debes iniciar sesión en WPML y verás un enlace para hacerlo por la diferencia solo.


    • Our system calculates the difference between those two and it takes into account the time you’ve been using your current package (so it feels like the actual difference and fair price for you). When you are logged in your WPML account and try to upgrade, you will see the new price.

  16. Hi there,

    I have a requirement for a website to show different content per region, so UK will have base content, Europe (France, Germany Spain, etc) will show English content but tailored to the European region, and also the same for the Middle-East. Does WPML allow this functionality? From what I can see you can only translate pages to a certain language, instead of a certain region?


    • Hello,
      no, you need an active subscription to register new websites and get/do automatic updates. You can use WPML on as many websites as you want but if your agency account is expired, you would need to manually upload the plugins and you won’t be able to update your plugins from your WordPress admin.

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