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26,698 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi,

    I have Multilingual CMS but I want to downgrade to 1 (maybe 2) Multilingual Blog licenses. How do I do that? I cancelled the renew but when I try to buy Multilingual Blog it redirects me to my account.

    • Hi David,
      We do not have downgrade options. After your subscription expires you will be able to buy a new Blog version at full price (29$). Note you cannot buy 2 subscriptions from the same account. If you need another separate Blog, you will have to buy it with a different e-mail address.

      Kind regards,

        • Hello,
          if you need only the Multilingual Blog package and you need it for two sites you have those two options:
          1. Buy the second one with a new account (you will pay 2*$29 in total)
          2. Buy/keep only one account Multilingual CMS ($79), which you can use for up to 3 sites.

  2. Hello,

    I have a couple of questions:
    – which license would be needed for a multisite?
    – do you offer discounts for registered non-profit organizations?


  3. To whom it may concern,

    We already have a team with there tools to translate all documents. What we need is to

    1. export all part of the web in a file (any format json, xm, xliff, csv, …)
    2. we translate it in our department (we need our tools) (already have dictionary, training, QA validation, …)
    3. generate the new translated file
    4. import to our web

    Is it possible?
    if so, where can i see the step?

    If not, do you know any good tools?


  4. Hello,
    on my website I have this version of the wplm plugin:
    WPML CMS Nav Version 1.4
    WPML Media Version 2.1.1
    WPML Multilingual CMS Version 3.0.1
    WPML Sticky Link Version 1.3
    WPML String Translation Version 2.0.1
    WPML Translation Management Version 1.9.1

    Updating wordpress the website no longer works.
    I need to update wpml to the latest version.
    how can I do?

    Thank you

    • Hello,
      you need to have a valid/active WPML subscription/account and your site needs to be registered. On your WordPress site, you can go to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial and check if your site is registered. If it is, you can update WPML from that panel. If not, you need to buy/renew your subscription first. The Multilingual CMS is needed in your case.


  5. Hi there, I am interested in your product but I have a question

    1. Does WPML allows forum users to create question/question/answer/ in their native language and translate it to English before posting?

  6. Hello!

    What’s the cost of each of the agencies that appear in this link?:

    When clickling on “Buy WPML for XXXX” there are 2 options:
    -Multilingual Agency – $159 (unlimited sites)
    -Multilingual CMS – $79 (3 sites)

    This pricing seems the same in all. But if I want to work with a particular agency, where do I get to see the cost of the translation? or the cost of working with such agency?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for your interest. The CMS and Agency subscriptions are to give you access to updates and support for the WPML plugin. The cost of the translation work is separate and each translation service has its own. You would need to contact the one of your preference to ask about their pricing.

      Let me know if you have any other question.

      Kind regards,

  7. 1.) i want to use your plugin but dont want to translate it myself. I wanted the translation to work like gt translate which translates the whole website including woocommerce automatically. Can this be done
    2.) i want to use your plugin for my woocommerce store and set up a language switcher which automatically translates the website into multiple european languages. I havegt translate setup and have gone through the whole purchase journey which works but when i get the emails as a customer it is in english. not the language the customer selects.if a customer is french and purchases of my site the woocommerce order emails should be in french. The emals that we receive as the website owner eg order recieved will be in english

  8. Hi there,

    I’m developer of my client website. our website based on e-commerce platform and provide user to select different my client agree to purchase Multilingual CMS.
    Before Purchase we want to check below points:

    1) does this compatible with Woocommerce, Woocommerce Shop page, Cart page, Checkout page..? Also Does it compatible autotranslate feature for custom Theme template ?

    2) Our purpose is running website in china where some of the big company banned. so if you are using google to auto-translate then it will not work. so let me know before we will purchase.

    Can you provide me demo URL of WPML? so I can test it with my client.

    Let me know in case of any query.


    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.

      1. Yes, WPML is compatible with WooCommerce. On this page you will read which WPML plugins you need.

      Does it compatible autotranslate feature for custom Theme template

      I’m not sure what sort of compatibility you mean and expect here but if this is something custom, consider this not compatible.

      so if you are using google to auto-translate then it will not work.

      No problem, in WPML you create translated pages (and translation for your other site elements) yourself (we also provide machine translations but using automated translations is optional).

      Can you provide me demo URL of WPML?

      We don’t provide a demo but our refund policy allows you to test WPML for 30 days without any risk.

  9. Hi, is WPML compatible with MYLISTING – I do see you mention WooCommerce, but I use MyListing.

    Also, I do see you offer support for Elementor, is that a full support or are there any limitations?

  10. Hello,

    I would like to buy your product, but I do not have an credit card, On your website I tried to buy your product with paypal but even with paypal account i need an credit card. Is there an other way to buy your product?

  11. Hi there!
    I have an account with you, which I stop using for some time now.
    Now I want to get back to using WPML but I want to go directly from the Multilingual Blog to the Multilingual Agency, but I don’t see the upgrade or change subscription.
    I would like to do the payment in one go, if possible.


    • Hello,
      according to our records, your Multilingual CMS subscription expired on the 10th of July 2015. You can buy it again from the purchase page. Please log into your WPML account first to be able to use the same user.

  12. My subscription seems to have vanished. I have this account, which does not show any order history, and a second login name (davidC-117) which does not allow me to log in.
    Why is the automatic subscription renewal not working and how can I get it to work?

    • Hello David,
      yes, I’ve checked your account and something doesn’t feel right… I’ve asked our admin and account manager to check it out. I will keep you posted.

    • It turns out that you are not the owner of the subscription (only the so-called end-user). Alexander W. is the owner and you should get in touch with him. I hope it helps.

  13. Hello,
    I am setting up a wordpress site. I use Villagio theme and I need to build the site both in English and Turkish. I need to know which WPML version would be enough for this single website? I can go for the Multilingual Blog version but just have doubts such as: villagio comes with a booking plugin. Would the translation of the plugin be possible with Multilingual Blog version? Also, I need to use different currencies for different languages. Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hello,
      you can always start with the Multilingual Blog version and upgrade to the Multilingual CMS later if needed (you will pay only the difference in your purchase price in that case).

      The Villagio theme (I guess we talk about this one, correct?) hasn’t beed tested by our Compatibility Team and we don’t know how it will work with WPML. You would need to ask the theme authors if they are compatible with WPML (from our perspective they are not – all themes checked by our team are here)

      Also, I need to use different currencies for different languages.

      Do you plan to use WooCommerce on your site? If so, WPML provides support for multi-currencies for WooCommerce stores.

  14. Hello, I am interested in buying the WPML plugin for my wordpress website, which is already online. I created a staging website where I would like to develop the multilingual site first, and then transfer all files to my online website. Does that work with the plugin and plugin policy?

    • Yes, you can do so. The Multilingual CMS allows you to register up to 3 sites. You can also register only your production site if you don’t want to use 2 registration keys. Registration is required only to update the plugins to a new version.

    • Yes, this is what our records show – the owner is a user with that name (Alexander). I cannot provide any details via comments. Best would be to contact your developer and discuss the status of your account with him. According to our system, you are not the owner of the WPML plugin subscription and that’s why you cannot do much yourself in terms of accessing updates. If you need more details, please contact us directly via this form: because I cannot share any sensitive data in public comments. I hope you understand. But best would be to sort it out with your developer.

  15. Hi,
    I want to develop my web offsite (mode testing) and when ready i will upload on the production site.
    Do i need 2 licences since we use only i development site to translate.

    Best regards!

    • One license will suffice in this case. Registration is required only to receive (and do) automatic updates directly from your WP dashboard. You can always unregister your production domain for a few minutes (the time needed to update your plugins), register the staging one, update the plugins and then register the production once again.

  16. On my site I have a users desktop that they can see after logging in. I want the site to be in several languages, but I can’t create several desktops, because the template requires a specific page as a dashboard. Does the plug-in allow the use of the same slug in different languages? Or maybe you have another way to solve this problem when using your plugin?

    • Hello,
      yes, WPML allows using the same slug in different languages but I don’t understand your context. But for example, if you have a page with the blog slug you can use this: (English), (Spanish). WPML allows that.

  17. Hi! We are planning to create 4 sites with WPML but we’re wondering if it will work well with wordpress.COM? We will be getting the Business Plan, of course, but there is no FTP access to WordPress hosted sites. Will this be a problem when using WPML? Many thanks!

    • Hello,
      WPML is a set of WordPress plugins that can be used on any WordPress site. We don’t have any data about how WPML works on Best would be to check with

  18. Hi, I wish to test WPML for compatibility and ease of use compared to competitors, is there no free limited trial so I can test a few pages. I’m reluctant to purchase the full version, even if there is a 14-day refund, simply to try the plugin.


  19. I am currently using a different plugin and everything is nicely translated and all pages have their language versions. Even the login and registration page is available in several languages. The problem arises when translating the user dashboard page. Normally, it should look something like this: and But for this particular page, I can’t make the language version, because the template requires only one page, which will be the desktop. I can indicate that it will be e.g., but then other language versions are not available. In this solution, registration and logging in via the Spanish version still lead to the dashboard in English. How do I translate this page without creating separate pages?

    • Yes, it for one-year updates and support but you can use the plugin even if you don’t renew your subscription. We don’t have any Black Friday deals.

  20. Hi
    I’m planning to purchase WPML for my WordPress site.
    I’m a little confuse regarding the “Account renewal per year” charges mentioned in your purchase page.
    Please let me know if WPML is one time purchase or its annually subscription based.


  21. Hi Agnes,

    I have one more doubt.
    If I go for one time subscription and doesn’t renew ahead, would the plugin still able to do the auto translate for dynamic contents of WordPress pages and posts if the subscription ends?


    • The posts/pages etc that you have already translated will keep the traslations even if you don’t renew (you won’t lose anything). Without the active subrption you can still add manual tranlsations.

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