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27,854 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello,

    I would like to know if your plugin is a good fit for our case, I haven’t found similar info.

    We have different WordPress installations per language, no multilingual sites. We clone the original English WordPress site, therefore all the cloned site needs to be translated (content, title tags, URLs) without making it multilingual or messing with URLs.

    Is WPML a good fit for our case?

    Best regards

  2. I am looking to buy a translation plugin for the website. The website is already in the English version and tries to add one more language Spanish.

    Please share a direct link where I can buy it.


        • What you buy from us is one of these three packages:

          The Multilingual CMS is the one you will need if you want to make your website multilingual and your website is more than a simple blog.
          The Multilingual CMS packages include a few WPML plugins.

          The main one is called “WPML Multilingual CMS”. After buying WPML, you need to download this one and then install it on your WordPress site.
          In most cases, you will also need a few other WPML plugins.

          You will find them all in your WPML account.

  3. Hi, I’m looking to have Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese language versions of my website and was looking at your multi-lingual CMS product, but have some questions as follows:

    1) Will 1 licence cover me for translation into both Chinese and Japanese?
    2) I don’t understand how many translated words I’ll get every month; is it 2,000 or 10,000?

    Thank you.

  4. Hi there,

    I have a question about your Automatic Translation feature, related to pricing:

    Let’s say my website has 20,000 words of content on it.

    If I want to translate all of that content into 6 different languages, using automatic translation, how does pricing work?

    Is the word count for the pricing system 120,000 (20,000×6) or just 20,000?

    And, once I have used the automatic translation feature to translate the content, do I need to continue paying the monthly fee?

    I suppose the question is, are the word-count allowances (either free or paid) only depleted by newly translated content, or not?


  5. Our order seems to be “Pending” Can you please complete or let me know what else you need to activate the account. We need this as soon as possible! Thank you

  6. Hello,
    I created a wordpress network consisting of the main site and 3 sites that I call “son”.
    In networks, as far as I can see, the installed plugins are shared by all the sites belonging to the network.
    In this case, is it enough to buy the single license?


    • Hello,
      yes, in this case, you need to buy only one license and register the key on your Network level.

  7. Hello,

    i work for a huge enterprise company and I am interested in using this plugin for our sites . But I am being asked about security for this plugin.

    Please advise.



    • Hello,
      We take the security of our products very seriously. There are no known issues. If something appears we prioritize it and provide the fix ASAP. We use WPML on our site (including this site) and WPML plugins are used on 600000+ sites of the world. They need to be secure.

  8. Hi, I am very interested in WPML. Before I am going to purchase the plugin I would like to ask you about the setup in following case.

    The oldest posts are in German because we are Swiss. The latest posts are English. The actual WP-Theme is origin English. I was doing some translations by my own e.c. the navigation. So actually the website is a chaos of mixed languages (English and German).

    What do you recommend as the basic language during the installation of the WPML plugin?

    Kind regards, Thomas

    • Hello Thomas,
      as your primary language please choose the language you want to be the main one for your visitors. After installing WPML plugin and choosing English as your primary language all your posts will be assigned to English and you will need to do some manual work to reassign them to other languages.

  9. Hi,
    I have to ask this here because there is no any demo available what your plugin actually does.
    I need multilingual plugin for Woocommerce store.
    My requirements is as follows:
    1. It must support translations for pages and products urls/slugs.
    2. It must integrate Woocommerce and Yoast SEO.
    3. It must support currencies
    4. It must support multi-stores

    I see that there is paid extension for your plugin for Woocommerce.
    Im OK with buying it if I can get all this work with it.

    Is your plugin along with Woocommerce extension suitable for all this requirements?

  10. Hi, I am planning to make a multilingual website with Divi. Upon some research WPML looks like a very good plugin to go with. Just wanted to ask if WPML converts custom header, footer and widgets built with Divi. And which version of WPML will I require? Many thanks

    • Hello,
      yes, we are compatible with Divi and also Divi’s new templating system that allows you to create a custom header and footer. You will need the Multilingual CMS package.

  11. Hi, i would like to purchase WPML with multilingual cms and i wonder if i purchase this do i get automatic translation too?
    If not, then can i purchase also WPML automatic translation for 50,000 words and use it for more than a language? After those purchases, can i use WPML for another website that i have or do i have to purchase again WPML?

    Thank you

    • Hello,
      is The7child a name of one of the child themes for the The7 theme? We are compatible with The7 so there is a good chance the child themes will also work but you would need to check/test it yourself. If it turns out it doesn’t work you can request your refund until 30 days of your purchase date. We will refund 100% of your payment.

  12. Hi, there is a web-site in Iran claiming that they are selling the original version of your plugin with an unbelievable discount and an almost non-competeable deal. Here is the address :

    I was wondering if they are legitimate and authorized representatives of your product in Iran and those it safe to do the purchase using their website rather than yours?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Hello,
      thank you for letting us know. They do it illegally. We are about to contact them to sort this out. Please don’t buy WPML from any other site but this one: WPML plugins from other sources may cause security issues and besides we are the only legal provider of WPML.

  13. Hello,

    I have a question regarding purchasing more words.

    1. I have already used my allocation of 10K included words for this month, so is it possible to make a one time purchase of additional words?

    2. The way I’m understanding your purchase options are for an additional monthly charge. I’m not looking to increase my monthly payment but looking to make a one time purchase.

    3. If I make a new purchase for words, do I continue to receive the free 10K words every month for the remainder of the 12 month period?

    4. Do words every expire if they remain are unused?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance

  14. Hello there, I am looking for a plugin that translates the whole WP installation.
    However, I also need the Plugin to add the translated page into a sitemap (with the translated URL)

    would this be of a good fit?
    moreover, what “2000 words between any language pair every month” exactly mean?
    if the website has 10000 words, that mean that will be translated in 5 months? or the translation stops at 2000 and we need to purchase additional credits?

    • Hello there,

      If your site has been built in order to become multilingual, WPML should be able to translate it completely.
      About the sitemaps, usually those are links automatic created by SEO plugins and they will be recover from your translated pages. This means that once your pages are translated, your sitemap will be completed as well.

      Finally, yes, you have 2000 free words per month. If you need more words, you can buy one of the subscriptions.


  15. Hi thanks for your response. But you didn’t answer any of my questions. Can you please re-read my questions and answer one by one? I appreciate your help.

  16. I’m specifically asking if I will be committing to a monthly purchase or if I can just buy for a one time charge? Let’s say 100K words for example.

    • Hello,
      It is impossible to pay for a one time, you need to set up a subscription if you need more words but can cancel it at any time.

  17. Hey There,

    I just bought your service, but have NOT recieved any confirmation-email or registration..

    Nothing happens when i try “forgot pw” – this is now 2 hours ago.. wierd.

    Can you please check up on my case?

      • Hello Agnes,

        Thank you for your response. I’ve now reset my password a total of 10 times.. Nothing, and I’ve checked my spamfolder every time..

        Can you resend the signup mail to the new email adress I’ve added, maybe my Outlook-mail is blocking something.

        Thank you, Lasse

        • Hello,
          I have reset your password in our system (I cannot change your password manually and see it, I needed to use a special function that does it, I mean I just click something). Please check your inbox again (the one for the email you bought WPML with). If it doesn’t help, please get back to me once again. You can also contact us via this form:

          • Hello again Agnes,

            Well, no luck.

            I’ve now send a request following the link you added, hoping to this isue fixed..

            Can’t you manually send me my login information or anything? I’m kinda in a rush with deadlines here… sadly.


            • Our admin has looked into your issue and he says that Amazon is not able to send emails to your address. “Amazon SES has suppressed sending to this address because it has a recent history of bouncing as an invalid address.”
              We think that best would if you could change your email. Will it be possible? Let me contact you directly. Please expect my email soon.

            • I sent you two direct emails to both of the addresses you used in the comments. One got back as undelivered. Could you please check your inbox again?

        • I sent you two direct emails to both of the addresses you used in the comments. One got back as undelivered. Could you please check your inbox again?

  18. Hello again,

    I think my last “ticket” got lost.. weird.

    BUT, I jsut signed up and paid for your serivce, but never received any conrimation-emil with my information (login and password).. Can you please check up or maybe just resend me the mail

    OBS: I already tried the “fprgot password” 5 times – and this is now 3 hours ago.. Thanks

    Best regards, Lasse

  19. I have a client who is looking to translate his pages into multiple languages. He currently only sells in North America so for the product detail pages in Europe, Asia and so on, is there a way to not show prices and the Add to Cart button for specified countries?

    Thank you

    • Hello Chris,
      we are talking about WooCommerce products, aren’t we? WPML doesn’t allow you to hide certain fields of your WooCommerce products. What you can do is not translate those products and they don’t appear for a given language.

  20. Hi, I would like to understand what are WPML e-commerce support capabilities (the difference between $29 vs. $79 package). We have the capability todo the translation on our own, which we also want to, but would like to learn more about the e-commerce bit so I can decide which option to go for. Thank you!

  21. Hi another question on this,
    I don’t completely get it,
    does the complete WPML do not support GEOLOCATION or only the currency, I really want the “?v=” away from my URL, site loads 10times faster without (see below the first question, couldn’t find it anymore)

    Andrés replied to your question:

    “Hello there, Our WooCommerce Multilingual does not support geolocalisation yet. However, our devs are working in implementing such a feature. At this moment, you can set a currency as default per language: Regards, Andrés”

    Reminder – your question was:

    “I was currently using multicurrency, but i had some caching problems as I didn’t buy it yet, and am using WP_rocket. So I was looking as I want to evolve to WPML someday soon, and see that currency is supported directly in the plugin? However, I’m not sure it will do what you want as far as currencies are concerned. As far as I understand this, you can change the currency when they are displaying a specific language, e.g. if you have Japanese they will display prices in Yen. In my case, it will be Engish for the UK and English, e.g. for Greece. I’m not sure if the plugin can geolocate and display the correct currency without changing the language.”

    To reply back, please go to this link:

  22. Hi,

    I’d like to know if your translation plugin is compatible with the WordPress theme My Listing.


  23. Hello There,

    The WPML plugin is compatible with the BigCommerce For WordPress- plugin or not?

    The products are being synced from BigCommerce to WP, so, is it technically feasible to translate the products in different languages synced via BigCommerce to WP?

    I will appreciate your help.

    • Hello,
      WPML hasn’t been tested for compatibility with the BigCommerce For WordPress plugin. I didn’t find anything on our WPML support forum about this plugin either. So you can consider it not compatible.

  24. Hi, I’m planning to buy the plugin and I’ve a few questions about pricing.

    I plan to choose the Multilingual CMS pack for 79$ but I’m wondering what means “Account renewal per year” ?
    If I pay the 79$, will I have access to the plugin just for 1 year, and if I don’t pay this renewal, my plugin will not work anymore ? Or the renewal per year is only for support and update purpose ?

    It’s not very clear on the website. Thanks for the informations !

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML. Renewals are only for support and update. You can still use WPML plugins even if you decide to discontinue your subscription after the first year. Also, the renewal price for the next years is $59 per year.

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