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27,828 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. I would like to purchase WPML 79$.

    Do I have to pay 79$ every year or just one time. It says free update a year. After one year ıf I do not need to update, can I stii use wpml or it will disappear after one year usage.

  2. Hello,
    i just bought your plugin but it missing a huge thing to be complete as the plugin are, the use nickname from English to Germany etc, we can do this so please let me know if this are available

  3. Hi, I am interested in the product but I need to be certain it´s going to work for me.
    I am using Thrive Themes and need to translate thrive shortcodes so I can display different signup forms based on user language. The shortcodes are strings but I´m not sure know how they are rendered when the page loads. The shortcodes automatically add the necessary code and are in the form [thrive_2step id=’595′]Sign Up Here[/thrive_2step]. Basically I need to use a different id based on the language so it loads the correct signup form because I want to add the user to a different mailing list based on language.
    Is this going to work with wpml?

    Many thanks,


  4. Hi mercedes,

    I’ve a account and payed for WPML CMS.
    For each renewal I’ve to pay $70.21.
    If I buy a new WPML CMS the costs are $79 and $59 every year.

    Why I should pay $70.21 per year?

    Kind regards
    Hans-Martin Aurich

    • Hello,
      do you have your VAT number? We are adding 23% VAT for people from Europe who don’t have the VAT number, maybe that’s why (plus there can be some small discrepancies due to the currency rates). I will ask Mercedes to have a closer look at your case and get back to you.

  5. Hi,

    I would like to buy the plugin but I would like to know if the plugin suports translation of my own customfields of variation products, and also short description field . Thanks

    • Hello Robert,
      yes, custom fields are supported provided you have followed WordPress standards when creating those (we also support custom fields from ACF and from Toolset Types). Yes, we are compatible with WooCommerce too.

  6. I’ve purchased your plugin a couple of hours ago but didn’t receive an email with login details.
    Checked the spam folder I all emails folder, but nothing. Also tried to reset the password multiple times, but received no email at all.

    Please, I really need your plugin asap, working on a project that needs to be finished in the next 12 hours.

    Paid via Paypal with the associated email:

    Please help…

  7. Dear support,

    i cannot access my account anymore and i also dont have access to the original emailadress. Can you please help me out? I do have the purchase code/license.

  8. Hi I have a wordpress / woocommerce website and I want to add an extra translation except from Greek , I want to ask what license type should I purchase ? and also how easy to make multilanguage using wpml? Thanx in advance , Jason

  9. I’m using the flatsome theme, which indicates compatibility with wmpl. The website I’m creating uses WordPress multisite (with subdomains) to separate the different translated versions. For instance, if the main site is, the french version is I need to set it up this way because each site needs to be able to be controlled individually by different branches.

    My questions:

    – Would I only need one license for WPML? It’s technically for one multisite, but used across different translated versions.
    – How easily can I translate an entire site? Do I have to translate each page individually? For instance, if I create a duplicate of my English multisite to translate into French, how easily could I translate all of my content into French?
    – How do the automatic translation credits work? Do I pay each month for the amount of translated words that are on my site, or the amount of words I have translated that month? For instance, if I translate 2,000 words one month, do I have to pay for those words again in following months? Or, am I just paying each month for the words that have been translated that month?

    • Hello Steve, if you want to use separate subsites of your WordPress Multisite for each language then you will need the plugin from

      Consider WPML for one-WordPress installs – WPML will create each language in a subfolder. You can use subdomains too but that would require some work to be done on your server:

      If you use machine translations and extra (paid) credits, you are charged only for new words.

      • I do have multilingualpress for the site, but it only links things together. I still need a way to translate my content and I was hoping that WPML would work for me. I’ve read in your support section that you have customers using WPML on multisite, so I figured it might work for what I need.

        Ideally, I’m looking for something that combines automatic translation with manual translation. I’d like to be able to set up WPML on each subdomain to provide a single language translated version of each, and then link those together with multilingualpress. I have a language switcher with multilingualpress, so I’d use that to switch between the different translated subdomains.

        For instance, I plan to create the main English site and then clone that into different subdomains for different languages. I’d have WPML on those subdomains to translate that content into that subdomain’s language. Is this possible to do with WPML?

  10. Hello,

    I’m creating a multilingual website for a client, however we do not plan to translate every page to all languages. How does WPML handle pages that have not been translated?
    For example a https://mysite/product-description/ has a version in English but not in German?
    What will happen when a user clicks on “German”?

    Another question – Can the English version keep the original URL (without adding the extension /en/ to every page’s URL)?


  11. Добрый вечер. Я купил лицензию Blog, а мне все же нужна CMS, как я смогу доплатить чтобы ее получить?

    • Сначала войдите в свою учетную запись WPML, после чего вы сможете выполнить обновление. Наша система рассчитает цену пропорционально тому, что вы уже заплатили.

  12. Hello,

    I have a website, multisite, with LMS (Learndash). I want to translate only one subdomain, is it possible? And also can translate the content in Learndash as well?

    One more question about database tables, for example, when a user uses a different language in the exercises, will it affect the score on the leaderboard?

    Many thanks

    • Hello,
      Yes, you can use WPML on one of your subsites from your WordPress Multisite. Please make sure you don’t activate WPML for the entire network but only for that specific subdomain. WPML is compatible with LearnDash but you need to translate your content manually:

      I cannot answer your second question about the scores. I will check with other people from my team.

    • My colleagues say that logically, it should affect the score no matter the language you’re using. Nobody reported any issue regarding this so far. That’s all that we know.

  13. Hi, we are planning on purchasing WPML but we’d like to try it out first. We need some theme-specific strings to be translated, and no other plugin can help. How can we do that? Also, if we make the purchase and it turns out that WPML isn’t something we need, is there a refund policy?

  14. Hi

    We would like to purchase your plug-in but have some questions, we don’t yet have an interest in multi language but rather the multi-currency functionality.

    We want retail (B2B) prices in GBP but also in EURO,s prices we FIX manually when viewing from Europe.

    But we also want to create pricing groups for trade prices in GBP and Trade prices in EURO,s

    Is this possible?

    Does this plug in also change the delivery cost from GBP to Euros and a fixed price.

    Does the plug-in automatically detect the URL customer location?

    Many Thanks


    • Hello Paul,

      If you only need to get our multicurrency feature, I would recommend you consider other options as WPML is design as a multilingual plugin which brings a lot of other functionalities which may not be suited for your project.

      For answering your questions:
      – Yes, WPML allows you to use a manual conversation rate or you can also use an external service as and currencylayer.
      – The delivery cost will change depending on the currency conversion rate, but you can also add a different price.
      – Yes, our WCML can detect the user’s IP and display one or another currency depending on that.

      You will find more information here:

      I hope it helps.


      • Hi Andres

        Thank you for your reply, we will add the full multi-language features but first we want to sort our the currency issue.

        The other question was customer groups.

        If we create a customer group for a EU trade customers will they be able to get a different fixed price in Euros rather than a standard customer.

        If we create a customer group for a GBP trade customers will they be able to get a different fixed price in GBP rather than a standard customer.



  15. Hi,

    We have taken over development of a site that has a lifetime licence to WPML CMS. We were able to find the licence key but the owners don’t remember who and when made the WPML account, so we don’t know any of the credentials to

    We want to install version 4.3.7 of WMPL CMS since the newest versions available for updating break some of the Woocommerce functionality (the site hasn’t been updated for a while and has a lot of custom code).

    Could you please assist us in getting access to the account or at least finding the email address used on

    Many thanks,

  16. Hello,

    Can you only translate the pages with use of the translation machines or can you also translate them manually without using the translation machines?

    Thanks in advance!


  17. Hello,

    Is it possible to translate manually without using the translation machines? And does the add-ons, for example: WPML Media Translation, cost any money or are those free if you by a certain WPML?

    Thanks in advance!


  18. Dear All, I have paid the plugin. The payment is pending (I do not know why). I received no confirmation to my email. I cannot download the plugin. Pls. check and help.

  19. Good evening, I am proceeding to create a blog with wordpress and the Divi theme and I would like this blog to be multilingual. They recommended your plugin but I would like to know first if it works as a translator or if it has functionality for creating the multilingual site.Thank you very much in advance, Irene Crestani

    • Hello,
      WPML is a plugin (or a set of plugins) for creating multilingual sites. It works with Divi. You need the CMS package. By default, you insert/type in your own translations when creating pages in other languages but you can also use the “Translate automatically” option to speed up the translation prices by using machine translations, if you want (which you can edit later on of course). We support the following translation process:

    • Hello, you are right, your order is still pending, which means we have not charged you for it. Let’s try this: please log in to your account and you will find a button to pay for it. Go to your Payment history and invoices page and you will find the invoice there. Click View order and you will find the button to pay and proceed to checkout. If you need to request a new password you can do it from this link:

      Please let us know how it goes. You can also contact us directly via this form:

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