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27,800 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi ,

    i building a cooking blog , what package do it need?

    i had a problem in the past that your platform wrote me that I opened to many tickets so I didn’t get any help I canceled the plugin,
    can you explain to me how it’s works?

    thank you ,

    • Hello Daniel,

      If you only need to translate your cooking posts and you are using WordPress default functions, Multilingual Blog will work for you. However, if you are using page builders and/or you need to translate pages or theme options, you would need a Multilingual CMS license.

      On the other hand, you have always access to our support forum, however, when you open several tickets at the same time, your first tickets will be prioritized while the most recent may will have to wait longer. But you will always have access to our support.


  2. Hi,

    The link below shows a speed test comparison between 4 popular trans’ plugins. Although WPML is one of the fastest, it has 16(!) DB requests as oppose to the competition.

    As I am aiming for WPML – is there any changes since that test took place? cus front end fixing is easier, yet handling the number oh DB requests for the plugin is much harder,


  3. Hello again, I would like to ask you whether, when I buy a WPML Agency license for $159, my website will be available in a multilingual form [translated] into all languages, such as Aliexpres for example, and whether there are any limits, for example, one hundred million words or characters please tell me what is included and what I can expect in the package of $159 per year please send me the information to my e-mail address

    Greetings to Josef

  4. The Plugin , do I have to pay you every year for usage ?
    I understand that support only covers one year but can I continue without extending the contract with existing one .

    • Hello Amir,

      Yes, our license has to be renew every year. However, you can continue working with our plugin after that period, you just won’t receive more updates and you won’t have access to our support.


  5. Hello Team,

    I have a question for you.
    I would like to build a shopping mall that supports English and Arabic by installing a WPML plug-in in the Woocommerce environment.
    If I purchase WPML and install it in my shopping mall, will the web page format change automatically as below if customers who visit the mall choose the language?

    1. If customers choose English: Web pages are automatically changed to LTR format.
    2. Customers choose Arabic: Web pages are automatically changed to RTL format.

    As you know, depending on the web page format, not only the order of letters but also the position of the logo is the opposite.
    If there is no problem with WPML working like this, I would like to purchase it and proceed with the work.
    I will wait for your feedback.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi

    I would like to use WPML multilingual for Ninja Forms. Which package would suitable for me to purchase for a start?

    From the requirement I saw, it needs WPML Ninja Forms Multilingual add-on. Which package have this add-on?

    Also, do you sell on individual component basis instead of a package?

    Please advise
    Thank you


  7. I have a few questions about the plugin:

    1.) Can I enable the translation feature on a single page? I have a page specifically for international users and only require that page to have the translation options.

    2.) Will the language selection button be the same as on the WPML site with the little flags? Can I add language names in the dropdown?

    3.) For the Multilingual Blog package, I notice it lacks the “Page-builders support” option. Does this mean the plugin will not work at all on a WordPress site using, say, the Themefusion Avada theme?

    Thank you!

  8. Hi

    I am building a real estate website, whose theme has an area to add property inventory. The properties do not have their own pages, but rather the Property detail page calls upon this properties inventory that I have created. Does WPML support that? Last plugin I tried seemed to work well. However, when the site tried calling upon the property inventory, it wouldn’t work and it led to a dead page.

  9. Hello and happy new year,

    I want to make a website for a lawyer. The lawyer wants to have 4 different languages.
    Its only 8 pages. No blog, no woocommerce.
    Will I be able to do my job with the simple $ 29 package?

    Best regards

    • Hi George,
      If it’s a simple web with pages and posts, the Blog version will be enough. You can start with the Blog version and if needed, upgrade to CMS.

    • Hello, your message wasn’t deleted but was waiting for moderation. I have just replied. For a website for a lawyer, you need the CMS package.

  10. Hey there,

    I have a small website where I sell my handmade things with WooCommerce. I already figured out that I would need Multilingual CMS for this.

    I do also have blog posts where I create graphics with the title and add them to the post as images so people can pin these. Will WPML allow me to display different images depending on the language also?


  11. Hi,

    – Do strings persist when edited or do they revert to English?
    – Can you host different content based on language?
    – How are images and links handled?

    • Hello,
      >Do strings persist when edited or do they revert to English?
      1. I’m not sure what you exactly mean here but all translations are saved permanently in your site and will be there unless you decide to delete them or change (edit again).
      2. Yes, this is how WPML works. Everything is stored permanently, per language.
      3. Depends on the context but WPML allows you to translate both images and links.

      • Hi!

        1) What I mean is, when you edit an English string, will it revert to English in all languages, or does the previous translation stay on screen until someone edits? In addition, does WPML somehow give an indication that strings are in need of editing?

        2) Ok so theoretically I can have an English page with one content but then add content for the Spanish version?

        • 1. The previous translation will stay (both on the backend and on the front-end of your site). Yes, WPML will indicate with a special (refresh) icon that the pages in other languages require updating. Please have a look at this video: 2:02 – I mean the last icon for the backpack.
          2. Yes, that’s right.

          • Hi! Sorry for so many questions, we are considering switching from TranslatePress after having some significant issues. Hence the thousand question game, although I hope this will be the last round :D.

            – How do you implement specific language-based fonts that differ from font presets in the English?
- How do you handle button and link translations, for instance, are all buttons connected across the site, or are they translated one by one?

            – How do you hide a string you don’t want to be translated in a specific language?
- How do you add a new string into a language that isn’t in the English?
- Can the plugin handle LaTex?

            – Can the plugin handle color coding?

            – Does the plugin work with Elementor and Sydney?

            • – How do you implement specific language-based fonts that differ from font presets in the English?
              You either enter your own translations, using your keyboard or you use machine translations and all the fonts will be there automatically.
              – How do you handle button and link translations, for instance, are all buttons connected across the site, or are they translated one by one?

              Depends on the context of the buttons. If these are buttons coming from the WordPress editor, WPML can handle these properly. If these are special buttons coming from your theme, please check if your theme is WPML compatible, if it is, you will be able to translate both the button labels and the links as well. The same for buttons coming from Elementor, WPML is compatible with Elementor.
              – How do you hide a string you don’t want to be translated in a specific language?
              Here again, depends on the context and what you mean by hiding. By default, it will display the string in your site primary language.
              – How do you add a new string into a language that isn’t in the English?
              Maybe I don’t understand this question but you don’t add a string in a non-English language. What you do is create a whole page/post in a non-primary language, which can be then translated to other languages if you want.
              – Can the plugin handle LaTex?

              No, it cannot.
              – Can the plugin handle color coding?

              No sure what you mean here. WPML helps you to translate your content, I don’t know what colors fit into this aspect…
              – Does the plugin work with Elementor and Sydney?
              Ye,s it does.

  12. We used WPML/Woocommerce ,However English version is fine, we have some problems in Arabic: Checkout not redirecting to payment gateway,My-Account page links not working,Logout link not working
    I want to be sure these issues solved before i buy new license from you,Thanks.

    • Hello Ahmed,
      we are fixing bugs on a regular basis and unless your issue is something unique to your setup, it should be solved already but let me double-check with our team. Please note that you can request a refund for 30 days after your purchase and you are not risking anything by buying WPML. During that 30-day trial, you can ask questions on our support forum if needed.

      • Dear Agnes,
        Thank you for your quick reply.
        At first let me put you in the scene, We Khusheim Company is 1000+ employees so requesting for payment is complicated and should be guaranteed with success not only refund.Our current website using a paid license for WPML but with personal account which we want to change to company account by buying new license and replacing the keys.
        But before that happened we want to be sure to solve the current issues or search for alternate solutions.

        • Ahmed, my colleagues from the WooCommerce Multilingual team confirm that there shouldn’t be any problems with using WooCommerce in Arabic. If needed, we can check your specific issues but the request needs to come from our support forum with access to your site.

  13. Hello!

    Is it prossible to import translations? Is there a video of this process. And i need to know the folowing. Will a translated productname and description get his own meta_field? So for example:

    Product_Name: Boxing Gloves
    Product_Name_NL: Bokshandschoenen

    I ask this, because our feedmanager has to be able to import this field.

  14. We’re developing a Vue based frontend reading from a headless version of wordpress via GraphQL using the WpGraphQL plugin. Have you any experience of WPML working with the WPGraphQL plugin to deliver alternate language content via the API? Most of the content is contained within ACF fields; are all field types supported and do you have any screenshots of editing posts tht contain ACF fields?

  15. Hello,

    I am interested in your plugin. Would like to have English translation of the service under .com domain. I have read an article that its possible to do so with WPML.

    My service is actually build on a few WP instances. I have one for man site, another for forum, blog, and airdrop. I did this way to have each part of service under a subdomain. Users database is shared so if someone login in forum he is actually logged on whole service.

    My first question is which plan should I choose. The cheapest option is for 1 website only, not sure how to treat my website. You mean 1 WordPress instance or a site under 1 domain? I have 4 WP instances right now so would have to go for Multilingual Agency if you count them all a separate sites.

    The other thing I’d like to ask before purchase is the ability to login on the translated site. I’v seen a support ticket reply “By default, you are supposed to log in using the main domain only.” So could I change that option and let users to login on my .com domain. I would like to have the experience for English speaking users, that they just see .com service and use it fully with login ability.

    Thanks in advance
    kind regards

    • Hi Piotr. I have consulted your case with an expert on the domain topic from our team and unfortunately, we doubt that it will work properly with our logic (at least not without custom changes in the code) but maybe it will, you would need to check. What you can do is, buy WPML for 1-site and install it for your other WordPress without registration to test how that works. If it doesn’t, you can request a refund. If it turns out that it works, you can upgrade your package to the agency by paying the difference in the purchase price.

      • Hello Agnes!, thanks for the reply.

        Could you tell me how the plugin gonna probably work then? Namely my English speaking visitors could only login on main (polish) site? So the English version would be only for browsing, or maybe after logging in on polish site, they would stay logged in also on .com domain?

        For testing the feature, is following this tutorial enough?

        Kind regards

        • You mentioned that it might require custom changes in the code. Do you have someone by any chance, who could make those changes if needed, or even make full integration?

        • Maybe I wasn’t precise enough with my previous answer. When saying “we doubt that it will work properly with our logic ” I was referring to the fact that your users are somehow logged-in on all the different instances. We don’t know how you managed to achieve that and we think that it might conflict with our logic if you try to set up WPML with different domains (yes, as in the tutorial you are sharing now). Normally, the users are able to log into all your domains, there should be any problems with this aspect. They might be in your specific situation (“Users database is shared so if someone login in forum he is actually logged on whole service.”). We simply don’t know because it’s a custom setup. You would need to give it a go and try. It’s difficult to anticipate everything in advance via exchanging comments but after purchasing WPML you can ask technical questions in our forum.

          • Thanks for the reply,

            I actually purchased the subscription for the basic wpm, however it seems do not support automatic translation. I would like to upgrade to multilingual agency since Im gonna need 4 instances. But when trying it allows me to upgrade only to multilingual CMS.

            I assume I have to uograde step by step. Will the price be discounted so I pay only the difference or will have to pay each time full price?

            kind regards

  16. Hi I have an online shopping website with multivendor. What is compatible with my website and which products can translate the website: menus, product pages, customer checkout, vendor dashboards, modifying translations, modifying URLs? Thank you.

  17. Hi,
    I’m trying to purchase WPML, and I had an issue with PayPal, so I logged in to and logged out from PayPal account several times.
    Then, I can’t even access to the WPML website from the same computer or network, showing 403 Forbidden message. I’m writing this via different network. I assume that my behavior was seen as a not-appropriate user, but as I mentioned, I wasn’t. How can I fix this issue?


    • Can I have your IP please? Your IP address is probably on our blacklist. For now, we are checking the IP address your comment was posted with.

      • Hi,
        Thank you for your reply. I can now visit the website again after a while. Maybe my IP was on the blacklist for a while because of PayPal issue.
        Thank you for your support!

  18. Hi,

    I want to know best practice for this. I will develop a e-commerce site for 3 countries/languages/currencies like this:

    Country:England -> Lang:English -> Currency:Pound
    Country:France -> Lang:French -> Currency:Euro
    Country:Germany -> Lang:German -> Currency:Euro

    I will choose default country/language depending on customer browser language.

    From what I know today there will be the same products in every country and they will be delivered from one warehouse so stock needs to be synced. Other countries/languages could be added in the future with different products for different markets and even different warehouse/stock.

    1. Should I use a multisite solution? Pros and cons?

    2. If customer lives in Germany, but only speaks english, is it possible to be on the german site/german currency, but show the english language?

    3. Is it possible to share content between languages? For example blog posts will only be written in english, but should be accessible from the other country sites. Will they be duplicated to the other sites? Are they linked in any way so if I change something it will be updates across all sites? Or do I need to do the same update in all sites?


  19. thats great another question is that seo doer told me that multi language is not good for seo . do u think he is right? does wpml translate everything like sitemap too?

  20. Dear Pre-Sales,

    I would like to create one multilangual site but with different domain. Do you consider it as one website or if i reach the limitation of 4 domains i should buy the bigger ‘Agency’ version?

    Thank you,

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