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37,394 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello!

    I had an agency subscription since 2018. Due to an expired credit card, my subscription was not renewed in January, but I just realized it. Is there any way to renew the account at my previous conditions (the discount)? I would appreciate an accommodating approach for a longtime customer.

    Yours sincerely,


  2. hello again

    i have another question:
    Let’s say I have a post that contains an image, some text and an iframe. after translating it into one or more languages, if I modify the text and image in the main post also changing the iframe, does everything change including the iframe even in the translations, updating?

    I’m especially interested in the iframe (in practice the ideal contains a javascript)

    thanks in advance

    • Hello,
      if your post contains an image, some text and an iframe, you will see only the text in the WPML translation editor (and the image alternative text, if your image has one) but when you view your translation on the frontend you will see the translated text and the image and the iframe from your original post. This is how WPML works if you use the WPML translation editor (which is essential to keep if you want to use automatic translation). Now, if you make any edits to your original post and say, you change the text, replace the image and the iframe, you will see and icon indicating that the original post has changed and the translations needs to be updated too. You need to update your translation. You click to retranslate the post and it after doing so, the translation of the post will be updated and the translation of the text will be updated and the new image and the iframe will appear in your translating (again, matching the original one). In this case, you cannot provide diffrent images and iframes to your translation.
      If your objective is to provide different images or iframes for diffrent languages, you would need to disable the WPML translation editor for that post and then you can add any image or iframe to your translation, independently to what your have in your original post. The details for this scenario are covered in this page:

  3. Hi,

    Which package do I need if I only want to use WPML to import and export Woocommerce and WordPress content?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hello,
      The theme pages says it’s compatible with WPML but I hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Theme so I cannot confirm it with work without any issues. Reading the theme description I can see it uses some custom stuff for Elementor “4+ shortcodes for Elementor and updating..” When a theme contains custom Elementor widgets, it should be checked by our Compatibility Team because otherwise these custom elements might not be translation/WPML ready. To sum up, there is a risk this theme won’t work with WPML for pages, especially for pages that use these custom Elementor widgtes/shortcodes.

  4. Hello dear, I am the owner of the website http://WWW.WINEPLEASE.COM. In the last years, my mates bought the lifetime license for your plugin for the website of my company. Now, that mates has left the company and I dont know the users for login in your site and get the update.

    At the moment I cant use the plugin due to this problem:

    “WPML Update is Incomplete
    You are running updated sitepress-multilingual-cms, woocommerce-multilingual and wpml-string-translation, but the following components are not updated:

    wpml-cms-nav (required version: 1.5.0)
    Your site will not work as it should in this configuration Please update all components which you are using. For WPML components you can receive updates from your account or automatically, after you register WPML.”

    Could you help me please????

    • Hello Matteo,
      I have checked who registered this website in our system and it turns out that your website was registered in 2018 with a Lifetime account of a user who still uses WPML for many other websites. In this case we cannot update the email address of the WPML account nor reset the password because the WPML account seems to belongs to someone else. Here’s what you can do: buy WPML for yourself and reregister it on your site with a new key which you will generate with your WPML account. This won’t affect the WPML plugins and your translations. To register your site again with a new key, please do the following:
      1. Go to WPML > Add new > Commercial tab
      2. Click unregister
      3. Click register the site from within the same screen while being logged-into your WPML account.
      4. Then you will be able to manage your plugin updates and get our technical help if needed.

  5. I purchased the WPML plugin. Unfortunately, after 3 days I still have not received my login details by e-mail. I still can’t install the plugin or log in to the website. And the payment was confirmed and the money was removed from the account

    • Hello Patryk,
      You must have made a typo in your email when purchasing WPML because I cannot find your order in our system when checking your email address (the one you used to post this comment with). If you cannot think about what kind of typo it was, please use this form and send us more details about your translation: you full name, your country, date and time of purchase, if you paid by PayPal or by credit card. It will also us to find your order in the system and we will update your email address and reset your password. Thank you.

  6. Hi, I need the function “Setting Which Currency to Receive Payments In” for 1 website that I am developing myself.

    Is this feature included in the Multilingual blog option?

    Thank you!

    • Hello,
      the WooCommerce Multilingual extension is not included in the in Blog package. You would need the CMS package.

  7. I already had WPML installed on my website. I translated a few pages and realized that the number of words on my site is large enough that I wanted to try automatic translation.

    At first, I accidentally purchased another WPML instead of the necessary credits for translation. Then I bought credits for translation. The WPML order was refunded.

    Since the WPML purchase was refunded and the WPML on my site was not bought under my name, the credits no longer match with my website.

    Can I still buy the necessary credits for automatic translation under my name for the WPML that was previously added to the website by a third party? Or do I need to obtain a WPML under my own name for this?

  8. Hi I am looking for a translation plugin for my woocommerce store. I have a Woocommerce product tab plugin that i am having trouble to translate with other translation plugin. Is WPML compatible? Do you offer support for that? Is there a one time license instead of annual rnewal? Thanks

    • Hello,
      WPML is compatible with WPML and the popular WooCommerce extensions. Can I have the plugin name (or its site URL)? Or you can check if the plugin is on our list of compatible plugin by visiting this page – I applied the eCommerce and WooCommerce Extensions filter.
      WPML renewals are not mandatory. You can switch to manual renewals and don’t renew after the first year or you can cancel your subscription completely at any time. WPML will continue working on your but you will not be receiving updates and you won’t be able to use our support forum.

  9. Hello,

    I buy Multilingual Blog since March 20, 2018, and work with the old version with domain want change it to another , so i delete site form my account and i read carefully before delete to add another one with the same license but i can’t because found must but again, when i buy first time in this date no subscribe was found just license for 1 year of update after that no update even i register again but my license still work , when i delete now i lose my old plugin license .. why ??? i want to use it inside another one.

    • Hello,
      Your Multilingual Blog subscription expired on March 20, 2019 do I’m not sure what you mean by saying that you lose your old plugin license. You cannot do much with an expired license because expired accounts don’t allow you to download and update the plugins, expired accounts don’t allow you to register the site either (generate new keys). If you need a WPML plugin that is compatible with the recent WordPress release or if you need to generate a new registration key (for example to use the plugin with another/different domain), you need to renew your WPML subscription. Please log into your WPML account and then purchase the Multilingual Blog plugin again. Then, you can unregister the old site and register the new one.

  10. We have a scenario in which we will have posts with many ACF fields. Data in each of these fields will be added over time. We do intend to use DeepL automatic translation, but alternate language versions MUST be reviewed by a translator before being made publicly available. Please help me with two issues:

    (1) It seems (through looking at your website and various YouTube walk-throughs) as though if every bit of text on any given page is not translated, then the translated version is not able to be published. However, since we will be adding text over time, what happens when new text in the primary language is added to a post – will that invalidate the page in the other languages?

    (2) If it will invalidate the page, does WPML play nice with something like Yoast Duplicate Post’s rewrite & republish feature? Or do you have another suggestion for ways to handle this ongoing post editing?

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interested in WPML.
      WPML provides these two options:
      1. Let me review it before it gets published
      2. Publish right away but mark as not reviewed so I can take a look later
      3. Publish right away without reviewing
      In all of these scenarios the translation reviewer can make any edits to your automatic translation. When you use option 1 or 2, the translation will be waiting in the reviewer’s Translation queue. When you use option 3, you can still make edits to your translation but you will need to access the translation directly from the Pages admin screen (which requires the Editor privileges while in case 1 and 2 the subscriber (WP role) and translator role is enough.
      This works with ACF data too provided you use the “Same fields across languages” option for each of your ACF groups.
      So it doesn’t seem to be true that the translated version is not able to be published as you mentioned or I didn’t understand your question. Another possibility is that the materials you read/watched didn’t take all those three options into account.
      If you make any edits to a page that has been translated, you will need to update your translation as well which will be indicated by a special “update need” icon. The updated/new sentences will be easy to notice with a different color when opening your translation in the WPML translation editor. The sentences that haven’t been change will preserve the previous translation.
      If you use “Translation Everything Automatically” mode all the translation updates will be triggered automatically soon after the original page is updated. You can switch to this mode at any time but my recommendation would be to start with the “Let me choose what to translate” mode.
      WPML works with the Yoast plugin and with the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin:

  11. The pay as you go option would be very suitable for me. However, I have already purchased credits that I cannot use. Is it possible to get a refund for those?

    • Hello,
      Why do you think you cannot use the credits you purchased? You need to assign these credits to your site first (from within your WPML account). If you run out of these credits you can sign up for Pay-as-you-go. Packages of automatic translation credits are non-refundable as we say here: (please check the Can I get a refund for automatic translation credits I purchased? section).
      If you need any technical help with your credits, please log into your WPML account and use our support forum:

  12. Question about using WPML with WP Job Manager.
    What happens to a Job List loop that loads the jobs cpt? If I have all Jobs created by users on the English site, does my French site display the an empty loop with no results? Or can I display all jobs regardless of language?

    • Hello,
      WPML provides the so-called “Fallback to original if the translation doesn’t exist” option for any custom post type (to be enabled in WPML settings), you can use it for your case as well.

  13. Buongiorno,
    devo tradurre il mio sito web one-page in tedesco, inglese e francese. Il testo non è molto lungo e probabilmente non ho bisogno di una traduzione automatica. Può bastare il pacchetto blog o mi serve comunque il pacchetto cms multilingue? Il sito è costruito con DIVI.

  14. Hello ,

    Currently i am having an APP for my shopify website , it translate the URL s and all altt texts etc , and i can use my custom domains like .fr etc for SEO , is that possible to make it with WPML , it also automatically index everything on google , and i can upload the translated pictures as well , is that possible with WPML ?


  15. Hi ! I am not really used to “building” website, it is my first one. I am really not sure if I need “Multilingual Blog” or “Multilingual CMS” despite that I read the description.
    Is there a way to see how both looks like. Or can I subscribe to “multilingual blog” and I find it not enough, get a refund and switch to CMS ?
    Thank you !

    • Hello Michael,
      Yes, we are preparing WPML for that Divi 5 release. I’ll check the details with our Compatibility Team and will get back to you.

  16. Hi, I have another question. I was wondering if the multicurrency of the free plugin version is compatible with the PayPal gateway? My webshop standard currency is in EUR but I want to make it possible for US customers to pay with USD.

    If US user checks out in USD with PayPal. Will this work correctly with the PayPal Gateway?

    Thank you!

    • Hi, It will work but if you use it with the free version the end client will be charged in the default currency.

  17. Hi, I understand the middle teir account level will give us 90,000 credits…for the year? I read somewhere you also get 2000 a month? I see how to buy more credits, I just need to report on our expected expenses.

    Also, we can use as many of the 65 offered languages as we want, correct?

    And, we can exclude pages from translation, as well?

    thank you so much for your help.

  18. Hi, I’m a beginner in this space trying to understand the options.

    According to, the Multilingual Blog account type lacks the ability to do “full site editing” … what does that mean in practice? are headers, footers, templates, etc truly unable to be edited? Why would anyone choose this account type if so?

    • Hey there,
      A Multilingual Blog account is conceived for those users that used to have just a classic Blog concept: posts with a title and body. If you want to translate a website which uses templates, headers, theme options, WooCommerce… then you are not longer in the Blog area but in the CMS one. For that case, I recommend you to check our Multilingual CMS license.

  19. Привет! Мне необходимо отменить подписку WPML. Вы специально эту функцию спрятали что бы это вызывало проблему у людей?

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