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37,356 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi,

    I still can’t understand how to manage automatic traditions.

    I have a site that currently has around 370,000 words, and will be up to 1,100,000 words in the next 12 months.

    I would like to translate it with Microsoft.

    but now I ask:
    if I wanted to start translating into 4 languages ​​now, how can I manage the costs and spend as little as possible on translations?

    Do I have to buy 1,100,000 words right away?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hello,
      No, you don’t have to buy 1,100,000 credits right away.
      And you don’t have to translate everything immediately.
      Please start with only one language and with the translation credits you will receive in the CMS Multilingual package (90 000 credits) and select only some posts/pages in the WPML Translation Management. To follow this scenario, please don’t select the “Translate Everything” mode when setting up WPML. If you are happy with your translation, you can consider using the Pay-as-you-go option. On this page you will see the credit calculator: – please scroll down to the FAQ section and click on “How much does automatic translation cost?”
      You should also select the Microsoft engine in WPML settings before you start translating anything. The default one is DeepL which costs twice as much compared to Microsoft (but DeepL provides better quality).

  2. Hi team,

    we have input source as excel & PDF in multiple languages. We would like to embed this webpage. Will WPML will be able to translate content of PDF/excel embedded in webpage? this contents are collected via formidable form.

    • Hello,
      No, WPML cannot translate content of PDF/excel embedded in webpage. If you have a few pages with PDF/excel content you can consider the following:
      a) disable the WPML translation editor on these pages and start translating these pages independently (this page explains the details)
      b) translate these documents outside WPML
      c) embed the translated versions

    • Hello,
      We don’t provide a free version of WPML but our 30-day refund policy allows you to test WPML for 30 days without risking your money. Here’s the list of themes compatible with WPML tested by our Compatibility Team. Most of the themes are compatible with WPML even if not tested by our team. Themes that have not been tested and which might have issues with WPML are themes that provide custom Elementor widgets or themes that provide what we consider “plugin functionality” (for example, a theme that allows you to add listings/ads to your site). Standard themes should work fine.

    • Hello,
      We no longer provide life-time deals but subscription renewals are optional and you can still use WPML (and keep your translations) even if you cancel your subscription. In this case, you will stop receiving updates and lose access to our support assistance but the plugin itself will continue working.

    • Hello,
      If you don’t renew, you can still use WPML plugin on your site and keep your translation but you won’t be receiving plugin updates and you won’t receive our technical assistance in case of any issues. Be default, WPML is renewed automatically so you would need to switch to manual renewals in your WPML account.

  3. Hi Agnes, two days ago you told me not to translate everything automatically but to do a few pages at a time. I have 700 pages and would like to translate them automatically with Microsoft. this is my need. do you think there are problems? why did you advise me to do it manually? Furthermore, would I save money if I purchased the first credits? thanks Stefano

    • Hello Stefano,
      I advised you to start with one language and trying to translate a few posts/pages before you make any credit-related commitments because credits are not refundable. If you have 700 page to translate into 4 languages, I’d like to make sure your site is properly set up before you spend so many credits. You can switch your site to the “Translate Everything” mode at any time and also you can add more languages later. Yes, Pay-as-you-go credits are cheaper than buying the additional packages of credits. In case of any issue you can use our support forum to ask for advise or the fix of your issues. We also have the live chat there.

  4. Hello,

    I started working on a client website recently that uses WPML however this was purchased quite some time ago and the details of the account has been lost, so I have no idea the email address linked to the current account to even perform an account recovery.

    Is there some way to find out the email attached to a WPML account that is active?

    • Hello,
      If your site still uses WPML and WPML is registered with a WPML license key, then yes, we can check in our system who purchased it and also the status of this account/subscription. Please share the link to your site. If you don’t want to use public comments to share the link to your site, please use this form:

  5. Good day,

    May I ask if WMPL still works if we already have existing multilingual sites e.i.,,,, etc.?

    • Hello,
      It’s not recommended using WPML along with other translation plugins because it’s very likely they will conflict.

  6. Hi,
    My account is about to renew, but I would like to change the plan from : Multilingual Agency to Multilingual CMS. How can I do the switch without loosing keys.
    Best regards.

    • Hello,
      downgrading from the Multilingual Agency to Multilingual CMS is not possible with a click of a button so you would need to do the following:
      1. Let your existing subscription expire. If you use automatic renewals, please switch to manual renewals first as explained here. Otherwise you will be charged automatically for your Agency account renewal.
      2. When your subscription expires you will be able to the CMS package when using the same email address. Simply visit our purchase page when logged in. And click the Buy button for the CMS package.

  7. Hello, we are not using other multilingual plugins, we just have different TLDs for each of our magazine version. Can we still use our existing websites (e.i.,,, etc) when we use WPML plugin?

    • Thank you. In this case, I need to better understand your current setup and what you are planing to achieve. Are these websites four different WordPress installs? And do you plan to “merge” all of these website into one but keep presenting each language on a different domain? If so, here’s what you can and cannot do with WPML:
      What you can do:
      – WPML allows you to install WPML on your site and use different domains for each language. However this setup requires some extra steps that are explained on this page
      What you cannot do:
      – You cannot mix subfolders with (sub)domains to represent your languages. You can use folders (which is the default option in WPML) or different (sub)domains. You can have both.
      When you install WPML on your site, it will ask you for your site’s primary language. This language should be the WordPress language of your site. Then you add other languages, these will be considered secondary languages. All the content you have on your site will be assigned to the primary language, no matter what languages the content is currently using (written in). Say, your existing site has pages A and B. Page A is written in German and page B is written in French. If you select German as the primary language of your site, both pages A and B will be considered “German” even thought page B has content in language B. You would need to visit page B and manually change its primary language to French (WPML allows you to do so, you will see an option to change the source language of your page in the sidebar when opening the page for editing. You don’t need to change the page content). Then you can translate page B from French to German using WPML. Please note that automatic translation in bulk (for more than one page at a time) is possible only from your primary language to the secondary language (form German to French in this hypothetic scenario we are considering now). However, in this case, you can still translate automatically from French to German by manually opening each page in the translation editor.
      To sum up.
      If your goal is to have the following setup: only one WordPress site (install) with a few languages, each represented by a separate domain, with German being your site’s primary language, yes, such a setup is possible to achieve with WPML but you need to take the above-mentioned limitations into account. If I misunderstood your objectives, please let me know and we will discuss your case again.

  8. Need to translate woocommerce site on différent domains. I have a .com in english and need to translate in japanese on .jp spanish on .es etc.

    Translation must be automatic using deepl

    I should manage only 1 site and the others should bé a translation of thé main site.

    Does it fits ?

  9. For deepl translation WE Can use our own API keys ? Do i have something to pay to wpml for the volume translated using deepl ?

  10. Hello, it is possible to have 2 versions of the same image (but in different language) showing in the corresponding language’s page using this plugin?

  11. Hello!

    Is it safe to give credit card on my site to WPML to purchase per-need (not prepaid credits) only on my site, without card being used to translate other sites registered via same agencys WPML?

    • Hello Jure,
      Yes, it’s safe because we consider these two separate payments, handled in two different places, both are independent. Let me summarise this all for you:
      1. When you buy WPML, you play for the plugin (and our support) – you provide your card on the checkout of this page: You manage this card on your WPML account.
      2. When you would like to use the Pay-as-you-go credits, you need to provide the card directly on your WordPress site (WPML > Translation Management > Tools).
      I hope this helps.

  12. I think your plugin can do this, but I wanted to ensure it can.

    I have a WC Multisite with two different sites. Both have WooCommerce and both are in English. I want to have one site use other wording for a couple of plugins. (Mostly WooCommerce)

    For example, where a button might say “Add to Cart” on one site, it would say “Add to Estimate” on the other site.

    I’m using simple sub-folders for the sites. The primary site is and the sub-site that I want to change is

    Using Loco Translate, I found that the translations are applied to both sites, which does not work for us. We need the translation to apply only to one of the sites.

    Will your plugin work for us?

    • Hello Steve,
      you can set up the WPML plugin separately for any of your subsites that belong to the entire WordPress Multisite network and use it totally independently (as if these would be two separate WordPress installs). Please note that WPML is not an equivalent of the LocoTranslate plugin. WPML does a lot more, allows you to make your site’s content available in other languages (at least two languages). If you are looking for a way to translate the button labels, you can consider translating these lables via an application such as Poedit and upload the po/mo files with your custom translation. This page will help you understand the difference between WPML and LocoTranslate:

  13. Thank you. I understand using Poedit since I just need simple translations (changes) of phrases and buttons. (So does Loco Translate) Both are English, but they are just differently worded. The regular site will use the regular WooCommerce text, but I’m going to change phrases and buttons on the second site (multisite).
    I think Poedit will replace ALL of the phrases and buttons, the changes will not be exclusive to one site, but across the network.
    The instructions state to place the new .po and .mo files in the wp-content/languages/ folder, but that is the same for all multisites on the network. It’s a shared folder.
    That’s why I’m wondering if your plugin will do this.

    • Please send us an email via this form and try to provide as much information as possible: your name, the order date and time, your country. How did you pay: by PayPal or by credit card. We will try to find you in our system and fix the typo.

  14. Hello, I have purchased a new WPML Download, but while trying to install it, it asks me to buy the plugin again!

    Please help,

    Guillermo Aguilar

    • Hello,
      maybe you have two diffrent accounts. When I’m checking your account with the email you posted this comment with, I can see your Blog account that was purchased in 2015 and it has the Cancel status. Please double check what is the WPML account you are currently logged in. In case of any issues, please contact us directly via this form:

    • Hello Mustafa,
      You will need the Agency subscription, which allows you to register unlimited sites.

      Best regards

  15. Hi WPML Team,

    I trust this message finds you well.

    I’m Iramma S B from PluginHive, specializing in developing WooCommerce plugins. I recently came across WPML and was impressed by its capability to make over a million WordPress sites multilingual.

    At PluginHive, we are committed to enhancing the WordPress experience through our plugins. Recognizing the value WPML brings to WordPress users, I believe there’s an opportunity for collaboration to further empower our community.

    Would you be interested in discussing potential collaboration opportunities further?

    Best regards,
    Iramma S B

    • Hello Iramma,
      our partnership manager has already been contacted by you colleague Priya and that he will get back to them as soon as possible.

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