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  1. Hi,
    could you please let me know whether WPML Blog/CMS support the Avada Theme from Theme Fusion, particularly the two plugin’s Fusion Builder and Fusion Slider?

  2. Dear Support team!

    I’m considering to buy a lifetime version of WPML, as a self employed.
    My questions would be:
    Does the price contain any VAT?
    If yes, can I use my EU VAT No. in order to pay only my local Hungarian VAT?

    Thanks in advance,

  3. how much do the translation sevices cost? does this help local seo. like if i have an english site and then translate it into italian will the site get ranked then in google italy? is there an option to update the meta descriptions? does the woo commerce currency switch work with this so when the site gets switched the currency also does?

    • Hello,
      1. how much do the translation services cost?
      It depends on the service you choose. https://wpml.org/documentation/content-translation/#payment-for-translation-work

      2. does this help local seo. like if i have an english site and then translate it into italian will the site get ranked then in google italy?
      If your site has been translated by a human, then yes. And of course is needs to be search engines optimized.

      3. is there an option to update the meta descriptions?
      You will find these fields in SEP plugins, WPML is compatible with the most popular SEO plugins which mean that you can also translate meta descriptions. Check your SEO plugin here.

      4. does the woo commerce currency switch work with this so when the site gets switched the currency also does?
      Yes, you need to install this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-multilingual/

  4. Hi,

    My question is that our current website is entirely in Chinese Traditional, with WPML plugin, am I able to use detect browser language and show my entire website (including all blog posts ) into Chinese Simplified? And have a little flag button at the top of our website for users to freely switch from one language to the other?


  5. Need an answer ASAP, I hope you can help me quick thank you!

    I’m setting up a wordpress site for a client who sells their products world wide.
    They want a simple landing page with some contactinfo and a button that links to the visitor to a specific shop (another system not woocommerce) for that country.

    So I need more than just one page per language.

    For example spanish speaking countries like mexico, spain, chile, each need one unique page but the same url except for the domain name (home.es, home.mx, home.cl…)

    Is this possible?

  6. Hi, my site http://www.safrante.com has stopped working since the pluging is preventing portfolio categories to work, all portfolios show as “no cateory” and when I try to re-assign them, the changes just don’t persist. My theme is “Brooklyn” by United Themes, listed as compatible. They had a look at the issue and confirmed that the problem was WPML. I upgraded to the las available update (to me) that is the last security update, with no luck as the problem persists.I have not changed anything in the site, I only upgraded wordpress and the theme (which is still compatible with WPML). In your site you say that I we do not renew our account, the pluging would still work, but it doesn’t. Could you please provide some help?? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Artur, we cannot make WPML compatible with WordPress versions that don’t exist (future versions). Nobody can. If you want to use an old version of WPML and the most recent version of WP core, there is a risk you will run into some issues. It’s simply impossible to make a plugin compatible with a WordPress release which is yet to be developed… Upgrading to the most recent version of WPML should resolve your issue. With an active WPML account you can also ask for help in our support forum.

  7. Hi!
    As I understand it the WPML creates an extra URL for the translation page.
    Would it be possible to use WPML to directly translate the page…?

    For example: If I have three different domains in three countries
    For instance:
    example.se (swedish master site)
    example.com (english)
    example.no (norwegian)

    Now I want to translate the example.se site to english and norwegian on their country domains. Best for SEO would be I guess to directly translate the pages/sites.

    I can clone the example.se site to the other domains and translate
    could I do it all from one installation – from the example.se site..?

    Hope you understand here. I would like to translate my example.se site to other lang – but directly on page and on country domains.
    Is this possible? What would be the best way to do it?

    If WPML can easily do it I certainly would like to buy.



  8. Hi! I have no interest in translating my own site into more languages, but I somtimes get clients that need to have their sites in more languages. Can I still sign up for your affiliateprogram even if I don’t have it on my own site?


  9. Hi,

    I’m interested in WPML but before superscribing i wanna make sure of an important thing, I read on the WPML documentation that it’s possible to use multiple main domain with single WordPress installation for example google.de and google.fr but it require HTTP server settings file editing. I’m using hostgator shared hosting at the moment which allow me to create domain alias through Cpanel, Do you think that i will be able to use multiple main domains with WPML on a shared hosting?

    • Hello, yes, you should be able to configure it on a shared hosting as well. Please check in this page what exactly it takes and if you are not 100% sure, you can ask your hosting provider if such a setup will be possible in your server.

    • If you renew before your current subscription expires (we send two reminders, one a month in advance, another one a few days before it expires), you pay $39. If you miss your renewal, you will need to pay $79.

      Renewing is optional. If you don’t renew you lost access to our future releases and our support help but your plugins will continue working.

      I hope it helps.

    • If a developer have added the WMPL with his lifetime package,How can we get support later, if we are not dealing with the developer?
      Or we have got the website developed only without any support from the developer, how can the website owner or its webmaster get support from WPML.

      • Hello,
        the person who has the user and password to the WPML account can ask questions in our support forum. In other words, only the WPML subscription owner. If you would like to benefit from our support help, it should be you who purchases WPML.

  10. Is there a possibility to try WPML? We need to justify the choice to the client. Doing it without a demo is going to be difficult. We are considering CMS Lifetime version.

  11. Hi there,

    I understand that it is possible to use WMPL for two domains. I have two questions about this.

    I have already bought my domain for my English website. I have not yet installed and CMS to this, so the domain is currently empty. What is unclear to me is if I need to clone my current WordPress account + content to this new domain in order for it to work with WPML. The two sites won’t be identical. If I clone my current to my new domain, the content will be identical. I don’t want that, but I don’t know if WPML is going to solve that.

    Can you help me with this? How do I need to go about this?

    And if I am not able to link the two domains to my WMPL, can you guys offer support to solve this? How does that work?

    I look forward hearing from you again!


    • Hello,
      you say “The two sites won’t be identical. ” but I don’t know how they will vary. The idea behind a multilingual site is to provide the same content in two (or more) languages. Of course, you don’t need to translate everything. Please have a look at our site (wpml.org) – in the footer you will find a few languages. But we don’t translate everything. We have translated the most popular pages, we rarely translate blog posts and WPML allows that. No problem. So first, don’t think about two different domains and try to specify (for yourself) which specific pages will be translated and which ones won’t. Then, for these that are going to be translated, think what they include. If you use the post body (WordPress editor) to provide your content, then of course you can change it a bit for different languages, no problem. Now, instead of making your site in the second language available in a subfolder or a subdomain with the language prefix (yourdomain.com, yourdomain.com/es, yourdomain.com.fr etc), you reconfigure your server settings to make it available under a different domain but from your WordPress point of view nothing changes – everything sits in one installation.

      WPML also allows you to skip some pages from translation and vice versa: to have some pages in your secondary language that don’t have their counterparts in the primary language.

      I hope it helps.

      I’m not sure if our supporters can help you to configure your server (they specialize in WPML) but for custom support we have a list of WPML certified partners and they could help you with it.

  12. Hi,

    I need to translate pages that will have custom content in it for each language. Eg. Different images. Is this possible?

    Also, there is content generated by Paid Memberships Pro that is shortcode content eg. Text on memebahip account page. How do I translate that?

    Many thanks,


    • Hello,

      I need to translate pages that will have custom content in it for each language. Eg. Different images. Is this possible?

      If the images come from your post/page body, no problem at all. If they come from other places, for example theme options, then please check if your theme is compatible with WPML. https://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/

      Also, there is content generated by Paid Memberships Pro that is shortcode content eg. Text on memebahip account page. How do I translate that?

      If some of your site’s elements come from plugins, to translate these using WPML, the plugin needs to be compatible with WPML. I didn’t find your plugin on our compatibility list. When a plugin/theme is compatible with WPML it includes a special xml file which allows you to translate additional strings. Some developers can create such a file themselves.

  13. Hi, we are working on developing a new site through wordpress that will need to also be translated to Spanish. Are there any additional fees for translating the content (ie, 20 cents for each word of a translation) or does the plan cover that?

    • Hello,
      You can upgrade to lifetime for the difference only (116$ instead of 195$). Note we are planning some subscription changes and this offer may no longer be available. But don’t worry because we will let you know before removing it so that you can upgrade if you haven’t done so yet.


  14. Looking to add WPML to my site, Stack template using the Variant Page Builder. I know its not 100% compatible with WPML (I have to duplicate the page first) but what happens if I update the original page, say add an image and some text. How do I best handle the updating of the translated page?

  15. hi i purchase t he WPML but i input wrong email

    so, i can’t receive email that included username & password

    how can i do?

  16. Hi,

    I bought your plugin about an hour ago. Order #1455082

    I received a mail saying “Your order is on-hold until we confirm payment has been received. Your order details are shown below for your reference:”

    I need to get started on this ASAP but am unable to log into my account.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Jon,
      I see the order has completed now. You should have already received the mail with the credentials to the registered address with us.
      Please confirm.


  17. Hello, if I purchase the Multilingual CMS option will it stop working after one year on websites I’ve already installed WPML on if I don’t pay the account renewal fee? Or is that fee just if I want to continue to install it on other sites after one year?

    • Hello, if you don’t renew and you have a copy of WPML saved somewhere (on your local drive for example) then yes, you will be able to use and install this version even if your WPML subscription expires.

  18. We already bought the “multilingual CMS” for 79 USD several months ago but now we don’t need it anymore. How can I terminate the contract and delete my account so that there won’t be any costs any more?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Eileen,
      WPML does not make automatic renewals. Just leave the subscription expire and this will be enough.

      Kind regards,

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