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28,736 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Dear Sir or Madam

    As I have a multilingual website, I want to make use of SEO in both languages.
    Does the “Multilingual Blog” Package offer SEO (metadata etc) translatations?

    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,

  2. How difficult or easy is it to install this plug in? I am not a developer. I need to know how many languages are available. Also I definitely will need Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese for sure, does wpml have these?

  3. I payed 71,98 USD on October 3, 2020 for a subscription, but the plugin doesn’t work properly and on your website I get a message that says that my subscription is expired. Why?
    I’m building a new website for the same client and I need to know if I can still use this subscription and how to fix this problem. Can you please check and provide help? Thank you.

  4. If we’re using a password-reset function for our users, are we able to send different language emails, but based on the language chosen?

    Do you know if this would also work on translating emails that are sent out through WP Forms or other plugins?

  5. Hello,

    We are working on a WP website where users can post film descriptions . They use a Form (w/ Form Maker) to type in both a French and an English description + a bunch of technical data, and Form Maker Post Generation creates a draft post with all this that an admin can publish on the front end.

    But I would like it to create two mirroring posts instead of one, that is : one on the French side of the website with the French description, and one on the English side with the English description, with the refinement that it uses the available description if one of the two is missing.

    Would we be able to do this with WPML?

    thank you

  6. Hello,
    Please send me your tax residence certificate urgently in order to correctly settle the tax for the purchase of your plug in Poland.
    Roman Jaskula

    • We are registered in Hong Kong but the tax office does not issue such a certificate, unfortunately. Please double-check with your accountant what exactly you need and if this is essential. We have many users from Poland and Europe and no one asks us about this. You will see your invoice in your WPML account.

  7. Hello,
    I have an e-commerce website and I am trying to make it multilingual. I have products in the Woocommerce plugin. I tried the Polylang plugin, but I found that it could not translate the woocommerce store page completely and it was missing in some places. Can the shop page be translated for any language with WPML? Also, can permalinks be set up with wpml?

    • Yes, we are compatible with WooCommerce and you can translate the Shop to any language. I’m not sure what you mean by permalinks. For product names, you will get the slug generated according to the product title (translated version). WPML simply creates a new product but in another language.

      • When I say permalink, I was talking about links. I think we will do it by duplicating the product or page like Polylang. I have one more question … If we buy wpml for $ 79, do we have to renew it one year later? If we cannot be beaten, will it continue to work?

        • Yes, you can duplicate your existing product or create a new one. Renewals are optional. If you cancel your subscription and decide not to renew it you can still use WPML plugins but you won’t get new versions after the first yet.

      • When I say permalink, I was talking about links. I think we will do it by duplicating the product or page like Polylang. I have one more question … If we buy wpml for $ 79, do we have to renew it one year later? If we cannot be beaten, will it continue to work?

  8. hello today we bought a wpml license with our credit card. You can see the image sent by our bank in the picture below. However, the license is still not visible when I log in. Can you support me? I cannot open a ticket because it requests renewal

    • I’ve checked your account (with the email you used to post your comment with) and your subscription is not renewed. When I’m checking your recent orders I can see the all of them have the “failed” status. The last has been updated 4 hours ago. From our system point of view, you didn’t pay. You would need to send us something that proves that you paid and that the money left your account. Please use this form to contact us directly to sort this out.

    • It turns out that your card was declined (payment not authorized by your bank) and you will need to try a different payment method. My colleague Mercedes will contact you with details.

  9. If I buy your Agency license, what does that mean 2000 credits for automatic translations, how far does that get me?
    And how much would it be for me to buy additional automatic translation credits?
    Please compare it with GTranslate Business.

  10. When I say permalink, I was talking about links. I think we will do it by duplicating the product or page like Polylang. I have one more question … If we buy wpml for $ 79, do we have to renew it one year later? If we cannot be beaten, will it continue to work?

  11. Hi. I have a translation company and I need to provide support to a customer who needs his website translated. I would like to know how the word count works when there are repetitions (and a translation memory is used). Does the tool provide a final count, excluding the repetitions, or just the total count? How can I get to the actual count? Any suggestions on how to do that? Thank you so much

  12. I am looking into this plugin for a nonprofit website that wants to translate our website from english into four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, and Mandarin.

    I want to better understand the pricing. It’s $79/year, which includes 2,000 credits. If you use more than the 2,000 credits in a month, you’re charged based on their pricing scale. What I’d like to understand is how those credits are calculated.

    For example, let’s say my website has exactly 2,000 words. If I go to the website and translate it into Spanish, and on the same day another person goes and translates it into Mandarin, have we just used 4,000 credits?

    Before I propose this to our Finance team, I want to be sure I have a firm grasp on the costs we can expect per month. thanks!

  13. We are a Local Health Department looking to purchase one of the packages. We do not want to keep our credit card on file although we may pay for the item with a credit card. Is there an option to pay through some other method or do we have to use a credit card? If so can we manually upload the credit card annually to make payments and then remove it from the website?

  14. Does it matter when WPML is installed? Is it better to install when creating the site or can it be added later to make a site multi-language?

    • Hello Daniel,
      It really does not matter, WPML is able to work in both scenarios. However, some users prefer to install it immediately as it may help you to identify soon other elements that are not multilingual ready.

  15. Hello,
    Does you plugin translate when i have external plugins used for my WooCommerce.
    I am using WooBlocks for Checkout, is it gonna translate this plugin also?

    Do you have Estonian translation?


  16. Hello,
    I am a developer, I don’t want to buy the agency at the moment, because I only have 2 websites to use your plugins, so I am going to buy the most popular choice.

    My questions, please answer all of it… I didn’t find the answers in the pre-sale questions.

    1- If I want to upgrade to Agency plan after a while, should I pay the total amount or only the difference? if only the difference then should I do that within one year from my purchase or I can do that after a year.

    2- When I tried to purchase it said ((“Your account will renew every April 4, starting 2022.
    The yearly renewals cost $59.00.”)) now if I don’t want to buy with auto renewal is that possible?

    3- If it was allowed to purchase without auto renewal, and then passed more than 1 year, then I decided to renew, should I pay the total amount again or the reduced renewal cost?

    4- If I bought Most popular, and didn’t renew, and after more than a year I decided to buy agency plan, how much should I pay? how do you treat these matters…

    5- If I did the purchase right away, and I don’t want to forget to cancel the auto renewal, what shall I do? should I contact you? or contact my bank?

    I hope to find a good answer, and not sending me some links to read..

    Thanks and best regards.

    • Hello Moutaz,
      I’ll try to answer your questions:

      1. You should pay the difference only. You can do it within one year, you will find an upgrade button in your WPML account. If you do it after the license is expired, you will need to buy a new one.
      2. Yes, you can deactivate the auto renewal from your WPML account.
      3. In that case, you will need to buy a new license so you will have to pay the total cost.
      4. In any case after your license expires, you will need to buy a new one.
      5. You will start receiving some remanding emails before your license expires, so you will be able to remember to cancel the auto renewal.

      I hope it helps.

  17. Hello Support,

    I have a website named WordPress WooCommerce based platform. I want to purchase IP based currency change plugin for my WordPress website. I wanted to purchase a plugin that is compatible with PAYTBABS payment gateway and change my product’s price as per the IP of the visitor. If you any sort of plugin which allows me to certain activities please suggest me as soon as possible.

    Moiz Hussain

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