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28,733 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello,
    I am running my website on WordPress based on an Avada theme. Now I am planning to integrate another language and using WPML. But I am not sure if I can use the Blog version or if I need to buy the CMS version.

    Please advice, thanks!

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello WPML team!

    I need to make website work on 3 languages.

    I am interested if I can set automatic duplication of posts across the languages once post is published in one language ?

    I have front-end submission form for the users with a couple of radio buttons, text fields and date field (all the fields are made using ACF).

    So, what I need is when user submits the post in one language, it must be automatically published across the languages including values from radio buttons and all the other fields.

    Is it possible with WPML?

  3. Hello,

    I bough a license for 3 sites amounting $111 last 14/02/2021, but the transaction didn’t reflect on my account’s Payment history and invoices.
    I have a screenshot from paypal for the transaction and invoice ID from
    I also have 3 sites and removed one, where can I find the key for that site I removed, so I could use it on a different url?

    • Hello Simon,
      This is for your Toolset account, not WPML. Are you looking here?
      If you have removed one of the sites you will be able to register the new one and generate a new subscription key.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • Hello Matt,
      Are you planning to purchase with this e-mail address? Let me know and I will set up a user for you so that you can buy VAT-free.


  4. Are you able to provide a purchase order or a quote for an order? Unfortunately, our company purchases items via POs or quotes only. Please let me know!

  5. Hi, I have two questions:
    1. I want to add Russian and Spanish on this website, and I have already have everything translated into these two languages, in this case, Can I just use the Multilingual blog service? If not, what problems I may encounter if I choose this service?

    2. I tried to pay several times, but after I input the paypal info, nothing happened when I click to submit. I tried with different browsers, but none of them works.

    Hope someone can answer me and walk me through soon. Thank you.


    • Hello,
      1. You might need the CMS package even if you want to use your own translations. But it’s perfectly fine to start with the Blog package and upgrade your subscription to the CMS package later if it turns out that you need other plugins from WPML to translate some additional strings. You will pay the difference in the purchase price in that case.
      2. I will check with our admins if there are any known issues with PayPal. I cannot see your user in our system for now, which means that your purchase didn’t even start.

    • Our admins are saying that other orders from PayPal are going through normally today and they get successfully completed and according to them this is an issue on PayPal and you would need to check with them.

    • Rita, our admins also say that we would like to get more info from you to help you narrow down the problem. My colleague Mercedes Barreda will contact you for details.

  6. We are embarking on the build of a new website. The client does not want to install addituonal language sites currently but will want to in the future.

    With that in mind, at what stage is it best to install WPML?

    How well does WPML work with custom themes and Elementor?

  7. I want to have an Arabic version of the website.
    It is running evenex wordpress theme, elementor page builder and WP User frontend pro by Wedev.

    Do you think there will be any problem if I use WPML plugin for the conversion to Arabic version?

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. It’s not clear if you want your site in two languages or just one. If only one (Arabic), WPML is not needed (you can use the Loco Translate plugin to make your site available in Arabic). You need WPML only if you want to make your site multilingual (meaning, being available in two languages or more). The evenex theme hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Team so I’m cannot reassure you that 100% of your stuff will be translatable. But most themes work with WPML even if not tested by our team so you can give it a try. Please check with your theme provider if your theme already supports RTL languages.

        • If you don’t need automatic translations, you can start with the Blog. You can upgrade to the CMS package later and pay only the difference in the purchase price. Also, yu need the CMS package if your site uses a page builder such as Elementor, Divi etc.

  8. Does WPML still work with the legacy Toolset Views plugin? I still use Toolset Views on some sites which I’d like to translate now.

  9. Hi
    Is WPML compatible with Loco Translate Plugin. I have most of my site strings translated with Loco and I would like to keep that plugin also for the future. Main question is: is the WPML compatible with Loco and when the .mo / .po files strings are updated, does the strings also show OK when WPML is enabled. Just making sure that these two plugins work with each other and the using them both don’t slow up my site. I found this discussion, but it seems to be old discussion:

    -It says using Loco and WPML will slow down the site. Has this been fixed by today?
    -It says there are some problems with .mo/.po strings not updating correctly when changes are made to strings? Has this been fixed by today?

  10. I’m comparing translation products for WordPress/WooCommerce for a client project, and they have around 2m words to translate from English into 6 other languages.

    So my question is around pricing:

    Once all base content has been auto-translated using credits purchased, does future cost only include the annual cost to keep the plugin licenced? i.e. once the cost to auto-translated has been absorbed, they won’t have to pay to keep all 2m words translated?

    Services like Weglot, for example, charge an annual subscription based on the number of words supported by the service. i.e. the client needs to pay the same cost each year to ensure the 2m words remain available to users.

    • Hello Paul,
      We charge per translation of words. Once the content is translated it will remain on your site. You will be charged only if you send new content to translate.

      Kind regards,

    • Thank you @merces, appreciate the confirmation.

      Another question around pricing, particularly auto-translation and credits:

      When I was looking at the pricing on the site, I saw that the various translation engines are billed at different credits per word. I assumed this meant that one would choose an engine for translation…but looking into the settings of another WPML install it looks like one can enable all of the engines. Does this mean that all engines will be used for a blended output, and subsequently charged cumulative credits per word? So one could potentially be billed 6 credits per word?

  11. I am trying to figure out what package I should purchase. My question is about the number of websites I can register. Is this based on WordPress installations or one the URL? I have a site with a number of different subdomains and so I need to know whether the multilingual CMS is ok for me to use for all my sites of if I need the multilingual agency.

    Many thanks in advance.


  12. Hello, I made a mistake: my predecessor set automatic renewal for WPML, but I didn’t want to renew, because I don’t need the plugin anymore.
    Can I get a refund?

  13. Hello.

    I am using Nominee as a theme for my political committee and campaign. I am required to buy goods and services with a designated debit card. I can’t buy WPML services because it is asking me for PayPal account to complete the payment.

    Do WPML have a payment platform to subscribe by using a debit card instead of paypal? If yes, please arrange the link so I can start translating. kk


    • Hello Edwin,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. You can use a credit card too. On your checkout page please click “Use a different payment processor” at the bottom.

  14. Esteemed ladies and gentlemen,

    I’m interested in your Multilingual CMS product, but I would only require it for one website, not 3. Could you make me an offer for just one website?

    Thank you.

    With kind regards,

    • Hello Stefan,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML. These three packages are fixed in our system and unfortunately, we cannot prepare an individual offer for you. If $79 is too much for you, you can consider buying the $29 package first and then after some time upgrade to the CMS (you will pay the difference between these two).

  15. Hello,

    I already have a WPML account and my current package does not allow me to exceed 3 sites which is already the case. I would like to add a site to my WPML account. The amount is 15$ which seems correct but I don’t understand where this price comes from because you sell by pack of 3 or more. I would like to know if it is possible to buy for one site and if it has an impact on my renewal?

    Do I have to renew my subscription? Do I have to pay for this new site to work properly?

    I don’t think i will renew the suscription but my website will be finish well before the end of my subscription that’s possible ?

    • Hi Cristian,
      We are charging you for the upgrade to Agency for the difference only, from your CMS account and a percentage until the expiry date. You can buy this upgrade and register the 4th site. If you don’t pay for the renewal you will lose updates but you can keep WPML installed on your site.

      Kind regards,

  16. Hallo WPML Team,
    bitte ist es möglich eine Testversion / Demoversion zu erhalten – wir würden das Plugin uns gerne anschauen?
    Wir freuen uns von Euch zu hören,
    Danke Günther

    • Hallo, die einzige Möglichkeit, WPML auf Ihrer Website mit Ihren Plugins zu testen, besteht darin, WPML zu kaufen und unsere Rückerstattungsrichtlinien zu beachten. Sie können WPML 30 Tage lang testen, ohne etwas zu riskieren.

  17. Hi there,

    our potential (common) new client would like to know if it’s possible to translate this fields with CMS WPML:

    – Yoast fields (keyword, SEO title, meta description)
    – alt texts
    – Title (=separate field), excerpt, category

    take care

  18. Hi I use Oxygen builder.

    I am about to start building a new site, which will be bilingual English / Spanish.

    Have you fixed the issues with Oxygen templates settings yet?

    Would support be available to fix any issues as they arise?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Adam,
      There are no updates for now but we are working on it. would you like to be informed when this happens?


  19. Hi,
    I have 2 questions:
    1) The site needs to have RTL and LTR languages on the G5PLUS Arvo theme. Is this possible with WPML?
    2) Do you have nonprofit pricing?


    • Hello Jonny,
      I see you also sent us an email about this. I will reply to you soon today via email.

      Kind regards,

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