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33,154 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi,

    I’m planning to do a v1 version of my site and have WPML translated versions done. A few months after that, I’m planning to do a v2 of my website with a new custom theme. This custom theme will start from a clone of the prior theme within a staging environment, so in principal it will contain all the WMPL translations (pages, posts, menu elements, settings, etc).

    Would I retain the all the WPML translated content when updating themes like this? Or would all the WPML content be lost?


  2. Do you plan to localize your pricing in accordance with purchase power of users in different countries?

    If you do, then I may provide some brief info about it.

  3. the country en_US binding can be disabled and leave only the EN language ? the website content is in EN language for the whole world

    • Hi again,
      your previous question was awaiting moderation. I have just replied:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “binding to the country en_US” and turning it off. When you add English to your site as your secondary language, the translated pages will use the “en” prefix in your site’s URLs.

  4. Hi ,
    Our website’s default language is German, how can we assign someone to translate from English to Polish? is it possible?
    As far as I tried I was only able to assign a translator from the website default language to others. can you help me with this issue?


    • Hello,
      you can assign translators (translator users) only to languages that are present on your site (added by WPML). So for example, if your site has German (primary) and English and Polish languages you can add a translator that translates from English to Polish, yes. If you are an existing WPML client and you have issues with setting that up, please use our support forum and one of our experts will help you.

  5. hreflang=”de-au” – locale ua можно отключать ua? оставлять только язык de hreflang=”de”

  6. de_DE – это же привязка к гео локации, а если у меня сайт на немецком для всех кто говорит на немецком независимо от место проживания и тоже самое с EN языком
    hreflang=”de” мне тогда без locale нужно

  7. “by default WPML adds de_DE locale” – страны India, Indonesia, China – есть пользователи знающие English язык, то зачем мне там ставить locale en_US ? hreflang=”en” нужно

  8. у них бизнес сайт и им важно locale en_En / de_DE, а когда сайт информационный без привязки к гео, то исgользуется просто EN без locale US – в google справке тоже написано, что информационным сайтам locale US не требуется

  9. ; rel=”alternate”; hreflang=”en”, – тут нет locale
    ; rel=”alternate”; hreflang=”de-ch”, – есть locale
    ; rel=”alternate”; hreflang=”de” – тут нет locale

    вот пример взят из google справки hreflang
    вопрос: у вас можно выключать locale как это показано в google справке?

    • Can you please share the link with Google recommendation with me?
      When you add the English language as one of your secondary languages you will see ; rel=”alternate”; hreflang=”en”, – please check the page source of this site for example: If you are German as one of your secondary language, WPML will add ; rel=”alternate”; hreflang=”de” as in this example: – please check te page’s source to see.
      So you don’t need to turn off anything. You just add German and English to your site and the hreflang will be set as you expect.

    Google recommendation

    If you have several alternate URLs targeted at users with the same language but in different locales, it’s a good idea to also provide a catchall URL for geographically unspecified users of that language. For example, if you have specific URLs for English speakers in Ireland (en-ie), Canada (en-ca), and Australia (en-au), provide a generic English (en) page for searchers in the US, UK, and all other English-speaking locations. It can be one of the specific pages, if you choose.

    English (en) – код языка без кода округа – это из справки google

    сайты которые вы прислали я проверил и там везде код округа указан en_US
    если я беру ваш плагин, то я не смогу удалить код округа _US ?

    • Thank you for your link. No, you cannot remove this. That’s because the default WordPress language is “English” and uses en_US. But you don’t need to worry about this. More than 1 million sites use WPML and it is fine to keep the default en_US. If you need to add other English languages Ireland (en-ie), Canada (en-ca), and Australia (en-au) you can do it by adding a custom language in WPML settings for languages.

  11. Hello,

    I wanna to purchase the Multilingual CMS plan.
    my question is, regarding the the multicurrency features, can I adjust the checkout currency for each payment method?
    for Example : the customer shopping by using EG currency – when he like to checkout and select PAYPAL payment method, I want the check out happen by $ as paypal don’t match with EG currency – actually I check your Documentation and you mentioned the following :

    You can set up payment gateways for your store by going to WooCommerce → Settings → Payments. By default, all of the payment gateways you set up will be available for all of your site’s currencies.
    Please note that the final checkout will use the currency your payment gateway was set up with. This means that your customer may see the final checkout in a different currency than they have been shopping in so far.
    When this is the case, the checkout page displays which currency will be used in the transaction if it is different from the one already selected by the user. The total amount is also displayed in the converted currency.

    actually it is not happen, and I got message from paypal when I try to use it as a payment method while I’m using
    EG currency and I got the following message : CURRENCY_NOT_SUPPORTED Currency code is not currently supported.

    so, how can I solve this issue? and i am afraid to purchase WPML without solve this issue.
    please advice me.

    • Hello Danijel,
      I’m not sure I understand your question correctly. What do you mean by “depending on the country”? Do you want your users to be automatically redirected to the page in their language when they visit your site? Let me explain how WPML works.
      When you configure WPML for the first time, WPML wizard will ask you to choose the languages you want to translate to. WPML will automatically create a language switcher for these languages. You can add this language switcher to your main navigation (and other places if needed). This way the user can change the language. But after translating your site to other languages, your site will be available in this language in Google (and other search engines) and user will land on pages in their languge (the language they used when putting their inquery in Google) so you don’t need automaic redirections. But if you really need them, we provide an option for this too. I hope that helps.

  12. hi, how many languages are included in the 99.- deal ? We would like automatic (ideally translation from french to english, german, italian. Thank you.

  13. Hi, when I was trying to purchase a license of WPML just now, there is a message saying that “Account renewals – Your account will renew every September 15, starting 2023. The yearly renewals cost $74.00. Each renewal tops up your automatic translation credits to 60,000.”. Is this $99 annual pricing? I thought it is perpetual. Could you please clarify? Thanks!

    • Hello,
      Good you contacted us and thank you for your questions. You can pay only once or each year. Let me explain how it works. By default, when you buy WPML, it will set up an auto-renewing yearly subscription. You can cancel this subscription at any time (it’s just a few simple clicks in your account) and this way you can prevent future renewals. If you cancel, you can still use WPML plugins on your site but after the first year you will lose access to new versions and our support help. So you will have a whole year to decide whether or not extend your WPML subscription for the next year.

  14. Our website is licensed under an agency key, if we want to purchase and move to our own license can I confirm that we don’t loose any of the translations that have been made so far just by swapping the license key?

    • Hello,
      Yes, I confirm that you don’t lose your translations in this case. Once you buy WPML for yourself, go to your WordPress site: Plugins > Add new > commercial tab. Unregister the site and register it again with your account.

    • Hello,
      I didn’t find any user with your email in our system which makes me think you made a typo in your email when buying WPML. Please send us a confirmation (a bank statement or something like this, maybe your PayPal or credit card translation) that proves that you paid for WPML and we will try to find you in our system using your other data. Please send these to Thank you.

  15. Hi there,

    I recently set up Polylang with a second language pointing to a separate domain. Now I’ve learned that they aren’t compatible with Divi when using separate domains. It looks like WPML had the same issue, but that it’s now resolved and separate domains CAN be used with Divi while still allowing access to the builder on that second domain.

    Can you confirm that this is actually the case? Before I go through the entire process again without having all of the information, I want to be sure that switching to WPML will definitely fix my issue.


  16. Hi there,

    I just tried to open a ticket about this issue, but I received an error message and there is nothing available in the “My Tickets” area. I’m not sure if it went through or landed anywhere.

    I was able to set everything up and it’s all working, but my Divi builder still isn’t working with the page I have directed to the second domain. Are there steps I need to follow to get that to work? Settings? Etc?


    • Hello,
      I can see your is properly set up and active and you successfully registered two sites. I cannot see any supported tickets opened by you. To open a ticket please do thefollowing steps:
      1. Make sure you are logged into your account
      2. Visit this link:
      3. Click on Report a new issue
      If it doesn’t work, please let me know what error you are getting.

  17. I have joined a new company that uses TranslatePress for their website and I find that the front-end latency is very high, I think it is due to reading the database, I would like to ask if the wpml implementation is to produce html or database tables

    • Hello,
      When you translate a post or a page using WPML, WPML creates a regular WordPress post/page (which is saved in the WordPress database along with other posts/pages) but in addition, WPML creates its own tables to keep the information which post is a translation of which. On top of that, if you use WPML’s translation editor (which allows you to use machine translations) WPML maintained the so-called translation memory (that is stored outside of your WP database and prevents you from translating the same phrases over and over again). If you want to check sites created with WPML by our clients, please check our showcase:

    • Yes, we do. Please use this form to contact us about this. Please introduce yourself and your organization and justify why we should support you by providing a free license of WPML. This form will go directly to the person who handles such requests. Thank you.

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