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34,917 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi,
    before buying wpml I would need to understand the following:

    – with multilingual woocommerce and Wpml is it possible to change company data for each language?
    – with wpml we are able to have different home pages and pages for each language?
    – with wpml and multilingual woocommerce we are able to distinguish the origin of the orders?
    – In wpml, in the media translation section, is there the possibility to replace a video instead of a photo?


    • Hello Daniele,
      Please, let me try to answer your questions in order:
      – If your company data is stored in a Custom Post Type or a theme/plugin options multilingual ready, yes, WPML should be able to translate it.
      – You can manually translate your pages and set a different layout.
      – In the orders section there is a custom field which allows you to distinguish the language where the order was made.
      – Yes, it should be possible.

  2. I have some questions about using multiple domains. Particularly some things mentioned here:

    1. This line “add an SEO bonus to your secondary languages.”. In what way doest this boost SEO?

    2. “It does not simply redirect to your primary domain” if it is not a redirect, what exactly is happening here?

    My 2 concerns are

    3. Paid plugins that are only authorized to run on my main domain.

    4. How do I explain this to my ad company. I have an agreement to serve ads on my main domain but not alternative domains pointing to my main domain.

    I do not really want to go the subdomain route as my domain name would not make sense in other languages.


    • Hello Shaun,

      Please, let me try to answer your questions in order:

      1. According to Google guidelines, having different domains per language is recommended over other URL formats as languages per directory.
      2. What that line means is that you are redirect to the right domain, not just automatically to the main one. You can have more information about it here.

      Regarding 3 and 4, it is a limitation of using different domains per language and WPML can’t modify this behaviour. When you use this setting, keep in mind that you have only one WordPress site with only one Dashboard. In this way you can have one install with all your plugins and theme. However, if those third parties are restricted and authorized to work with only one domain, WPML can’t override that behaviour.

      If that’s the case, you can consider to better use another good URL format as Different languages in directories, in that way you can avoid this limitation.

      I hope it helps.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    I have two more questions.

    1. Once my website has been translated into several languages, can I choose one of the languages as the main page?
    I’ll explain. Today, I have an Italian site that I will duplicate and move to a new domain. I will therefore start with the Italian language as the default language, but once translated I would like the English language to be the main home page.

    2. I bought several new domains for each language (example: .es (Spain), .fr (France) etc). Can I through the Wpml plugin redirect this domains to the right language version of my original site?

  4. Hi, hope you are doing well.

    1) Does the plugin works with custon API endpoints?
    2) Do I have complete full control of how the URL looks like?

    As an example, we would like the url to look like this:

    note the “pt_BR” prefix before the url, that is for portuguese.
    note that the category and post url are in english.

    3) Does the plugin works with YOAST plugin?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi,

    We are evaluating a new platform for our website and wonder if WPML support selecting posts in a specific language through API?

    Something like /wp-json/wp/v2/post?categories=3&language=de (or whatever the syntax might be)? 🙂

  6. I want to ask about unlimited websites

    What do you mean by this? Can I use WPML for different domains?
    For example, I provide a website development service and I have 4 websites I work on it, and I want to add multi languages to them with 4 different domains. Can I buy ‘Multilingual Agency’ license for all websites?
    Thank you

    • Hello,
      1 key = 1 WordPress Installation
      If you have 4 WordPress sites you will nee the ‘Multilingual Agency’ because the Multilingual CMS package allows you to register only 3 sites. Yes, with the Multilingual Agency package you can install as many sites as you want (100 sites or more).
      Please note that if your sites have a lot of content and you plan to use automatic translations, you might need to buy additional translation credits.

    • You can use a normal credit/debit card instead of PayPal. If you are interested in this option, on the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it.

  7. Hi
    I want to create a custom field for member Blog, instead calling it Member Views.
    The Charpsy Blig will still be called Blog.
    I was told Loco Translate app can change the app text to suit the customisation.
    Does WPML work with loco translate installed? Or can WPML customise the member blog text to Member Views?
    The best

    • Hello,
      the Loco Translate plugin is a plugin that translates the strings (texts) from your plugin/theme to another language and is needed if you want to have your site in another language (instead of in 2 languages). WPML is a plugin that allows you to make your site multilingual (2 or more languages). I’m not sure what is your case. If you need your site to be in 2 languages, you don’t need the Loco Translate plugin at all.
      But there is one more thing. The rems you use (Member Views etc.) make me think you use a special plugin for these views. What is the name/website of this plugin? I need to check if this plugin is compatible with WPML.

  8. Hello

    I will purchase the Multilingual Agency and i will get 180,000 translation credits.

    I need an static translation which mean all content + plugin + whole website is in English now and i wish to translate to polish.

    I have a new domain like .com / .PL etc (.com is English and .pl is English now) with your plugin can i just make the .pl with English same content to polish and stay in polish static fixed with no switcher.

    I would also ask if there is any issue on my site while using the automatic translation if my website crash and i have 180k translation credit, will you refund me my 180k credit as it will be for one website as my content is 155k words. (This mean when repair is done on site and
    will you allow me to translate again or i will lose all my credits as it won’t be my fault if something happen but i wish to know if you are flexible enough before we start)

    Thank you

    • Hello Lucy,
      thank you for you contacting us.

      Translation credits are not refundable, especially if you already used them. We pay for these credits to translation engines (DeepL or Google and these are not free for us). But if you lose credits because of some failures due to our fault, yes, we can refund these credits too. But I’m not sure what a refund would mean in your case.

      Please note that you need 2 credits for 1 word (if you use DeepL or Google Translate), so with 180 000 credits you will be able to translate 90 000 words. You can assign as many credits (from those 180 000) as you wish to a specific site.

      If you are not sure if the translations work as you expect, you can do the following:
      1. When setting up WPML, choose Translate some instead of Translate Everything
      2. Assign only some of the credits (10 000)
      3. Translate a few pages to see how it works
      4. If you like the quality of the translation, switch to Translate Everything

      I’m not sure I understand these multiple domains you mentioned.
      How many websites do you plan to translate? 1 or 2?
      My understanding is:
      1. You have one website that is in English now and you want to translate it to Polish. English will be the default language, and Polish the secondary lanaguge. Is this correct?
      2. What is the other case?
      3. Is there one more site? How many in total?

      Please note that you need the Multilingual Agency if you plan to make more than 3 websites multilingual. If you have less than 3 websites, you can start with the CMS package and 90 000 credits. You can upgrade to the Agency version later.

      Can I have the link to your site?

  9. Hello

    Thank you for your reply.

    Lets say i have 180000 credit assign to a site by mistake and i use only 20000 credit and i wish it come in my balance to assign to my other site

    is it possible as i am a new user and i have done this already and i think its too much.

    Thank you and awaits your reply

  10. Hello,

    I import via csv some products in Romanian (50%) and other products are in English (40%) and German (10%).
    The site language is in Romanian, and I need all products to be in Romanian.

    The idea is that I need to know if WPML can be setup to translate only the products (title, description)?
    Another question is related to the English and German. The products are in different categories. Can I instruct WPML to translate a category from English to Romanian and another category from German to Romanian?

    Thank you,

    • Hello,
      yes, WPML allows you to translate products between the language pairs you mentioned.
      Please let me know how many products you have and I can suggest the best options to handle the translation. My understanding is that you are interested in automatic translation, correct?
      Yes, WPML can translate categories too.

  11. Is it possible to set up a /lang-location/ folder structure, for different languages in the same country?

    For example: – default English – English in UK – English in Canada – French in Canada

  12. Hi,

    I have a question regarding renewals. What’s the deadline for the cancellation? E.g. if I don’t want to renew next year what’s the date I’d have to cancel by?


    • Hello, one day before your renewal. So if you buy today (October 25, 2002), you need to cancel on October 24, 2023. But you can cancel earlier and you can still use WPML. You can also switch to manual renewals.

  13. Hi

    I don’t know if i should buy the Blog (39 dollar) or CMS (99 dollar) version to translate the website to 3 languages.

    Considerations I have

    1. It’s not a blog but a small website with content pages, build in Flatsome Theme UX Builder.
    2. It is a side project so I want to keep costs as low as possible
    3. The website has no enhanced functionalities or plugins (no community, no commerce) so Blog might be ok. But I am not using the Blogs-features

    Main question: will hte cheapest license work 😉 and can I start with that and if I want to upgrade can I just pay the price-increase-difference between the two licences (99 minus 39 = 60 dollar).

    • Hello,
      you can start with the Blog and then upgrade to the CMS package (and yes, you will pay only the difference) but you don’t get automatic translations for the Blog package.

  14. Hi, I have problem that not all my mandatory plugins support WPML, but according to developer of the plugins I can use LOCO to translate it. But I read that using more multilanguage plugins is not recommended. How can I translate plugins there are not supported by WPML, but they are supported by loco?
    It does not matter for me where I translate it (even if I need to translate some string outside of WordPress … in POEDIT). Important is, that I can see the translation on front-end and the user can successfully switch between languages.
    Thanks for answer

    • Hello Michal,
      if you can translate some strings from a plugin via the Loco translate it is very likely you will be able to translate them via WPML as well. WPML can detect strings coming from your plugins – you need to use the String Translation plugin:
      If a specific plugin is not supported by WPML it might mean that there is more to be translated than just strings. For example, emails, properties, etc. depending on what this plugin does.

      Please note that if your plan is to make your site multilingual (make it available in more than one language) the Loco translate won’t suffice because this plugin allows you to translate strings and appear in another language while your purpose is to have more than one language. Maybe that’s obvious to you, but some clients seem to be confused and don’t understand how these two plugins (WPML and Loco) differ.

  15. Hello WPML Team, has a paid subscription for the WPML plugin but the consultant who supported the CMC has left along with the credentials to login for support, so we are unable to log into your site for support.

    Please let me know how we can transfer the account to my name. The matter is urgent as we are encountering various translation errors related to the WPML plugin and would like to raise some tickets.

    • Hello,
      We provide support only for our clients with active WPML subscriptions. Your site is registered by a different user and only this user can log into our support forum and request support help.

      You would need to buy WPML for yourself to get access to the support forum.

      You can also register your site with your own key:
      1. Log into your WordPress site that uses WPML
      2. Go to Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab
      3. Unregister the site
      4. Register it again with your own key

    • It (the Blog) will work with the UX Builder of the Flatsome Theme but you will need to do the following when creating a translation, you need to “duplicate” the original post and then “translate independently”. This means, the layout of your original post/page will be first copied to your translated post/page but you can make edits to this layout. Please note thatin this case the original post and the translated post won’t be kept in sync. This means that if you change something in your original page, you need to do the same change in your translation. If you use the CMS package original post and translated post are kept in sync.

  16. Thanks for your answer.

    Just so I am sure: the Blog-version of your license will work with UX Builder from Flatsome (the drag and drop Pagebuilder)?

    • Hello, your previous question was awaiting moderation. I have just replied. Please also note that if you decide to switch from the Blog to the CMS in the future, it’s also possible and you will pay only the difference between those two options.

  17. Ciao,

    questo sito è stato sviluppato da altri, adesso la versione WPML è scaduta e non posso aggiornare il plugin.
    Come possiamo procedere con l’aggiornamento se non abbiamo accesso all’account di acquisto?


    • Ciao,

      Devi acquistare WPML (con la tua email) e quindi registrarlo di nuovo.

      Per registrare il sito si prega di:
      1. Vai al tuo sito WordPress
      2. Vai su Plugin > Aggiungi nuovo
      3. Passa alla scheda “Commerciale”.
      Se il tuo sito è registrato, annulla la registrazione e poi registrati di nuovo con la tua chiave.

    • Please try with a card instead of PayPal. On the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it. You can also try PayPal in another browser. Other PayPal translations are going through normally so there must be something on your end.

    • I have checked again and I can see that your order is still pending which means we have not charged you for it. You need to log in to your WPML account and you will find a button to pay for it. Please go to your Payment history and invoices page and you will find the invoice there. Click View order and you will find the button to pay and proceed to checkout. If you need to request a new password you can do it here

  18. Hi,Agnes Bury

    First 2,000 credits is free?

    Let’s take an example, we have five languages. If I translate based on English, would you please tell me whether we should choose the number of five languages here.

    Number of languages to translate into 5,right?

    and then we can calculate the cost,follow:

    40,000 words * 5 languages * 1 credits = 200,000 credits, and we should to pay $102.00 USD.

    for example: en–>cn,en–>es,en–>fr,en–>ja,en–>de

    Is this one language or five languages?

    • When you buy WPML (the Multilingual CMS package), you will get 90 000 translation credits for free.
      Then, if you decide to use the pay-as-you-go credits, then your calculations are correct.
      You will pay $102.00 USD if you decide to translate 40 000 words to 5 languages (en–>cn,en–>es,en–>fr,en–>ja,en–>de)

      Actually, you will pay a bit less because WPML uses translation memory and if a specific phrase has been already translated, it won’t translate ut again.

  19. Hello

    One question, I have to translate one smaller business website which is created with WordPress and Kadence Pro Theme.

    Can I use “WPML Multilingual Blog” or do I’ve ust the “Multilingual CMS”?


    • Hello, if you want to translate automatically, the Blog package won’t suffice, you need the CMS package. But if it’s okay for you to use manual translation, you can try the Blog package at first and the upgrade to the CMS. This page explains how to use Kadence with WPML but not with the Blog package but CMS:

  20. Hello,
    A year and a half ago, we bought a paid version of WPML. Everything worked perfectly until the last straw. We did not continue the paid subscription, we were satisfied with everything.
    Yesterday, when translating some products, this plugin for some reason did not translate the “brand” and “category” fields.
    Placing “checkmarks” in the “brand” and “category” boxes in manual mode did not give results – the changes do not take effect. Is this a plugin bug, as it should be after using a paid plugin for a while?
    How should we be in this situation? Do I just need to continue the paid subscription for the plugin to work properly?
    Thank you for your help. 🙂
    Sincerely, Alex.

    • Hi Alex – If your WPML account is still valid, please contact our support team to help you investigate this issue further. If your account is expired, you’ll need to purchase a new account, as a valid account is required to contact support and download updates.

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