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34,915 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello,
    Looking to translate a woocommerce store. I have a google sheets file with the SKU, Name, Description (and other columns not related to language). The store currenlty has english set as default language. Woocommerce already has an import feature that I use to mantain my product data. I normally upload new products and also update any changes via this import feature. I would lke to know if there is a similar feature offer by wpml, where I can import csv file with a column that can be used to identify the product (sku) to upload the translations in the second language.

    Example: File A English
    SKU, Name, Description
    TOY01, Toy Car, Car black Medium

    Example: File B Spanish
    SKU, Name, Description
    TOY01, Carro Juguete, Carro Negro Mediano

    I already looked into various wpml tutorials and documentation but it seems that you only offer the xliff export/import. There does not seem to be a way for me to easily convert my xlsx or csv file into the proper xliff format. I have seen some of the xliff software tutorials and it seems to be a very manual process, having to mouse over each field and write/copy&paste each individual field.When you have thousands of SKUs, this is not proper use of the time since I already have the translations.

    • After discussing your topic with our developers.
      We are currently working on supporting the native WC import/export feature.

      The task is divided into 2:
      – Importing products in the default language should synchronize product data with product translations (this is ready to be released with WooCommerce Multilingual 5.1 scheduled at the end of November)
      – The second is to connect products with their translations using a common field (like SKU). This isn’t ready yet so this might go with WCML 5.2

      So you might want to try the other 3rd-party plugins I shared but both are paid.

  2. Hi,
    I have a WordPress website based on a real estate theme which needs to be translated into 3 languages.
    The main language for now is English, but I want to make the main language Polish and then
    translate all the listings to English, German and Bulgarian.
    If I buy the WMPL Multilingual CMS plan, will I be able to:
    1. Translate all the content (including the theme) from English to Polish, then make the Polish the main
    language and after that translate all new future content (listings) to the requested 3 languages (is that correct way to do that)?
    2. Can I automatically translate all new listings, or do I need to do that only via the admin panel?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    • Hello Alex,
      Could you please share the name of the Real Estate theme you use? I’ll check if we are compatible with it and if automatic translations are supported.
      In general, WPML allows you to change the default language of your site at any time but please note that this will affect your site’s URL and SEO.
      Please let me know what theme you use and I will get back to you to fully answer your questions. Thank you.

  3. Hello, I did buy yesterday access for 99 USD but I still did’t receive login and password to access ?
    Can you help me with it ?

    Thank you

  4. Dear WPML,

    I now pondering about adding a multilingual switch [not just necessarily translation plugin] on my WordPress-based website. Are the options on the ‘WPML Pricing’ one-time fees?

  5. Hi WPML,

    My dashboard says I have to re-purchase a license although I got promised a lifetime license when I bought the license.
    What is up with that??

    Can you please check this issue asap?

    Kind regards

    • Hello Frederik,
      I checked your purchase history (with the email you used to submit this comment) and you never had the Lifetime license. Maybe you had another account with a different email? I’m sending you a private email to follow-up.

  6. Hi Agnes,
    I’ve ben using WPML for years and I have never had to re-purchase any license and now all of a sudden I have to but a new license??

  7. Hi Agnes,
    thanks for your reply.
    Here is the link for the theme

    also could please give some more on how the changing the primary language
    cand affects site’s URL and SEO. I am planning to make all initial translations
    on the development stage (before indexing site with google) so I guess for me
    it won’t make any problems.


  8. Great pricing.
    But know that you will never receive any credits from WPML for free (180.000 included never received).
    You can’t switch plans for websites. You can pay “prepaid” credits but you cannot use them on new websites anymore because you can only use Pay-as-you-go.

    Meanwhile, there is no support or possibility to ask for a refund of bought prepaid credits that you can’t used.

    • Hello Sebastien,
      this is Agnes Bury, the Client Advocate at WPML. Only clients who buy the Agency subscription receive 180 000 credits. I can see you are a Lifetime user. Thank you for using WPML for so many years. You can assign pre-paid credits to any of your websites. We do provide support help for any users with an active WPML subscription (applies to Lifetime users too). I’m gonna contact you directly via emal to better understand you case.

  9. Hi, I’ve been a customer of Gtranslate for a few years. They charge me $15.00/month. Do you think my website would be compatible with WPML? Could you clarify the price of US$99.00? Is it one-shot or a yearly payment? Best regards, Chris

    • Hello Chris,
      WPML and GTranslate handle translations in different ways and you would need to translate your site with WPML from scratch and disable GTranslate completely. The $99.00 price is what you pay for the WPML plugins and access to our support assistance. You need to pay for translation credits separately but the 90 000 credits you will receive when buying WPML allow you to translate 45 000 words. If you use them all, you can buy additional credits. We provide two options, both are covered here the cheaper one is Pay-as-you-go and feel free to use the calculator we provide to estimate how much you will pay. To see the calculator please click on the “How much does automatic translation cost?” link on the FAQ section.

      $99 is the price you pay for the first year (for plugin updates and support). Yearly renewals costs 75% of this price and are optional.

      I hope that helps.

  10. Hello,

    I have thousands of SKUs and translating that many terms manually has really turned into a full time job. Automatic translations do not seem to be a good fit for me as my niche is a bit obscure and the translations are not right. Most of my variations are custom (per product) variations, which means using the duplicate method is incompatible with my use case as this requires the variation to share the same name between the duplicate versions of each language. Since I don’t use global variations, there is no way to translate the custom variation names using the duplicate method. (please confirm this is the case)

    This leaves my only option to the WPML Advanced Translation Editor. This method is very time consuming. I have a csv file with SKUs, and the time, description, variation name, image name, image slug and the translation counterparts. I would like to know if there is a way to import them instead of doing each translation manually.

    If I need to edit the table data directly, I may be able to do that with a bit of help. I found the this document that shows the database model. If I can learn which tables hold the mentioned fields, I could manually upload to the necessary tables and then upload the trid and element_id to the icl_translations tables.

    Please let me know what is the best way to avoid doing each translation manually

    • Hello Jon,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      I need to get in touch with our developers to address the technical part of your question and it will take a while. In the meantime here’s what you can also consider:
      a) please note that you can manually update automatic translations. Updated results are saved in the translation memory so will be automatically applied for future cases
      b) you can assign many translators to your site and each translator can apply automatic translation as the first step of their translation process
      c) you can also use the translate automatically with the review option which allows you to review and manually update translations of your products
      d) you can also select some of your products in bulk and apply automatic translations to them all in one go
      e) you can disable WPML Advanced Translation Editor completely if that would help in any way

    • There is one more option for you to consider Jon. It’s possible to import the product attributes and create variations out of them while importing products in WP All import. You would to check this documentation carefully:

      The import for the translated version follows the same steps, just make sure that the label of the variations is the same and only change the value in the WP All Import screen:

      But please note that the attributes are imported in the context of the product import. So you should also import the products according to the WP All Import documentation.

      In the documentation linked above, WP All Import gave a few sample CSV files that show how the CSV file needs to be set to import the variable products which the customer can use as a template.

      Finally, the same unique identifier need is in place for the translated CSV file according to our documentation:

      Please keep in mind that if you want to import WooCommerce products, you will also need WooCommerce Import Add-On Pro

  11. I have a ecommerce website, and i need only the option for currency to be displayed depened on the client location.
    My question
    Is the free plugin is enough or i have to take the paid one.
    And if i have to take the paid plugin which package is suitable for me.
    I will need it only for 1 website

    • Hello, yes, you can use your credit card. On the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it.

  12. hello
    Here is Korea.
    So, my English grammar may be wrong, so please understand.

    If I purchase wpml $99, will I not be able to use it without annual renewal?

    Or is it just not getting an upgrade?
    I can’t confirm the exact answer, so I’m asking.
    take care.

    • Hello, you can use WPML without annual renewals but in this case, you won’t be getting updates and our support assistance. To do so, you need to go to your WPML account and cancel your WPML subscription.

  13. Hi, when I bought a had a different domain.
    I mentioned in first hand this domain was for development.
    Now, I have the correct one and I want to activate WPML there but I can’t find the way to do it.

    How can I do it?

  14. Hi,
    I have a WordPress + Woocommerce website, which needs to be translated into 2 languages with different design layout.

    If I buy the WMPL Multilingual CMS plan, will I be able to ..?

    • Hello,
      yes, you will be able to do so but for the pages where you need a different design layout, you will need to turn off our Advanced Translation Editor. To do so, please open one of your pages for editing and disable the WPML editor on the right-hand side of the sidebar.

  15. Hi Agnes, my website is currently translated (from English) to 7 languages. I’m concerned about the cost of the translation, especially since this is real estate site and new listings need to be translated constantly as they are addes, so I risk exceeding quickly the 45,000 word allowance (unless I restrict the number of languages). One solution that comes to mind is that I could provide the translations on my own (I speak fluently a couple of languages) and use the 45,000 words only for the listings. What do you think? Is it possible to translate manually part of the site and automatically for the rest? Regards, Chris

    • Hello Chris,
      Yes, in theor you can translate manually part of the site and automatically for the rest but the problem is that our current implementation of the in-bulk automatic translation doesn’t work best and we are going to replace it with a new feature (coming soon – our developers are finishing testing it).
      So for now, here are your options:
      1. You can choose the so-called Translate everything with the Review mode turned on and manually review some of your automatic translations. But you are right, the 90 000 translation credits we are giving for free won’t suffice.
      2. You can switch off “Translate everything” completely and open each post for editing and click “Translate automatically” button. If you have many properties, it will be time-consuming I’m afraid.
      3. When setting up WPML you can add only some of your languages at first, the ones that need to be translated automatically. When done, turn off the Translate everything option, add other languages and then proceed with manual translations for the other languages

      I can see that your site is a bit complex, it uses Elementor and the Revolution slider and some other plugins.

      Is it possible to create a copy of your site (some hosting providers allow you to do that with a click of a button)? If so, we could do the following:
      – you buy WPML (keeping our refund policy in mind)
      – we could safely check together how it goes on your test site (I can even schedule a Zoom call with you but I’m from Europe so I’m not sure)

      PS. You speak a few languages, wow, unbelievable. Congrats!

  16. Greetings, I am looking to test your plugin, however, paying by Paypal is not an option and for my business I do not have a card at the moment. I would like to pay by direct bank transfer. Could this be arranged?

    • Yes, you can use your credit card. On the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it.

    • Sorry, I replied too quickly but you said you don’t have a card either. No, sorry we don’t accept direct bank transfers.

  17. Bonjour Agnès, it’s not unusual for a Swiss to speak a couple of languages! You have no idea how I appreciate the quality of your answers – not just the ones addressed to me. Were a static website, I would choose your company in a heartbeat, as I realize you stand far above the competition, however since it’s a real estate site I need to feature about 1250 listings, most of which are updated on a daily basis. That means over 300,000 words for each language, which would be much too expensive. I’ll sadly have to pass on this zoom call, but I’ll heartily recommend you and WPML. Thank you so much.

  18. Hello!

    With WP All Import I plan to import pack of products to my wordpress (woocommerce) site. Problem is that all information there is in another language (Poland), but I need Latvian language. May I with Your product “Multilingual CMS” automatically translate and replace original product names and descriptions to Latvian?

    Best regards,

    • Hello Norm,
      thank you for contacting us.
      I understand that you are interested in translating your WooCommerce products fully automatically. WPML allows you to do that but automatic translations (when done in bulk for multiple products at once) can be applied from your site’s primary langauge (Latvian in your case) to other languages (Polish in your case) and not the other way around: Polish to Latvian.
      There are two workarounds for this problem:
      1. You would need to manually open each of your products in Polish and click Translate automatically button. I don’t know how many products you have but if many this can be time-consuming.
      2. You could change the primary language for the time of translation, tranase the products (which takes a few minutes depending on the total number of your products) and then switch the primary language back. But I’m not sure if this scenario is 100% safe because recently we had a user who did so and he had some issues. Maybe his issues were caused by something else but I asked our team to check whether or not this workaround is safe.

  19. Hello
    I’m writing on behalf of my client who is a charity and I was wondering if you provide any discount for charities? Also will the plugin support both French and Kissi as additional translations to the English website? Many thanks.
    Jules 🙂

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