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36,561 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi, just wanted to check if I decided to purchase the CMS version, and if I am not comfortable with using it and decided to go for refund policy, will I lose the result of my work? Thanks.

    • Hello Elyn,
      You will keep the content that was already translated. However, you won’t have access to updates or our support forum.

  2. Hi Andres,
    I don’t need help migrating my website, I just want to know if my current website language can be put in a wpml language directory.
    The website main language is italian.
    When I’ll activate WPML, I want an italian subdirectory and english as the main language.
    It should be (english) and (old italian original content).
    Is it possible?

    • Sure, you can install WPML and set Italian as default language first, that will set all your original content as Italian. When you finish the setup, you can change the main language to English and set Italian as a secondary language.
      I hope it helps.

  3. Hi guys,
    I’m trying to purchase the WPML Multilingual CMS, but no matter how many times I try it doesn’t work.
    Neither of our two credit cards will go through.
    Could you please help me?


  4. Ich habe WPML über eine Agentur gekauft und auch bezahlt. Wie komme ich zu einem eigenen Account direkt bei WPML, ohne Agentur? Die Agentur schrieb mir: Dann müssen sie selbst einen Account aufmachen und ich verschiebe die Lizenz.

    • Hola, estos son los plugins que verás en el paquete tipo Blog:
      – WPML (sin traducción automática y gestión de traducción)
      – Traducción de medios
      – BuddyPress multilingüe
      – WP All Import Multilingüe
      – MailChimp multilingüe
      – Seo WPML
      – Tipos de herramientas

  5. Hi, I’m looking to purchase the plugin but it only has PayPal as the payment option. We don’t want to create a PayPal account just to buy this. Is there any other way I can pay using a credit card apart from PayPal?

    • Hello Alina,
      no, you don’t need to buy translation credits in this case. If you want to manually translate your site you have two options:
      1. Use the WPML translations editor and provide manual translation for each sentence. When registering WPML site please assign some translations from the 90 000 free credits we give you for free. For example 10 000 credits to see how these work. When you open your page in the WPML translations editor you will be able to click the Translate automatically button and then edit these translations where relevant. This way you will see how using automatic translation speeds up the translation process.
      2. If you have your translations prepared somewhere else and you want to copy paste them, you can switch off the WPML translation editor for some of your pages or post and use the native WordPress editor.

  6. HI,
    I bought WPML some time ago and just wanted to check in and see if it’s still there. I found a refund in 2016 (invoice nr. 797370, January 27, 2016). Could you please clarify why there was a refund to paypal and I have never received the money? I’d be happy to move the conversation to email. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello,
      I have asked my colleague who handles refunds to look into your case. I have CCed you in my email to her. Let’s continue via direct emails.

    • Hello,
      no, we no longer offer lifetime packages. You can buy WPML and cancel your subscription at any time and still use WPML.

  7. Hello,
    I’d like to know if it is possible to bulk upload/import a manual translations to dedicated pages. Meaning, to use your plugin as a platform for creating the translation setup but to provide the actual pre-made translations in bulk.
    For example creating without translation and uploading or importing a word file or html file with the german text.

  8. Hi, I have two questions about the machine translation feature:

    (1) Credits – I understand that credits are counted based on “words.” How are they calculated when the source language is something usually counted by characters, e.g. Japanese or Chinese?

    (2) Translation memory/glossary – Are the translation memory and/or glossary that I submit via the Advanced editor read/referenced by the machine translation engine, e.g. DeepL?
    If not, is there any way to directly upload those references to the machine translation engine (or “train” it, so to speak)?

    Thanks for your assistance in advance.

    • Hello,
      1. Yes, credits are counted based on words. You need two credits to translate one word if you select DeepL or Google Translate and 1 credit to translate one word if you decide yo change your translation engine to Microsoft (WPML’s default is DeepL, it’s more expensive than the Microsoft option but provides better quality). WPML communicates with these popular translation engines (DeepL, Google Translate and Miscrosfot) via their APIs. Words usually apply to English words because even if you translate from a non-English to a non-English language Engish the translation always goes through English even if you don’t see it. If your site is in Chinese and you want to see how many Enghlish words a scpcific piece of your page has, please select a piece of it and put into the online vesions of these translation engines (for example
      2. Yes, you can feed both the glossary and the translation memory with your own translations.
      Whenever you edit/create your translation manually in the WPML translation editor and save your changes, it updates the translation memory and when your site will use the same phrase again in a diffrent place, it will use your updated translation instead of the machine one. You can also use the glossary feature:

  9. Hi,

    I have a problem. We pay a new WPML plugin and I forget I have account with another email address. Is it possible to link my new payment to account I have??

    • Hello, we have a few options here:
      1) we can “merge” your accounts and delete the one you don’t need
      2) if you recently bought your WPML we can refund your order and allow you to purchase again with a new email
      We need to handle it via direct emails, so I’m gonna send you a private email to follow-up.

    • Hello, we have a few options here:
      1) we can “merge” your accounts and delete the one you don’t need
      2) if you recently bought your WPML we can refund your order and allow you to purchase again with a new email
      We need to handle it via direct emails, so I’m gonna send you a private email to follow-up.

  10. Hallo
    Ich möchte neben den Texten auch Bilder und andere Inhalte passend zur Sprache ändern.
    Bietet WPML dafür eine Lösung an? Kann in einer Directory ein anderes Bild gezeigt werden als auf der Hauptseite?
    Oder wird dafür eine Multisite Einrichtung benötigt?

  11. Hello I’m a new client. I made a wrong start and need help please. I did nog understand and bought 180+50 pre paid credits. I did not use it yet and would like to change it into the monthly system that is lots cheaper. Can you somehow help me and transfer that amount into the monthly system? My website is right now working very slow because translations stops. Please help me.

    • Hello,
      this can be tricky because credits are not refundable but maybe we can do an exception for credits not used. Please send us an email to and explain your situation. We will see what we can do for you. I will tell the person who handles such cases to expect an email from you.

  12. Hello,

    I have a few question that I also sent via the contact form but got no answers back. I really hope you create a better way to answer questions, like through email form, with a confirmation email that you’ve received it and a time delay mentioned for the answer.

    1) Does WPML generate RSS feeds by language. If yes then please point me to the appropriate documentation. If not, then when will this be taken into account and implemented ?

    2) How can I show different blocks by language ? Is WPML permitting me to also assign ‘translation’ to HTML code bloks. This would not be translation but different html code.

    3) When you translate text with links do we have the opportunity to change the link also ?

    Thank you

    • Hello Celeste,
      Let me try to answer your questions in order.
      1. WPML does not generate a RSS feed on its own. However, you can consider using a plugin like this in order to implement it.
      2. If you need to display different designs per language, you can use our manual translation and select the content you want to display in every language.
      3. Yes, you can use our Advanced Translation Editor for “translating your links” in different languages.
      I hope it helps.

  13. I want to translate in bulk all my blog with thousands of posts from English to another blog I have in Spanish, with Deep. In your explanation about your plugin it does not appear where the translation (in Spanish, in my case) will appear. This is my first question.

    The other question is which of your plan/plugins is best for this.

    Also, I would like to know which theme is better (I can use Astra, for example) and if the slug of all the titles of the posts are translated as well.

    Your plugin translate the post into another post of the root, not in a subdomain (such as

    But the key issue is here: When you say in bulk you are referring to a single post.

    I need to translate in bulk 20.000 posts at once, on in cohorts of 1.000, for example.

    Is this possible with your plugin?

    Last question: which provider do you use to translate? Google translate, maybe?

    Yours sincerely,

    • Hello,
      when you translate your posts WPML creates new posts and they will appear on your site but in a “subfolder” please check this example:
      If you want to use automatic translation, you need to choose the CMS plan.
      Yes, slugs are translated too. Yes, WPML works with Astra.
      By default your translated posts/pages apprear in subfolders, not (sub)domains.
      We have the in-bulk feature for autmatic translations of posts but the current one is not intuitive and we will have a new one in WPML 4.6. The beta will be available any day now. So, yes, you can translate in bulk but translating so many posts will consume a lot of translation credits so you will need to pay for the extra credits.
      We support DeepL, Google Translate and Microsoft translation engines.

  14. Hi, I’ve a Multilingual CMS plan with 3 sites registered. My 3 clients doesn’t want site updates and renewal anual subscription, and i need the 3 sites for new other clients. What should i do for not braking the 3 websites from old clients and make space to new ones? Thanks in advance.

  15. Hello,
    I need to translate my products created with woocommerce.
    Translations, of the different attriubutes produced, must be sent later to a marketplace via a csv feed.

    I would like to know your translation system, does it handle separate mysql tables?
    Will it be possible for me to create different feeds, exporting for example, {name_FR}and {name_EN}?

    • Hello Raffaele,
      Yes, WPML uses different tables and it creates different entries for products and attributes. In that order, you should be able to export your content with the built-in features from WooCommerce or you can use a plugin as WP All Export.
      I hope it helps

  16. I am developing a site for the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Center in Edmonton Alberta. There are three specific languages I wouls like to translate on this site automatically. Cree, Dené and Blackfoot. Is this something your product can do.

    • Hello,
      here’s the list of websites with supported translation engines and languages. Unfortunately, I cannot see the languages you listed on that page which means that automatic translation is not supported. If you want to create a multilingual site with these languages you need to add these languages as so-called custom languages and translate your pages manually.

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