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37,606 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

    • Hi Steve,
      I have just replied to the same question but it was posted with another email address. I am not sure if this was you.
      In any case, yes you can 🙂

      Best regards

  1. Hi,

    Question of automatic translation:

    I have a site and the main language in WP is in Swedish but many articles are also in English because im importing products in English in WooCommerce. How do I translate all english articles automatically to Swedish? I want to have swedish in root domain and english in sub /en

    Site structure:
    – Main Default Language in WP: Swedish (in root domain) <— Here the site is also in English but I want to translate all text in English to Swedish
    – Extra language: English in sub /en

    How do I auto translate all English texts to Swedish in the easiest way? Do I need to change the site's default language or is there any better solution?

    Thx in advise!

    • Hello Viktor,
      Your case is tricky because you have a mix of languages on your site. If you want our site to run WPML without issues, all your original posts, pages and products should be in the same language (Swedish in your case). Let me explain how WPML works. After installing WPML, it will ask you to select the primary language of your site and it should match your WordPress language set on your website. You should select Swedish in your case. All your posts, pages an products will have Swedish language assigned by default (even though some of these posts are actually written in English). You would need to visit the ones in English and open each of them for editing and change its language to English (this is done in the right-hand sidebar).
      Please note that WPML allows you to translate automatically in bulk only from the primary language to the secondary language (this direction). Automatic translation in the opposite direction is also possible but must be done for each post/page/product individually by clicking on the plus icon (instead of using the standard translation workflow in the Translation Management panel).
      I would recommend you trying WPML on a copy of your site first to test out the things I explained and only after use WPML on your production site.
      By default, English language will be presented as a subdirectory (/en added to your main domain.

  2. Hi,
    I want the following features in my website. I want to know whether these feature is available or not and the pricing

    1. I want content, meta title and description to be automatically translated based on which country the user is viewing the site
    if the user is opening the site in Netherlands content, meta title and description should be shown in Dutch and if opened in Dubai, it should be shown in English.
    2. The url should also be automatically changed

    Please respond as soon as possible


    • Hello,
      1. This is possible but you must translate these meta titles and description on your site’s backend first (as you do with everything else when using WPML). If you use the Yoast SEO plugin, this documentation will help. Here are some other popular SEO plugins compatible with WPML:
      2. The URL is translated too based on the translated version of the post/page. If needed, you can update the slug translation manually as well.

  3. may i know the 180,000 translation credits is refresh monthly or its one-time fee (manually refresh?)

    • Hello,
      If you renew a Multilingual Agency account, we refill it up to 120,000 translation credits.
      This is explained on this page in the “How does renewing WPML affect my translation credits?” section.

  4. i want to know about plain “Multilingual CMS”.
    Will it translate my complete website into Arabic language automatically?
    the products it will translate?
    same this plan on how many website i can use?
    it will make an Arabic url, and for SEO, it will change meta title and description for the search engine?

    • Hello,
      Your site uses the Woodmart theme which is compatible with WPML and according to the theme’s page is also RTL ready so you it should work fine with Arabic language as well.
      WPML works with WooCommerce as well and you will be able to translate your products. Also, WPML works with the most popular SEO plugins. If you use any of the SEO compatible plugins, then yes, you will be able to translate mea titles and descriptions (manual edits/translations are also possible if needed).
      Your site might have some other text strings coming from other plugins. Some of these additional strings might not be translated automatically. If you see some strings that are not translated, this page can help you.

  5. Have a question what does 3 production websites mean ? And on how many subdomains i can put the plugin on 1 license ?for exaple 4 subdomains are cosidered 4 production sites?

    • Hello,
      You need to generate one registration key per one WordPress site (WordPress installation). If each of your subdomains run a separate WordPress then you will need 4 keys.

      Sites that you register as “development” will have a small banner added to your site’s footer saying that this is a development site. A similar banner will be displayed on your WordPress admin too. We introduced this feature to allow our clients to use WPML on more than 3 websites if they also have staging/testing environments. If you are testing WPML on a copy of your site, feel free to register it as “development” instead of production. With the CMS package, you can register 3 production sites and in addition, 9 sites as development sites. 12 websites in total. You can register and unregister your sites as many times as you want but you cannot get over the limits we have: 3 production sites and 9 development sites at a given time.

      I hope this helps.

  6. If i would like to translate the page to 5 languages by my own in a single domain site, actually I purchase basic $39/yr will do?

    my requirements:
    1) Translation site in a single domain
    2) sub-languages are pointed to different domain extensions, example, is the main site with WPML, when the user enter, it will point to Chinese languages in, if user enter, it will go to German languages of (in these case I should get basic plan instead of agency plan right?)
    3) what if I do not renew the plugin for following year, can I still able to translate my site?
    4) those credit required only if I would like to do auto translation?


    • Hello,
      the prices are per year but yearly renewals are optional and if you cancel your WPML subscription you can still use WPML but without updates. If you renew on time you will get 25% of discount for the next year(s).

  7. Hello Team,
    We have checked this plugin but have some queries,
    Whether this plugin allows site owners to upload content manually or it will automatically translate the text from english language to other languages.
    Does this plugin allows to upload text in multiple language using bulk import.

    Awaiting your response on this.

    • Hello,
      WPML can handle different scenarios:
      a. you can translate automatically and make edits to automatic translations
      b. you can translate manually
      c. you can mix a and b
      d. you can also upload your translations: Please check this page for details.

  8. Hello Agnes Bury,
    Does it create a translated copy replica of current page with different URL or translated copy will get loaded on the same URL.
    Also how user will be able to change the language
    Is there any demo available, kindly share the demo link

  9. Hello Agnes Bury,
    Whether the replica will get created for another language with different URL or language changes will reflect in the sam URL
    Also how one should be able to change the language
    Is there any demo link available for this plugin functionality

  10. Hello! Years ago we bought a life long license for WPML. We are now changeing our company name from Life-Matters to REALIGN. We are building a new website and are wondering if we can transfer our lifelong license to the new website. Our company is still the same, only new name and with that a new domain. The old website will go offline, so we only want to use the license on the new website. Is this a possibility? Or do we need to buy a new license? We hope not 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hello,
      Your life time license is still active and valid. Feel free to use it for re-registering your existing site and registering new websites. If you want to move your existing website to a new domain, you will need to unregister the website and register it again with a new key.
      To do so please go to your WordPress site: Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab and unregister the site from there. Then click on register link from the same screen to register it again. You will be redirected to your WPML account and you can register your site from there with a new key. In case of any issues, feel free to use our support forum.

  11. Hi guys,

    Pre-upgrade question here from our end-client,, where we have your WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency plugin running (for the currency/price switching only but the client as asked whether it’s possible to display US-only prices (by default) to USA customers and GBP prices by default to UK customers etc… I can imagine it gets complicated but the scenario is as follows…

    1. are a UK travel operator
    2. the site in question is a payments-only payment site
    3. most payment customers are in the UK and would pay in GBP (or course)
    4. a good percentage are of the customer base is in the USA (and have no idea what GBP £s are)
    5. some customers are in the EU and wider afield.
    6. the customers payment provider can is preconfigured to accept only GBP, USD or EURO payments
    7. but if the current FREE package if you leave the default GBP price blank, nothing shows up on the product page
    8. the last option would be the norm for America/Americans; and so..

    In short, we’re wandering if the Pro package (or anything else) would fix that ‘issue’ rather than the (lazy) client not wanting to add both GBP prices and USD prices if they already know they will only want to pay in USD in which case we would love the interface/switcher to simply display the USD price by default.

    Does that make sense? Or is there a separate url parameter that could be added to force that… for instance (or similar) can that be achieved with some customisation (if the Pro package wouldn’t seem a good option for this particular scenario)?

    Many thanks – in advance.

    Colin Hiom | Quantos
    on behalf of The Travel Specialists

    • Hello Colin,

      I don’t think upgrading to WPML CMS would solve this issue unless you are considering also translating your website. Furthermore, the premium version doesn’t provide such a feature.

      Now, for the situation described you can:
      1. In WooCommerce > WooCommerce Multilingual configure your currencies to display only GBP in UK, USD in USA and EUR for Europe.
      2. Set an automatic exchange rate for all the currencies.
      3. Finally, when creating your products, always and only set the prices in GBP, WPML handle the rest for other currencies.

      If you want a different implementation, you can check the available filters for WCML:

      And for further technical questions, please open a ticket in our public support:

      I hope it helps,

  12. Hello,

    My website is in English right now. I need the primary language to be Georgian. Can I automatically/manually translate it to Georgian and switch Georgian as main language after the translation is done?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • Hello Albert,
      That’s possible, however we don’t recommend switching languages after the translation is done as some content may get lost in the process.

  13. Hi!

    Could you please let me know how to change the “agency” license for WPML on an existing website for a new license at the name of the owner of the website without loosing configuration or the work done previously on the site?

    Thanks and have a great day!

  14. Hi Mercedes!

    Thanks for the quick answer. Will that license work for a production web site + development web site (different sub-domain)?

    Also, is there a way to migrate to a Multilingual CMS license?


    • Hello Richard,
      when you transfer the site to your client, the client’s WPML account will have limited possibilities. It’s so-called End user account.
      Your client can also buy a new WPML subscription and it won’t affect the WPML plugin and the site will work normally. You will need to unregister the site and register it again with the new license key generated on your client’s WPML account in that case. No, we don’t provide an option to downgrade from the agency license to the CMS license. You will need to let the existing one expire after switching to manual renewals (or cancel it) and then buy again, the one you need.

  15. Hello!

    I am building my website and bought a template that is compatible with WPML. The website is intended for Hungarians and English speaking people. I have written the English part, my Hungarian girlfriend will do the Hungarian translations manually.

    For now I have installed the free version of Polylang. However, in the mobile version the language switch is displayed in the navigation menu. I don’t want this to be hidden, but it needs to be clearly visible on the top of the landing page. Like on the mobile version of your own WPML website.

    After contact with the helpdesk of the template, it seems I need to have a language switch that is not hidden in the navigation menu. They stated:

    1. Is this feature included in the basic option package of 39 EUR and will you provide me with this “shortcode for the language switcher”?

    2. When I renew after one year, will the cost be 75% of 39 EUR?

    3. Can I choose to renew for example only after 2 years?

    Thank you very much for clearing this out.



    • Hello Viktor,
      1. In general providing custom PHP/JS coding is outside the scope of our support but providing you a code snippet for the language switcher should be something we can do for you. So after purchasing WPML please go to our support forum and open a ticket/chat about this need and one our supporters will help you. If what you need is a custom language switcher or a switcher added to your PHP files, yes, the Blog package will suffice.
      2. That’s correct.
      3. Yes, you can but in this case you will lose the 25% discount. When you buy WPML, it sets up automatic renewals. You would need to switch to manual renewals (please check this page – please check this FAQ section: How do I switch to manual renewals?)

  16. Hi Team,

    I wanted to bring to your attention that we’re currently in the process of acquiring the Multilingual CMS. However, we noticed that when proceeding with the payment, there’s no provision for using a credit card directly. Instead, the process redirects to PayPal. We prefer to make payments using our credit card directly.

    Your prompt response on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Hi Agnes!

    Please let me know, how do you unregister the plugin to be able to register it after?

    Will it affect anything on the website?

    Thanks and have a great day!

    • On your WordPress site please go to Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab and you will find the option to unregister and register the site.
      No, unregistering the site won’t affect anything. If you don’t register the site you won’t be able to update it when there is a new release of WPML plugins.

  18. Hi,

    We are interested in WPML for translating our “main” [English] site (using The7 theme) into other languages, we have some specific requirements – we’d be grateful if you could help us understand whether WPML supports these scenarios in combination:

    1) Each language in a separate subdomain e.g or
    2) Not all pages in the “main” [en] language will be available in every language, for those that are we’d like to auto-translate
    3) Each language has a different navigation, main and sub menu options (listing only pages supported by that language)
    4) Each language has some pages that are unique to that language and do not appear for other languages
    5) We aim for the main “en” language plus subdomains for three other languages – that’s 4 live languages in total – does the CMS licence cover this configuration?
    6) In addition to the live sites the main and subdomains each have two development sites; thats 8 in total – does the CMS licence cover this configuration?
    7) All live sites will be on the same domain “” however the staging and development sites are subdomains of our hosts domain ( – can WPML’s subdomain support handle this?

    It would be great to hear your thoughts on whether WPML can support our use case an hosting environment.

    Thanks so much for your kind assistance!

    Best regards,


  19. Hi, my website was built by an agency that installed your plugin. Now that we moved the website, we want to manage it directly, so I wanted to know how to change the billing data. My question is: if I open a new account and purchase WPML, what do I need to do on my website, given that the plugin is already installed and activated?

  20. What is the purchase price in US dollars (not EUROS)? Also, is the price that you show an annual fee/subscription or monthly?

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