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  1. Hi, We are planning to buy this plugin. but before purchasing we want to make sure if it provides below features and work with below plugins:
    1. We have multiple custom posts created using CPT UI and these Custom posts have multiple custom fields created using ACF. Does it support these plugins? or vice-versa?
    2. We have a plugin LearnDash, does it work with it?
    3. We installed BWS Multi-language and their pro version but had very bad experience with their support team, hope we will get better support here.
    4. Is there any feature which can help us transfer the data from BWS multi-language? (Not a must have feature, but it will make the job of data transfer easy)
    5. We will need 2 language for website with easy language switcher in menu, do we have a widget for menu?

    I have checked your documentation but still wants to confirm all the questions, please help me with these questions.

  2. Hi,

    I purchased Multilingual CMS from here for one of our website. I received a PayPal invoice receipt regarding the same with the invoice number ‘WPML-4044413’.

    Also I received an username and password. But when I am checking order history then different invoice number is appearing in order history which is ‘WPML-4044335’ with the status ‘Pending Payment’.

    I am neven finding any site to be registered here. And that’s why not able to see key of plugin to use for my website.

    Please help and get this sorted out at earliest.


  3. hello
    I am doing this website for my client, i am using elementor, and they suggest your plugin for multilanguage site.
    question is do i need the premium version of elementor for your plugin to properly work? or is the free version enough?
    Thank you for your prompt answer


    • WPML works fine with both the free Elementor and with Elementor Pro. If you buy Elementor Pro, you will find support for its pro features in WPML.

  4. Hello,

    I have an existing live WordPress / WooCommerce site that we now want to add multiple language support to. Is it better to add this to the live site or a staging version of the site?

    If we were adding it to the live site, I’d imagine we would need to hide the language selection options until all of the translations were completed.


  5. I’ve been trying to purchase WPML Multilingual CMS. Your website is doing everything possible not to allow me to purchase.

    When I attempt to purchase by clicking on the Paypal/Credit Card button, I’m told that there is already an account connected to that email address and I have to log in. I don’t know how you created an account for andy@andychatman.com before I purchased your software but you did. So I had to request a password change (I never created a password because I never created an account), and then log in using the changed password.

    I went back to the purchase form but I was no longer logged in, and again I was told I already had an account and had to log in. Once again I attempted to log in, this time my password was not accepted, and I was locked out for 20 minutes. So I turned on a VPN and tried from the beginning with another email address. Once again, when I tried to purchase, I was told there was already an account with that email (a new, second email address) and I had to log in. This time, the password reset page told me no account existed.

    Finally, my 20 minute lockout seemed to be finished, so I logged in with the first email address. I tried again to purchase, and once again was told I needed to log in even though your website indicated I was already logged in (my username was in the upper right hand corner of the page and I could go to an account page).

    I really need to purchase and install your software, but it seems I cannot. Please tell me what I can do to successfully purchase the software, I cannot spend the day attempting to submit a form that disallows me from purchasing.

    • I see that the account with your email already has a valid purchase from today. Do you need help logging-in to this account?

  6. Hi,

    I am currently working on a website refresh. Im building on WP, using Enfold theme.

    The site operates in 2 languages and all copy is hand written on both languages (no translations needed). There is no site user interface (eg comment sections), its just a brochure site in 2 languages. I want a language plug in to function in a similar way to the old site. Flag icons on the menu which link to the same page in the alternative language.

    1. Is your plug in compatible with Enfold?
    2. does it work in the same way as our current site?
    3. What tariff would I need to achieve this? I do not understand some of the additional features for the ‘Multilingual CMS’ option ie page builders support, string translations etc. If im looking for the basic, robust functionality of a duel language site, will the basic tariff work?

    • 1. WPML works fine with Enfold.
      2. You can use WPML for the exact workflow that you’ve described. Create the content in one language and then click on the + icons in the Language box (which will appear after you install WPML). Then, you are editing the translation. This translation can include any content and doesn’t necessarily need to be the “translation”.
      3. For what you’re describing, our Multilingual CMS version should be fine. I think that you will only need WPML Core and WPML String Translation (to translate any “non post” content in the site).

    • Hello Haley,
      I am afraid we have stopped supporting non-profits for now. We continue to support the existing ones in our system but we cannot take new ones. You are welcome to buy WPML and try it for 30 days. If it does not suit your needs we will refund you https://wpml.org/purchase/refunds-policy/

      Kind regards,

      Hope this helps!

  7. WPML Multilingual CMS (the core plugin)
    String Translation
    Translation Management
    Media Translation

    I want to buy the plugin for Language translation English to Arabic. What are the plugins need to buy. How much cose in Indian Rupee. Once buy the plugin can i able to translate all products english to arabic in the admin. can i select latest added product language translation. In the order Print Invoice also i need arabic language

    I am looking forward

  8. I want to buy the Multilingual Blog WPML for my client’s website. The thing is, I need to show the demo website on separate domain (my personal domain name) before transferring the website to the actual domain. My question is if I purchase the plugin and use it with demo site do I need to enter the purchase key? If I do, will the plugin consider the demo site as the licensed site? If I don’t enter the purchase key, will the plugin crash?


    • Hello Thanakorn,
      Thanks for your interest. You are welcome to use WPML on the demo site without registering it. The subscription key is required to receive automatic updates.

      Kind regards,

  9. Öncelikle Merhaba,
    Ben Türkiye’de inşaat yapı malzemeleri üretiyorum. Mevcut siteleremize Amerika, Rusya, Avrupa, Asya ve Afrika kıtasından oldukça fazla trafik alıyoruz ancak sitemizin dili Türkçe olduğu için geri dönüş alamıyoruz. Bunu müşteriye içeriği tam olarak aktaramıyoruz diye yorumladık. Bu yüzden WPML eklentisi kullanmak istiyoruz. Multilingual CMS paketinizi kullanmayı düşünüyoruz ancak satın almadan önce sormam gereken bir kaç soru var.
    1-) Tüm çevirileri kendimiz bir tercüman aracılığı ile yapacağız kimyasal teknik bilgi vermemiz gerektiği için Türkiye’de ürettiğimiz tüm ürünlerde Google arama sonuçlarında birinci sıradayız eklentinizi satın alıp kurduğumuz meta başlığı ve açıklamasını değiştirip Türkçe yaptığımız çalışmanın aynısını yaptığımızda seo’da başarılı olacak mıyız ? daha doğrusu seo çalışmasında ne gibi artılarımız olacak ?
    2-) İngilizce, Rusça, Fransızca ve Arapça çeviri yaptıracağız 4 dil için sayfalarımızı ayrı ayrı düzenlediğimizde arama motorlarının verdiği konum bilgisine göre WPML eklentisi dili otomatik mi seçecek ?
    3-) Mevcut WordPress temalarımız; Painting Company WordPress Theme ve Multipurpose WordPress Theme eklentiniz bu temalarla uyumlu çalışacak mı ? kurulum esnasında bir veri kaybı oluşacak mı ?
    4-) .po isimli dosyalar üzerinden mi manuel çeviri yapacağız yoksa eklentiyi kurduğumuzda sizin düzenleyiciniz üzerinden yaptığımız dil çeviri otomatik olarak .po dosyası olarak aktarılacak mı ?
    5-) Son olarak site hızımızda bir değişilik olacak mı ? İnternette okuduğumuz makalelere göre sitede eklentinizi kurduktan sonra yavaşlamalar yaşanıyormuş bu sorun gerçekten var mı ? bu konu hakkında bir çalışmanız oldu mu ? *ben Türkçe dilde yazdım ancak siz İngilizce cevap verseniz de olur Türkçe cevap vermeniz dahada iyi olur cevabınızı bekliyorum iyi çalışmalar.

  10. Good day
    Interested in purchasing but not yet sure I would want to continue support after a year. How does it work if there is a new vulnerability in your plugin after my support ends? Do you distribute patches to everyone or only those who still pay you?
    Thank you.

    • You need to have a valid (not expired) account to receive support and updates. Please keep in mind that it’s important to update WordPress and all the plugins on your site, not only due to security. When WordPress updates, most plugins require updates as well. We make sure that WPML is already ready ahead of new WordPress releases.

  11. Hi,

    I am going to buy WooCommerce Multilingual plugin. Once I buy WPML All Import plugin also can I get with this WooCommerce Multilingual plugin or separately i need to buy WPML All Import . Please confirm me

    • You only need to buy our Multilingual CMS package (costs $79). This includes everything that you will need from WPML to build multilingual WooCommerce sites.

  12. Selam,
    Kallyas tema kullanıyorum. Sitede 2 dil olacak ve Woocommerce ile ürün satacağım. Sorun yaşamayacapımdan emin olmak istedim. Olmaz derseniz hesabımı yenileyeceğim.

  13. For the cost of the translation tool it look like I can get 20,0000 words translated for $9.99. Is that correct?

    As I add new blogs to my site are they automatically translated with this service?

    • WPML lets you translate any amount of content on your site yourself, without any additional cost. For automatic translation, we have to charge payment, as this is not free for us as well. Indeed, the cost of 20,000 words is currently $9.99. If you need to translate more, you can always buy more quota.

  14. Hi.
    I have a Portuguese travel and I want to buy the multilingual cms.
    I dont understand this: all the menus will be translated the all the languages, right? And what about all the posts i have? The trabalatipn wi be automatic? Or o have to pay something more to translate all the posts?


  15. I have a community composed knowledge & support site. I have several people that want to volunteer and help translate the site into their own language. Is it possible to grant users just the rights to log in and only have access to their own translation portal only without giving the them access to any other administrative back end of the site? I know this may not be in the scope of the software duties, I am thinking you may have ran into similar scenarios in the past? Thank you.

    • Yes. WPML allows you to do this. You should install the Translation Management plugin, add these users as translators and assign different content to them. They will log-in to WordPress, but will only be able to see and edit the jobs that you send them. They will not be able to edit anything that they choose.

  16. Does WPML work with Elegant Themes like Divi or the Extra theme? and is it compatible with the Divi Builder, I saw documentation that points to yes but when I search your supported vendors, doesn’t mention Divi at all so, please advise


    Peter R

  17. Hi,

    I would like to know if there is support for the Avada Theme and also Portfolio Items. This would be very important to know.

    And how much are the rates (roughly) if my clients use the translation services?


  18. Hello. One of our CPG clients is interested in using WPML and Toolset’s Access. They would like to know of other major brands using your platform. Could you please share some notable companies using WPML for their multilingual sites?


    Lee Cichanowicz
    Director of Development

    1006 Market Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17101
    Phone: 717-234-8886
    Fax: 717-234-8940

  19. Hello!

    I have questions about the 2,000 word limit for automatic translation. That would cover two-to-three blog posts on the site we are looking to install this on. The site we are looking at is approximately 150,000 words (not that we would be doing everything…but more than 2,000).

    Is there a way around this or other alternatives I am failing to see?

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  20. Can we use WPML without using the widget to the side for language to be selected?

    Can we use either/both of the options below?

    Use the URL to determine the language of the webform displayed? or have a hidden field specificying the language to be used? Thanks

      • Mercedes, thanks for your prompt reply.

        I have have the language as a parameter on ccertain pages, but we also have “portal pages” that this cannot be added to.. But we can have it in a hidden field. Is is possible to use these? Thanks

        • Hello Joe,
          WPML adds the language as the parameter to all of your posts and pages automatically. Basically, you have two options:
          – Display different languages in directories (or subdomains)
          – Language name added as a parameter (e.g. https://yourdomain.com?lang=fr – French)
          All exceptions would need to be handled by you by custom coding.

          • Agnes,

            We can hire a developer.

            But before we do so, I really need to know if it’s possible to have a hidden field determine the language used?

            Maybe there is some information I can passs to a developer somewhere?

            • Hello Joe,
              I’ve asked the question to our lead developer of WPML to get his advice for your case. As soon as he gets back to me, I’ll share the feedback with you. Thanks for your patience.

            • Our lead developer of WPML confirms that the logic WPML uses to understand what’s the current language, is fairly complex:

              “It needs to detect this information from multiple sources (domain, URL path, URL argument, cookie, …).
              Most of it is handled by \load_essential_globals and \wpml_load_request_handler (in “sitepress-multilingual-cms/inc/functions-load.php”).

              In particular, the line where we have $wpml_language_resolution = new WPML_Language_Resolution( $active_language_codes, $default_lang_code ); is where we tell WPML how to resolve the language, and the code in wpml_load_request_handler is where we tell WPML how to handle the request.

              This code, at the moment, does not provide filters or hooks to change the behaviour. ”

              Then he adds:
              “However, if the hired developer wants to suggest non-breaking changes (that is, filters, most likely), we can consider those.”

  21. I have a website in Hebrew.
    I am using plugins like BuddyPress and Youzer and I would like to translate their interface so the text on my members page shows up in Hebrew.
    Do I need WPML to do this?
    Which package should I buy? Multilingual Blog or Multilingual CMS.
    I don’t need to translate the admin panel, just all the front-end parts.


    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      Do you need to run your site in only one language, Hebrew (1) or it’s going to be a bilingual site, both Engish and Hebrew (2)?
      If (1), you don’t need WPML. You need a plugin such as Loco Translate. If (2), yes, WPML can help here and we are compatible with BuddyPress but the Youzer plugin hasn’t been checked by our team and that’s why we cannot guarantee that you will be able to translate your site’s elements coming from that plugin. You would need the Multilingual CMS package if you site uses BuddyPress.

  22. Hello,
    Before buying the plugin I wanna make sure that it has everything I need..
    1- Im using ImEvent Theme https://themeforest.net/item/im-event-event-conference-wordpress-theme/9533576 And it is supposed to support WPML it is using Visual composer in building pages so is it supported?
    1- I wanna translate my website to Russian and Uzbek language so I know that Russian is available but is Uzbekistan language there too?
    3- I wanna know more about the translation services, please

  23. Is there an option to have the default locale point to a subdirectory in the url aaa.com/en while another (not default) language be at the root url (aaa.com)?
    How are the websites in the CMS plan counted? Moving the website from local developement to production doesn’t make another webiste right? What if it is renamed a bit during the process (it will still be the same site though and installed only on one domain)?

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