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26,326 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi! Imagine a person visits the site and selects a language. A cookie is then set. If they click a link on social at a later stage with URL parameters for a different language, will be language that was originally set then be overridden?

    Also, when I use WPML as a network plugin, can I specify the activate language per child site? And when a language is chosen on one child site, will that language than automatically be selected on another child site? Thanks.

    • Hello,
      you say “(…) a person visits the site and selects a language. A cookie is then set. (…)” I’m not sure what exactly you are describing. When you set up WPML you provide the user with the language switcher. Please check this site or pick any site from our showcase to see how it works, for example, this one: So it is the site visitor who decides which language to select and this is done via the language switcher.
      Even if you set up automatic redirections (we do have such an option in WPML settings and if enabled, it selects the language automatically according to the user’s language set in her browser), when you provide the language switcher, the user will be able to change the language when needed.

      If you use WPML as your network plugin (WordPress Multisite), you setup languages per each subsite separately. In other words, the set of languages you choose on the subsite A will have nothing to do with the set of languages you choose on subsite B. I’m not sure what you mean by “active” language. If you mean the primary language, then yes, you can select a different primary language for each of your subsite. For example subsite A can default to English, while subsite B can default to Spanish and use English as the secondary language.

  2. Hi,

    I am looking into purchasing the Multilingual CMS version of WPML. Could you please help to answer a few questions?

    1, Does it work with Variable products in woocommerce in a similar way to Polylang (i.e. I can duplicate a product/learndash course) but it allows for variations in 2nd or 3rd languages? (not possible with polylang at the moment)
    2, Can WPML translate learndash system generated text, such as test result message, scores, next chapter/module buttons etc

    Thank you

    • Hello,
      WPML is compatible with the LearnDash LMS plugin, which means you will be able to translate learndash system generated text. When WPML works with WooCommerce products, it allows you to make product variants available in different languages but I haven’t found any information on how it will work when used with Larhdash in such a case. You can test it yourself (our refund policy allows you to test WPML for 30 days after purchasing it).

      • Hi, thank you so much for the reply. I will go ahead and make the purchase. As I am currently using Polylang on my website, do I need to uninstall it first before installing WPML? thank you

  3. We’re interested in purchasing the Multilingual CMS for the development of our new web site. There will be two developers having their own development environment, one UAT and one production site.

    How many licenses do we need to purchase to cover all these environment?

    What is the meaning of “Account renewal per year”?

    • Hi Steven,
      Thanks for your interest. You are welcome to use WPML on the development site without registering it. When the live site is ready you will need to register it in order to receive updates.
      The renewal fee is required to keep access to updates and support.

      Let me know of any other questions.

      Kind regards,

  4. HI there:

    I am creating a front-end public website for which your plugin should work great.

    I am also creating a English-speaking Learndash course with lesson videos. We may wish to imbed translations into some sort of closed captions / subtitles functionality. I am sure you may have gotten this question. If so, how would our team go about thinking thru this subtitle translations of the English video? How would your plug-in help us? Any pre-sales insights and support appreciated!!

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. WPML is compatible with the LearnDash LMS plugins which means you can translate strings coming from the plugins and also the main elements/structures the plugin provides. It’s not clear where the subtitles you’ve mentioned are coming from. If they come from the LearnDash LMS plugin and have been localized (meaning had been prepared by the plugin authors for translations), there is a good chance WPML will detect them and you will be able to provide translations.

    • Hello Tri Nguyen,
      I am afraid we do not accept checks. You can pay with PayPal, a credit or a debit card

      Kind regards,

  5. Hi,

    Sorry for the duplicate postings. I was wondering if I can pay via a company check instead of a credit card. I can pay for a year ahead of time.

    Thank you!

    Tri Nguyen

  6. Hi,

    I have WP website built with following plugins, would they work fine? What version do I need? blog or CMS?

    I use:
    – Divi
    – Advanced custom fields
    – CPT UI
    – The Grid

    Can I duplicate existing content created in divi without doing annoying divi templates and load them back to new language version? Will I see normal Divi front end editor or back end editor if I use ACF? How about Divi Theme Builder? I have some global designs or custom footer. Would that work either?


    • Hello!
      1. What language translations are supported?
      If you ask about machine translations (which we provide if you enable our ATE editor in WPML), ATE uses Azure’s MT engine and here is the list of supported languages:
      2. They will be able to see the translated content after you prepare the translations on the backend.
      3. I’m not sure what shortcode you have in mind. You can include the language switcher in your WPML-based site, if this is what you mean.
      4. I cannot see Bengali on the list of languages used for machine translation. But in WPML itself you can add any language and then provide your own translations.

  7. Can someone explain the “Multi-user translation management” feature from the “Multilingual CMS” version? I’ve searched the site, looked on Youtube and can’t seem to find any specifics as to what this feature entails.

  8. Hi
    This is a bit of a first for me, so I would be grateful for your patience.

    I have been asked to develop a community forum, for Arabic language users, for some friends in Iraq. I can’t speak Arabic, but I know that the format for the language and site will be RTL. While my friends will deal with the frontend, when I hand over the site, I will need to set up the backend. I am proposing, at this point to use bbpress.

    While I believe I will have to download the Arabic version of WP, will your plugin translate the backend admin panel, so I can do the various settings?



    • I don’t think you need WPML for that.

      Simply set your site language to Arabic (in Settings -> General) and then switch the language in your user profile to english.

  9. Hi,

    I bought and tested your Plugin 3 years ago. At that time I was not completely convinced, because I missed the possibility of an automatic translation. As I have seen, this possibility now exists 🙂

    But I have some pre-sale questions, because I don’t know if I need the BLOG or CMS version?

    In your feature list there is a difference for BLOG and CMS in “Translate custom fields”. For example, I use the plugin “Advanced Custom Fields Pro”. Can I automatically translate the content from an AFC field with BLOG and CMS version?

    What about widgets? For example, I use the Plugin “Shortcoder”. Will an automatic translation work with BLOG and CMS?

    I have 20.000 images in my blog. Can I automatically translate the Alt Tags & Titels with CMS and BLOG version? What is the option “Manage attachments in different languages”? What can I manage there?

    I hope you can help me to make the right choise 🙂


  10. Hi,

    Our client already has purchased this plugin and it is being used on their current website. However, we are building them a new website and it is changing from sitting on a domain to a .com domain.

    Can we transfer the purchased plugin to the new .com domain and can you help us with this please?

    Many thanks for your help.

    • Hello Katherine,
      you need to generate a new key for the new domain. If your package allows you to generate more then one key, please go to your WPML account -> Sites and register your new domain. Grab the key and then on your WP site go to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial and put it there. If your WPML package doesn’t allow you to generate more than one key, you need to unregister your current domain and register it again. Also in your WPML account and then on your WP site.

  11. Hi,

    Sorry to post this again.

    Our client already has purchased this plugin and it is being used on their current website. However, we are building them a new website and it is changing from sitting on a domain to a .com domain.

    Can we transfer the purchased plugin to the new .com domain and can you help us with this please?

    Many thanks for your help.

    • If you ask only in terms of the licensing keys, please check my previous reply. If you need any technical help related to setting redirections, moving files etc, please use our support forum.

  12. On my wordpress I read:

    Multilingual CMS

    The complete package, good for any multilingual site, including also multilingual WooCommerce support.

    Multilingual CMS for life – $195 (USD) Multilingual CMS – $79 (USD)

    The life version is Account renewal per year free? How to by the life version?

    • Hello Thomas,
      On your WordPress site, please go to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab. If your site is registered, it means that the related WPML subscription is still active and you will receive updates, even if you don’t have access to the WPML account. But without credentials to the WPML account you won’t be able to use our support forum. If you would like to take over the account, you would need to ask the current owner to change the email address and also to cancel the subscription and activate it again with your credit card (unless you have the lifetime account).

      If your site is not registered, you need to purchase the WPML subscription. I hope it helps.

  13. Hi,

    I am interested in WPML. Could you tell me if it supports automatic visitor language redirection, does it have multisite support, is there option to add team members, is there translated pageviews statistics, and can you export and import translations?

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      – automatic visitor language redirection
      Yes, we provide such an option but it’s disabled by default. Please note that you will get traffic from search engines such as Google and if you provide your content in other languages they will land on pages in the language they performed their search in, so no redirection is needed.
      – multisite support
      I’m not sure what you mean. WPML is just a set of WordPress plugins. Yes, WPML plugins can be installed one WordPress sites using the WordPress Multisite mode.
      – there option to add team members,
      WPML itself doesn’t add team members. WPML provides interface to translate the content you have. I’m not sure what you mean by team members. WordPress users? The functionality provided by a 3rd party plugin?
      – is there translated pageviews statistics
      Again, I’m not sure what you mean here. Please provide more details. Thank you.
      – export and import translations
      You can use XLIFF files
      or you can use this plugin:

  14. Hi WPML,

    I am currently trying to translate our pages into German. I am following the steps shown on a tutorial but when i click complete translations then have a look at the Page afterwards it doesn’t come up with any of the images. Could you please help me figure out why it would not be working and duplicating the page exactly when translating?

    This is the how the page should look from the English version

    And this is how it is showing up in German.


  15. Hi there,
    I’m having issues logging in at WPML; Password reset does not work.
    When I use the “lost password” option, I get this message after I click the link in the email:
    Sorry, that key does not appear to be valid. If you forgot your credentials, please visit the Lost your password page and follow the instructions there.
    Can you tell me how I can regain acces to my account?
    Kind regards, Anton

  16. this is more a feature request, but something taht is bugging me for years.

    in the list of pages or articles you have this little ‘+’, but it only creates an empty page, instead of also copying the content from the original language, so it is easier to translate it, instead of having to re-build the whole page with sections, various elements etc.

    If I want that, I have to go to the original language, click on the page or pst to edit, scroll to “translation” on the right side, mark “copy content from original language”, switch to the new language and then to edit … boy it could hardly be more complicated

    How about you integrate the “copy content” into the list of pages/posts, instead of the little “+” sign

  17. Hi,

    I have a question… I’m building up a woocommerce store in English with just few products but I’d like to sell to many European countries so My question is for example when a customer from French lands on my store is it automatically translated to French?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. No, it won’t happen automatically. We provide machine translation for WooCommerce-based site as well but first, you, as the site owner/admin need to take your action, pick the products you want to translate and either apply the machine translations for them or to translate the products manually (we also provide an option for using professional translation services, where translation are done by humans).
      If you are interested in machine translations, please know that we also have a feature that allows you to bulk translating multiple products. Machine translations are available when you enable the ATE editor in WPML setup. We use the Azure’s MT engine and provide a free quota of 2,000 words. Please check the pricing here:

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