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26,687 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello folks!

    What is the current compatibility status of WPML and Divi 4.x ? There was supposed to be an update but I can’t find any info about it.

  2. i do offer event ticket selling and event registration services, my payment gateway is Fawry ” Egyptian online Payment Company”, we offering in USD, but Fawry only accept EGP as payment.
    it take the price from the product as number without make the proper Exchange Rate.

    Ex. 1 Ticket = 1 USD , Fawry Collect 1 EGP, Instead of 15.8 EGP

    i need to know how WPML will solve this problem
    the web site on WordPress, and Woocommerce.

  3. Hello Support,

    I’m going to buy this plugin but I have little concerned before that could you please help me in that please check below question?

    Is there’s a way to translate the Local SEO ( Yoast ) plugin strings?

    Thanks in advance!


  4. I am trying to figure out a translation solution for bbpress. Here’s what I’m hoping for:

    1. I want users to register at the site and set a native language option for themselves.
    2. I want them to be able to post topics and replies in their native language – but use Google translate to convert their post or topic to the site’s base language (english)
    3. I want registered users to receive translations to their native language from other users’ posts.
    4. I want a default, anonymous user to have a global site translator – I am fine restricting access to bbpress forums to registered only. The gobal site translator should work fine since all the rest of the site is in English.

    The site is for an international community of gamers that play a game that has real-time google translate in chat… so it automatically converts from the sender’s native language to the receiver’s native language (based on user settings.) I’d like to set up bbpress in a similar fashion and believe WPML *might* be at least part of the solution… but I’m not entirely certain.

    I realize there are drawbacks and caveats to auto-translations. I’m not concerned about those. I want to recreate the game experience of inline, real-time translation on the website. Ideally, all native-language content entered anywhere in the site would first be translated to English and then translated using a global, site-wide translator feature.

    Would WPML solve for any of this?

  5. How does the “Free Updates” – “One year” work?
    Does this mean that by default I will receive plugin updates only for 1 year? and extension of subscription must be purchased to continue updating the plugin?

    If that is the case then it seems to be very expensive for a small ecommerce site with few products…

  6. Hi!

    I’ve looked around and read up on good solutions for a webproject that needs diferrent languages. Tried out TranslatePress but it didn’t help all my needs so my hope is that WPML does that as we need another solution.

    The site has English, Swedish and Norwegian atm. But some rearranging is needed due to the topdomains are weird now as we started off with english language and added the other two recently.

    Now it is .se = English , .se/sv = Swedish, .se/no = Norwegian
    Goal is to have it as – and Nor = .no

    We have all the required domains.

    We also want to be able to have different content per language, exclude some parts or add other depending on events etc.

    Is this doable with WPML or do I need to use multisites etc. to configure all of this?
    I understand it’s a bit of a mess as the english default is on the swedish topdomain etc. The english version is the only one that needs to be relinked to new URL:s due to SEO, the other two languages doesn’t have an links that has to be saved.

    Would be glad if WPML will be the tool for different top level domains per language and different content per language.

    Best regards,

    • Hello David,

      When using WPML you can either have different domains per language (.se, .com .no) or different directories (/sv, /no) per language but not both. As I understand that you want to have 3 domains associated to 3 different languages, I guess it matches your requirements.

      You will need to have those 3 domains in the same hosting service and they all should be pointing to the same WordPress installation. Then, you can follow this tutorial to set your environment correctly:

      Let me know if it answers your question.

      • Hi Andrés and thanks for the fast reply.

        Yes that seems to cover the domain part.
        But what about different content for different language?
        Is that doable or is it a bit tricky?

        I guess I have nothing to lose and can try this out.
        I hope and think it covers my needs.

        Best regards,

        • You can always create independent content for every language. However, the original content won’t be linked directly to that.
          However, you can also decide to use your WordPress editor in order to translate your content instead of our WPML editor, and then, assign a different content accordingly.

          I hope it helps.

  7. I am currently project managing the build of an online training using WordPress and are considering adding a translation tool like WPML so that we do not have to build two separate sites- an English site and a Spanish site. I need to know that the different types of content we will have could all be translated via WPML-

    • Text typed straight into the WordPress LMS
    • Interactive learning elements from Articulate 360 storyline, likely uploaded as html5 assets (
    • Video and audio content with animation embedded (perhaps as Vimeo files) – some in English that will need to be translated to Spanish, some in Spanish that will need to be translated to English
    • Written Spanish content translated to English
    • PDF Attachments (mostly in English, a few in Spanish) that will be clicked on to open

    I’d love to discuss more and I apologize for my amateur questions- I’m learning as I go 🙂

    • Hello Jess,

      LMS theme was tested 5 months ago by our Compatibility team, so, your translation process should run smoothly:

      On the other hand, you can’t translate videos, audio or PDF’s with WPML. You can translate only content created within WPML. What you could do is to create different videos, audios or PDF’s for each language and upload them into your WordPress site accordingly.


  8. Hi,

    I have installed your plugin and recently started to look for somebody to manage it. Unfortunately today I decided to upgrade some widgets like Contact form 7 and suddenly this is what I got:

    Fatal error: Uncaught Auryn\InjectionException: No definition available to provision typeless parameter $settings at position 0 in WPML_Post_Translation::__construct() in /home/users/kamilkrajewski/public_html/Love/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/vendor/rdlowrey/auryn/lib/Injector.php:551 Stack trace: #0 /home/users/kamilkrajewski/public_html/Love/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/vendor/rdlowrey/auryn/lib/Injector.php(466): Auryn\Injector->buildArgFromReflParam(Object(ReflectionParameter)) #1 /home/users/kamilkrajewski/public_html/Love/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/vendor/rdlowrey/auryn/lib/Injector.php(405): Auryn\Injector->provisionFuncArgs(Object(ReflectionMethod), Array, Array) #2 /home/users/kamilkrajewski/public_html/Love/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/vendor/rdlowrey/auryn/lib/Injector.php(373): Auryn\Injector->provisionInstance(‘WPML_Post_Trans…’, ‘wpml_post_trans…’, Array) #3 /home/users/kamilkrajewski/public_html/Love/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-mult in /home/users/kamilkrajewski/public_html/Love/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/vendor/rdlowrey/auryn/lib/Injector.php on line 551

    while trying to get inside my control panel /wp-admin/. The site works but can’t do anything. I found a post on this on your forum but can’t write anything unless I pay to login. I am not sure if I want to pay for this in current situation when my control panel is not working… I am not a programmer just a photographer with basic wordpress skills 😉 Please help…

    All best!


    • Kamil, now I can see you also wrote that you cannot log in into your WPML account. Let me check with my team what to do in this situation.

    • Hello,
      I have contacted our support team and it doesn’t look like a known issue so there is no simple hint we can share with you here in the comments section. Someone needs to log into your site and check what happened. Yes, in this case, an active WPML subscription is required. You would need to buy/renew your WPML account first. You can also ask for help from one of our contractors.

  9. Hi,

    I already have a WPML account and I wanted to change only payment method today. But there is a big problem that, I cancelled renewal and now I couldn’t achieve to renew my account. Please help me as soon aspossible to renew my account because it’s last day to renew it.

    Thank you.

    • Yes, you can upgrade to the WPML CMS version later and you don’t need to do anything with the existing WPML plugin because both the Blog and CMS version include the same plugin. The CMS version provides additional, complementary WPML plugins.

  10. i have several urls that direct to the same wordpress installation, each url is for a different country, thus, we want the site to display each country’s language, do i need to buy a license for each url? or the license is for the wordpress installation?

  11. Hello,
    We are interested to buy your plugin and we consider to make a purchase but before that, we just have some questions.
    Our website mainly consists of a market for downloadable products (3D models) and online courses. We use Woocommerce for the market.
    The main language for the site is English and the second language is Bulgarian.
    We want to translate everything from EN to BG except for the market place. The market will remain only in English.
    For example, when a customer opens the market in the Bulgarian language we want him to see original content in English.
    Also on the home page, we have a slider to show new products in the market. We want to show this slider only in English on both English and Bulgarian home pages.
    Are these things possible without duplicating products in the market?
    Also, can we translate our emails and invoices from EN to BG using your plugin?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Mariya,

      When you use WPML and if you don’t want to translate some of your content but still display it on its original language, you can use our “appear as translated” feature. In that way, your original products created in English will be also displayed in your Bulgarian market.

      About the products slider in your homepage, it would depend on how it has been built, but initially I would think that it should work as well. It should need to be double check though.

      Finally, yes, you can translate your WooCommerce emails with our WPML package.

      You will find more information about it here:


  12. Hello, good morning,

    I have the WPML lifetime license and do not see the option to buy the same license for Toolset.

    Could you please provide me the link to buy it?

    • Hello there,

      I may not be understanding your question but WPML does not create virtual links. When you translate a page or post, WPML creates a different entry in your database which would be linked to the original content.

      Maybe you were referring to our Sticky links? If that is the case, you’ll find useful the following tutorial:

      Otherwise, don’t hesitate to provide us more details for better understand your request.


  13. Hi – we are exploring a solution for a client and need a license to test WPML. Our question is whether we can purchase Multilingual CMS and upgrade later to Multilingual Agency if needed while paying the price difference, or if we would have to buy the Agency license upfront to avoid paying twice.


  14. Hello Folks

    I really want to get for a project the Multilingual CMS but it’s a little pricy for us Brazilians. Could you guys help me out somehow?


  15. I have a pre-sale question. I see that “Powerful Translation Management” is available in the Multilingual CMS version only. Is this included or an additional cost? Also, can we request a sample translation prior to purchase?

  16. Hi!
    I’m interested in English (source), Portuguese (brazil), Spanish (mexico), French (canada and france), and maybe other later.
    Does the $79 fee recur annually?
    I’d like to start with machine translations for now, then move to human-based translations later. Can I connect to other services or just yours? How much is the translation in addition to the $79 price of the product?
    Can the blog be set to automatically machine translate new entries? what about updates? Or, does it require a ‘touch’ to WPML each time?

    • Hello Mike,
      >Does the $79 fee recur annually?
      If you want to keep access to new updates and our support forum, yes but you pay $59 for account renewal per each next year. You can cancel your subscription anytime and still use WPML plugins.
      >I’d like to start with machine translations for now, then move to human-based translations later.
      Sure, no problem at all.
      >How much is the translation in addition to the $79 price of the product?
      Please check the pricing here:
      >Can the blog be set to automatically machine translate new entries?
      It doesn’t happen automatically. You need to pick the posts you want to translate and “send” them to translations. Please see this video: to understand how it works. We provide the bulk translate option as well.
      >what about updates?
      You mean updates of your content? You can apply machine translations again or you can apply updates manually.

  17. Greetings,

    We run a non-profit educational company that focuses on teaching truck
    drivers on how to use maps in route planning, how to maintain their DOT license and make sure that they are safe on our highways. Our primary student is a hazmat trucker who needs to be particular about route planning.

    We are new, we are a licensed 501c and as with many startups – we are limited in our funding.

    Your plugin has any features that we would like to utilize. I am enquiring if there is any discount or sponsorship that your company extends to educational, charitable organizations.

    We appreciate any assistance and licensing of the plugins that you can
    provide. Again we appreciate your assistance and will be sure to add yours to our sponsor’s page.


    • Hello Jessie,
      thank you for your questions but we don’t have any discounts, neither for non-profits nor for any other companies/organizations. I’m sorry but thanks for checking.

  18. Hello

    I am going to buy this plugin but I have little concerned before that could you please help me in that please check the below question?

    1. We are using the Newspaper 9 WordPress theme and on the home page we are using some widget which is covers only the blog post content so “Multilingual Blog” is ok for it?
    2. WPML plugin is compatible with Tag Div Composer (Page Builder)?


    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      1. Yes, I would start with the Blog version in your case because I’m not sure if the extra features available in the WPML CMS package will help in your case. The reason is that your theme is not on our themes-compatible with WPML list
      2. I’m sorry but we don’t have any special integration with this page builder. It means that you should be able to translate your pages using WPML but you will need to either copy or recreate your layouts for each language separately.

  19. Hi,

    I would like to know what does it mean for “Translate yourself” on ?does it means I can have the full control to edit the translated content? e.g. if the “about page” translated into German language by WPML, am I able to edit it?


  20. Hi,

    I want to install your plugin in another website. If I auto-renew, can I download and use it on another website?

    • I don’t know what package you have. If you have the WPML CMS package, yes, you will be able to install WPML on more than one site (3 sites actually).

  21. hi,

    WPML Blog, I need to redo every page using a different language?
    So if I have 5 languages, that would 5 times of translation pages?

    What if I get the CMS, is the transation still done manually?

  22. We’re going to migrate many sites. The plan you have says there is a limit of 2000 words per month. Our migration would exceed the translation required on the first few migrations, how could that barrier be lifted?

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