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26,261 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

    • Hello Sara,
      we no longer have this offer, I’m sorry. But thanks for checking. You would need to buy WPML as all other clients.

  1. Hi there,

    Am I correct in remembering you used to have a lifetime purchase?

    If I am, is there still the possibility to purchase this?

    Many thanks

  2. Hello,

    It is possible to make a difference between French and Canadian French? As well as British English and American English and Canadian English?

    We have different products for each region too, so I need to have a difference in all websites. Does that work with WPML?


    • Yes, it is possible. You would need to add those languages manually as explained in this video using special language codes (please ask our support team if you are not sure about them)

  3. Is the 2000 word limit per language pair or split between all language pairs?

    So 2000 for English to French, then another 2000 for English to German or 2000 words split between both pairs?

    Also, is it for unique words?

    • The free quota of 2000 words/months that we offer for machine translation is per one language pair. If you translate 15 words from English to French and German, it will be counted as 30 words. We don’t use a translation memory on this to count only unique words.

      Please note that you’re asking about the free quota for machine translation. You can always translate as much as you want yourself (without any payment). You can also get additional quota for automatic translation:

  4. Hi, I am a client (or was, still have login in here). When I bought WPML for the first time, I did it coz it was suggested. But my page was not done, never. Now I am back and of course WPML, that I bought in October 2018, is not longer avaible for me. I just realized (having new IT guy) that the first WPML was:
    – the pretty expensive one, (72,57$)
    – ready to work only a year, so I to have to active it, I need to renovate it each year.
    Now, if I wanted to buy it again, can I jump into the cheaper one, build on it a page with second languange (Polish in this case)?? Maybe even for 21$. And just in case or in case of a need next year buy an expensive one?

    How you can treat me in this case?
    Need to say that my site was never public, used, was never finished so I was never actually using WPML. So my blog with his content will move with the same URL.

    • You have two options:
      1) Renew your old account, which will cost you $59/year. Your old CMS account will give you access to all of WPML’s components.
      2) Get a new account. If you’re looking only for the basic functionality of WPML, without String Translation or Translation Management, you can buy the Blog version. This costs $29 for the first year and $21 for yearly renewals.

      If you decide to buy a new account, please use a different email address.

  5. When you say in the CMS plan: “Page Builder support”

    What do you mean by that?

    That all of the things I do with a page builder are not going to be translated in Blog plan, but in CMS and Agency they will?

    Or that it translates the language of the Page Builder per ser, like “Edit column”, or “Save template”?

    Or that you give support to customers about Page Builder translation (whether for things made by page builder or page builder’s texts)?

    • Correct. With the Multilingual CMS account you get WPML Translation Management and String Translation. These components allow you to translate designs that you build with most modern page builders (like Divi, Avada and Elementor). Of course, WPML also supports Gutenberg.

      You will be able to design in one language and then translate only the texts to the rest of the languages. You don’t need to rebuild all your designs per language.

  6. Hi!
    I have customized texts for WooCommerce notification emails on the default site language.
    Can I translate them to another language?

    • Sorry, but we’ve stopped this program a few years ago. The bureaucracy became too big and cost more than the actual licenses that we were giving away for free.

  7. hello

    I was interested in the CMS license (€79) for a new Swedish version of our existing site. Before purchasing I wanted to check I could achieve the following;

    Front end in Swedish (static pages, shop, product pages, checkout, confirmation, forms)
    Back-end admin (wp-admin) in English

    If you could let me know I can do that with WPML that would be great.


  8. I`m planning to buy WPML to translate multiple websites, but do not understand the yearly plan, My question is, if I subscribed for a yearly plan and used WPML in a website and needed to make some changes to it or add new pages after one year (subscription end) what will happen?
    I will be able to make these changes or the service will be disables or what?

    • Hello Mohammad,
      after the first year, if you don’t renew your WPML subscription, you can still use WPML plugins but you will lose access to updates and our support forum. You won’t lose your changes and you can still use the plugin(s).

  9. Can WPML be capable with WordPress OnePress theme? If it does, which plan should I buy?

    Secondly, does WPML can auto transfer between zh-cn & zh-hk?

    Finally, do I have to renew my account every year to get a latest update? And if I don’t renew can I still keep using your plugin forever (not update)?

    • Hi Amos,
      1. Yes, OnePress and WPML were tested and are compatible, we have fixed a few issues between the two a few times and I think it’s safe to use both on your website
      2. I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve, for that kind of question it’d be better to open a report in WPML support so we can help you
      3. Yes, you do need to renew WPML to get the latest updates, it’s not recommended to use an updated version of WPML or of any other plugin – there might be security, performance, compatibility or other issues if you do so.
      I hope that helps.

  10. I have bougth WPML CMS but since I have uploaded to 4.2.6 version I have a problem with htaccess which is rewriten offering a 500 error problem very offen.

    I am looking for extending my subscription but I wonder as I can see there are so many issues with 4.3.6 and I don’t want to have more problems.

    Have you altready solved the problem of htacces rewriten? Which issues I can find if I upgrade to 4.3.6 and what do I need to have in consideration? I am using PHP 7.2.26 and wordpress 5.3.2.

    Also I can only see an option to buy and not to revalidate, is it possible to revalidate only?

    Thank you

  11. Dear Mercedes,

    I can’t start a ticket as my suscription expired. Before taking a decision of buying again or working with another plugin I would like to know if you have solved the problems, it’s not a matter of giving the money back, the website is alive and I don’t want to have issues.

    Have you altready solved the problem of htacces rewriten? Which issues I can find if I upgrade to 4.3.6 and what do I need to have in consideration?

    Thank you

  12. Hi,

    A friend of mine, which he’s experienced with WPML, said to me that WPML works fine with 2-3 languages, but when it comes to 5-7 languages it just can’t handle it, it makes the site slow and just doesn’t works good.

    Is that right?

    • Hello George,

      Performance has been always an important aspect for us and our last WPML release was particularly performance focus and we have had great results.
      Now, for answering your question, there shouldn’t be any problem having 2,3 or 7 languages. However, it is also true that when you have more languages installed, you have a larger database and you may need more server side resources. Let’s imagine that you have 1000 posts, if you installed 7 languages, you will have 7000. If your server can handle that amount, WPML won’t have any issue doing the same.

      On the other hand, if after installing WPML you detect performance issues, don’t hesitate to open a ticket in our forum. We will investigate if your server may need more resources or if there is any slow query coming from WPML.


  13. Hello,

    I want to buy your plugin for my Woocommerce site with over 20K SKU’s, but I have some few questions;

    1. How is the word counted?

    2. Is each word (example: Sneakers) counted once or multiple times it appears on the various pages during auto translation? Because I have the word “Sneakers” appearing more than 1000 times.

    3. Do one keep paying for already translated word monthly?

    4. If few a page is updated, is the already translation words charged again if translation for the new words is done?

    5. Can the plugin be set to auto geo redirect for store visitors that have their language added, and direct to ENGLISH for language locations not added?

    • Hello,
      thanks for your interest in WPML and your questions.
      1. one word = 1 credit used. You get 2,000 words for free. After signing up you can see it in action. You can translate a small piece of text and see how the remaining words counter changes. Please take a look here:
      2. Words are added to the translation memory on the fly, which means if used once will be applied automatically to other occurrences (of course you can always correct your translation) and you are not charged again in such cases. The same happens with full sentences but there needs to be an exact match.
      3. You can but you don’t need to if you don’t have anything new to translate. You can cancel your credit subscription any time and keep the translation you have.
      4. It won’t happen automatically and you need to apply machine translations for the pieces that changed. WPML will indicate which pages require an update. But yes, some of credits will be used again if you decide to update the translation again.
      5. There are two things you can do. You mark your posts/post types/pages to show the original content in case the translation doesn’t not exits and you can also set up an automatic redirection for the user languages based on his/her language set in his/her browser.

  14. My last renewal was on 2013. I paid 39$. I am a Canadian customer.

    How much I have to pay now and next years for renewals?

    Thank you

    • Hello Joseph,
      you pay $79 for the first year and then $59 for upcoming years if you decide to continue (you can cancel anytime).

  15. Hi,
    I sale my WordPress theme on themeforest marketplace.
    I want to add WPML my WordPress theme. Which plan do I have to have in order to be able to added into my theme package.


      • 確認一下
        我指的是”wordpress plugin update”
        不是 “wpml Account renewals”

        just to confirm
        I mean “wordpress plugin update”
        not “wpml Account renewals”

        • 不,没有有效订阅,您将无法更新WPML插件。 即使没有有效的WPML订阅,您也可以始终使用旧的插件,但是要获得我们新版本的插件,还需要有效的WPML订阅。

  16. Hello,

    1) i would like to ask that if i purchase Multilingual CMS plan and in the future i want to upgrade to the Multilingual Agency plan , i can pay the difference in the price only and upgrade?

    2) Also i would like to ask if i already have a Multilingual Agency licence, and the license have expired , what are the consequences that can happen in the sites (that already have wpml installed and in use), if i don’t renew?

    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      Yes, you can upgrade to Agency for the difference only, as long as your subscription is still active.
      If you do not renew you will lose access to updates and support but you can keep using the files you have installed on your site.

      Kind regards,

  17. Hi,

    I wish to know if buying a licence for your plugin authorizes its use for commercial purposes, like a SAAS product.


  18. Hi.
    I am interested in buying your plugin and I would like to ask you some questions.
    The translations generated automatically or I should translate every word manualy?
    After one year of free updates and support, there is case to have problem in trnslations if I not extend the support?
    Can I translate SEO Description and keywords on Google’s results base on users’ region?
    If yes on previous question, all it’s good after expiration of updates?
    Thank you!

    • Hello,
      yes, it looks like. We are the only legal provider and seller of WPML. We will contact them to sort that our. Thank you for letting us know.

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