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27,390 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello!

    We are unsure about the best plan for us, we need to decide between “Blog” and “CMS” plans. The only interesting feature for us in the CMS plan is the automatic translation. I have these questions:

    1. Can we downgrade the plan from CMS to Blog during the future renewals? We will loose our translations? Or the plan downgrade is simple and straightforward?
    2. Is it possible to use the Blog plan and pay for the automatic translations?
    3. Do you know if automatic translations (then checked manually) can hurt SEO? Do you have any report about this?


    • Hello Marco,
      1. No, it cannot be done. We don’t have a downgraded plan. And that’s too risky for your site too because the CMS package offers more plugins and more functionality. If you disable and delete for good some of those plugins you might lose some crucial functionality.
      2. No, it’s not.
      3. We don’t have any reports but you would need to use your common sense. Automated translations get better and better these days and with some small updates should work fine. Depends on the case of course.

  2. Hello!

    Is the advanced translation editor available in the Blog plan? Or is it only for the CMS plan?

    Because here it seems only for the cms plan…

    However in your pricing that difference is not listed… so maybe the above information is outdated and the Advanced translation editor is also available in the Blog plan.

    Let me know

    • Hello,
      the Kingster theme hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Team and is not on our list of theme compatible with WPML. It means, that you might encounter some issues when using it with WPML, but not necessarily. What you can do is buy WPML, test it on your site and in case of issues, open a thread on our support forum. If you find any serious issues you will have 30 days to request a refund.

  3. Hi, I hope my question is not stupid but I have a doubt and I would like to remove it: once the plug-in is installed, will it show the texts of a certain language based on the user who visits the site? That is: if the site is loaded by an Italian the site will come out in the original language (the site is in Italian) but if it is loaded by an English user will it show the English translation?

    • Hello,
      that seems a valid question.

      Nothing will happen automatically right after installing the plugin. First, you need to translate your pages. You can speed up the translation process by using automatic translations but first, you need to “send” the pages you want to translate to translation as explained in this video:

      Now about getting the site directly in Italian when the site is visited by someone from Italy. You are describing a situation when the user enters the site’s address directly in her/his browser, aren’t you? (because if the user is searching through Google he/she will get the page in his/her language (of course when this page is translated to his language). So in other words, you are asking about automatic redirections? If so, this is possible to set up in WPML but is not recommended. What is recommended is to translate your pages and insert the language switcher and this way you will help your search engines to properly index your site.

  4. Hi

    I have one question. WPML support amelia booking engine for full transaltion english to arabic?We already have arabic translations, but we need to add arabic text in amelia services,employes and locations and all will reflect in front end also. If it will work will purchase soon. One screenshot attached with this. for example in services we need to add arabic for Anaesthesia, Cardiologist, dental… like screen shot. Like services we need options in employees, locations etc.
    Please click this screenshot. kindly please contact as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  5. I used WPML a couple of years ago and had issues with page load time. Primary language was English with Spanish translation, and it caused a significant slow down on the site. I’d like use to WPML again because of it’s features…but, the load time problem is an issue for us. Is there a way to resolve it with multiple translations installed? I use a combination of Machine and real translations. We have about 300 pages of content in our site, mostly via learndash. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Ann,
      Please try the following: buy WPML (or renew your old account) and update WPML plugins. If you see any performance issues, please open a ticket and our supporters will check what exactly causes those issues. There’ve been lots of performance improvements done over time, there is a very good chance your site will work faster now.

  6. For implementing a multilingual ecommerce site, what are the products I need to purchase? and what do they cost?
    What are the Indian languages supported?
    Can we overwrite the auto-translated content?
    If a language is not on your list, can I add it (I can provide the entire translation for it)?

  7. Hello, we are going to buy the “Multilingual CMS”. I want to know if after one year usage without paying the renewal and without addding or changing content, will continue to work as it is?

    • Hello,
      yes, WPML plugins will work even if you cancel your subscription (which you can do anytime from your WPLM account) and you can even change the content. An active subscription is needed for updates (receiving new versions of our plugins) and using our support forum.

  8. Hello,

    My name is Kayla, I am the Localization Manager at my company, and I am spearheading the development of our multilingual site. I have a few quick questions for you that I am hoping you can clear up for me.

    We are researching translation plugins for our site that is hosted on We were originally looking into TranslatePress but found that the workflow required the translate button to show up on the admin bar at the top of WordPress. doesn’t have that ability, it is only a feature. The lack of this feature would require us to connect everything with our menu page to be able to access it in the plugin, which just isn’t ideal.

    So my first question is, does the plugin work on without having to link everything to the homepage? For instance, a lot of the videos I see about WPML shows that the translate feature is in the sidebar of the page editing interface, does that hold true for

    Second, is WPML compatible with the Sydney theme?

    • Hello,
      WPML is compatible with the Sydney theme. You would need to ask folks from if they allow installing WPML plugins on their site and if they have any sites using WPML. The vast majority of our customers (if not all) use WPML on self-hosted servers. WPML plugins are normal WordPress plugins and as long as doesn’t have any special restrictions for installing any WordPress plugins you should be fine.

  9. Hello,

    I tried to purchase WPML Multilingual Agency this morning through PayPal. I used my business debit card through my business PayPal account. When I clicked to finish paying, I was redirected to the pricing page, not a thank-you page (so I wasn’t sure the transaction went through). I have not received any emails from WPML about the purchase. My bank put the transaction on hold, but now I can’t see it at all. It also doesn’t appear in my PayPal account.

    I’m excited to get started with WPML, but I don’t want to try purchasing again and get charged twice. Thanks in advance for your help.


    • Hello Matthew.
      Thank you for your attempt to buy WPML.
      Your order is in the pending payment status, which means we have not charged you for it. To sort it our you can try the following:
      1. Please log in to your account (use this link to reset your password:
      2. Locate a button to pay for it: go to your Payment history and invoices page and you will find the invoice there. Click View order and you will find the button to pay and proceed to checkout.

      If it doesn’t help, please let us know. You can also contact us directly via this form:

  10. Hi WPML Team,

    I am using ARmember ( along with LearnDash LMS, Woocommerce & Aero Checkout (

    Can you advise if there would be any conflicts with any of these core plugins?

    I am currently having issues with string translations with another premium translation plugin both in ARmember & LearnDash, and am seriously thinking of switching to another plugin.

    Many thanks in advance.


    • Hello Gavin,
      thank you for your interest in WPML and your questions. I’m sorry but there might be some conflicts with the Armember and Aero Checkout because those two have never been tested by our compatibility team. We made an attempt to get in touch with the author of Armember but without success. We are compatible with LearnDash and WooCommerce. If you want to give it a try, you can buy WPML and test it for 30 days keeping our refund policy in mind.

  11. Hello.

    I would like to ask You, if there is a possibility to get some coupon or discount for a multilingual CMS plan. I am deciding between WPML and some other translation plugins and WPML looks fantastic and I love the features that CMS plan offers. The only drawback is the price for me. I am just starting my website with no income whatsoever and in these hard times influenced by COVID-19 it’s not easy to pay so much money. Therefore it would be amazing, if You could offer some discount!


    • Hello Juraj, Thank you for your interest in WPML. I’m sorry but we don’t provide any discounts. Maybe some of our affiliates can have something but you would need to look around.

  12. Hi there

    I am not sure if I understand the CMS and Agency pricing correctly.

    CMS is for 3 sites. Meaning 3 sites on one domain or unlimited sites on one worldpress installation?

    So if I have

    the CMS wouldn’t be enough?


    • By 3 sites we mean that you can register and use WPML on 1, 2 or 3 sites if those are separate single-WordPress installations. If you use WordPress Multisite, you need to use only one key (if you have, let’s say 20 sites on it, doesn’t matter, only one key is needed). I hope it helps.

  13. Hello,

    I am planning on building an e-commerce with Oxygen Builder and was wondering how this would work? In other words … Will it be a bullet proof solution?

    Thank you for your time, Jure.

  14. Hi! The developer of this theme recommended me switching to WPML 🙂

    My question is, I’m finishing this website and handing it off to the client, so if I buy a 1 year license and everything worgs great and whatnot, then what if after 1 year they fail/forget/refuse to renew? Would they lose the translated content?

    Thank you! Best regards.

    • Hello Carlos, no, they won’t lose their content and translations and they can still use WPML plugins. They will lose only access to new releases of our plugins and our support forum.

  15. Hello,

    our site is actually multilingual with wp-globus, comes your extension with a simple convertion from wp-globus to wpml or is there any other simple solution to convert the current the texts into wpml?

    best regards from Germany,

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