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37,402 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. On my client’s site we want to have multiple languages but some are variations of English.
    We’d like: en-US, en-GB, fr-FR, de_DE, and more.

    I have used WPML on a different client’s site before to handle en-US and es_ES (Spanish) but I haven’t used it for English (UK). My question: will your site allow me to translate for English (UK) — a manual translation for this specific language instead of autotranslate But will the WPML plugin still handle the hreflang tag for this? Or does it only handle for entirely separate languages (French, Spanish, German, etc.)?

  2. Thanks for the reply Mercedes. I looked at that page ( ) and see “English” listed as a pre-configured language but I do not see any variants of English listed. My main site is in English (US) and I want another variant of English (UK). Are you saying that yes, this is indeed possible (even though that page link doesn’t mention it)? I want to be clear before recommending the plugin/service to my client. Thanks.

    • Hello Phil,
      yes, you can add different variants of English languages. The best moment to do so it to set this up when following WPML wizard – please see my screenshots:
      If you want to keep English (US) as your site’s default language and add English (UK) with the British flag as the secondary language, please follow this erratum The GUI will aslo allow you to establish relevant hreflangs. If case you need the US flag, please note that we provide one in one of the folders of the WPML plugin (more about flags here).
      You can add the other languages as you would normally do.
      For English languages you can consider switching off the WPML Advance Editor which is explained here or/and you can use the Duplicate option (WPML allows you to use the Duplicate option also in bulk, if you use the Translation Management). If you get stuck, you can ask for help on our support forum.

  3. Hi,

    We are a non-profit org based of British Columbia, Canada.
    We are currently doing research on translation service providers to use on our new website

    I was wondering it WPML offers discounts for non-profit organizations.

    Please let me know. Thank you!

    • Hello,
      yes, we have something for non-profit organizations. Please use this form to apply and send us the link to your non-profit website. We will get back to you with our offer. Thank you.

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. You say “we have a few questions regarding the same” but I don’t know what you are referring to when saying “regarding the same”. Feel free to post your questions here or you can book a Zoom call with me where I can answer your questions.

  4. Hello,
    I would like to know how much it would cost me to upgrade my plan to have enough credit to translate at least 1 400 000 words.
    I’m currently using Smarcat for automatic translations, but I never have enough credits on it. So I’m considering moving to WPML and using it for automatic translation with either pay as you go or number of credits.
    What would be best?
    My current plan is the 99€ offer.

  5. Hi,

    I am thinking about getting your plugin to my websites but i am curious about how many website the licens can cover? i have 3 website. Do i need to buy a new licens for each or is one licens enough?

    Beside that, i have a plugin right now and the reason i want to change is because it turns to default when i change the “default text”. does your plugin do the same thing if i want to change something in the default text?

    • Hello there,
      With our Multilingual CMS license, you can register up to 3 websites.
      Regarding your second question, WPML can’t modify original texts (those that come by default). However, if you are talking about admin strings (those that you can edit from WordPress Dashboard), you can set them in any language and translate them.
      I hope it helps,

  6. Does the Customer Location feature within Multi-Currency comply with Google Merchant Center? Auto-detection typically causes duplicate products or doesn’t allow for ads to be approved.

    Alternatively, if I want to change price based on language, can I have the site language always stay the same and have just the price change based on language?

    • Hello,
      according to our calculator with the Pay-as-you-go option you will pay about 1,137.00 EUR for 4,000,000 credits. In practice, you will pay even less because WPML uses translation memory and when you translate the same pieces of information a few time credits are used only ones.

  7. Goodday,

    We have many woocommerce products and I would like to translate them automatically into multiple languages.

    The manufacturers / suppliers of these products have the products date in their own language. So for some product from a German supplier we get the product’s description in German, for some other from a UK supplier it will be in English and for some other products in French.

    Can we set on product level what is the main language and have it translated automatically in other languages? So for a selection off product we set the main to German, for another selection we set in to English, etcetera. And can we set the default main language in bulk, for a selection of products, and not for each product manually one by one?

    Thank you!)

    • Hello,
      When you set up WPML, you must choose your site’s primary language and you add other languages which will be called secondary languages. Now, when you add new products to your site that uses WPML, you always add these products in a specific language. IN most of the cases this will be the site’s primary language but you can also switch to one of your secondary language (using the admin bar language switcher) and start adding products in a different language. This means that each of your product will always have its source language assigned (source language = the language your product was initially added in).
      WPML allows you to translate products automatically in two ways:
      a) from the so-called Translation Management dashboard – where you can select multiple products to translate in one go
      b) directly from the Products list where you can click on an individual product and translate it automatically when it opens in the WPML translation editor.
      Here’s the limitation: when you use option “a”, you can translate only from the primary language of your site. When you use option b, you can translate both ways. For you it means that you cannot achieve your goals because my understanding is that you would like to have a way to translate automatically multiple products from any language, not necessarily only from the primary language of your site.
      So in your case it would look like this: say your site’s primary language is English. Now you are adding 5 products in French. You would need to manually click on the plus icon for each of these products to trigger automatic translation. The WPML’s editor will open and it will automatically translate ech of these products from French to English but the clicking needs to be done 5 times. I hope this helps.

  8. Hi,

    I have a client site that is built using Oxygen Builder. The client wants to translate the site into several languages including RTL like Arabic.

    I’ve used WPML before on a couple of projects but never with Oxygen Builder. Will WPML work with Oxygen particularly with RTL languages?

    With thanks


    • Hello,
      Oxygen Builder is currently not fully compatible with WPML. You cannot translate your content automatically. You need to duplicate/copy your pages and translate them manually. Details explained on this page.

  9. Hi,

    I have a site built using Oxygen Builder which the client wants to translate into several languages particularly RTL languages.

    I’ve been trawling various forums to try to find out if Oxygen Builder will work with WPML with RTL – the Oxygen Editor in particular as we’ll need to translate templates etc.

    I’ve used WPML on several projects before all very successfully, but never with Oxygen.

    Any info would be gratefully received.



    • I forgot to address the RTL part of your question. If your theme and plugin are RTL ready, WPML can handle RTL sites as well.

  10. Hello, I want to ask how the multi language feature works? Is it possible to have one website for Indonesian, English, Chinese? And is the template included and it will automatically translate or do we have to install a separate plugin again to change the language?
    If I can use Indonesian, English and Chinese then which package should I buy?

    Thank you in advance

    • Hello,
      yes, you can use WPML to make your site available in Indonesian, English and Chinese. You can use automatic translations or translate manually of mix both methods. I’m not sure what you mean by “is the template included”? What do you mean by template? When you install and active WPML, you need to select your languages. As soon as you translate your pages to these languages, WPML will show the language switcher with flags for those languages. By default the language switcher will be in the footer but you can also add it to the main menu in WPML > Languages. Please check our showcase with multilingual sites to see some examples:

  11. Hello, I operate a store with over 12,000 products, and I’m considering the Multilingual CMS plan for translating my website into new languages. Could you confirm if this plan is suitable for my needs, especially in terms of translating such a large number of products? Additionally, with the allocated 90,000 translation credits, how many languages can I effectively translate?

    Furthermore, I’m undecided between storing the translated versions in subfolders or subdomains. Do you have any recommendations or examples that could guide me in making this decision?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • Hello,
      Check how many words one product has on average then multiply it by 12 000. Put this number into this calculator: Say, your single product uses 250 words. 250×12,000 = 3,000,000, when you put it into the calculator and set 1 language, you will get 6,000,000 credits which makes €1,537.00 EUR

      A few hint to get started with WPML for a WooCommerce site:
      a) add only one secondary language at first
      b) choose “Let me select what to translate” mode instead of “Translate Everything”
      c) set up your site glossary
      d) translate a few product automatically and see how it goes
      If all is fine, apply automatic translation to more products in bulk.
      For Google indexing both options are fine: subfolders or subdomains. Subfolders are easier to set up.

    • Hello Edgar,
      The number of products wouldn’t imply in the license that you should choose. That being said, yes, Multilingual CMS plan would be the right for your project.
      Regarding the number of credits needed, you can make an estimation based on this link.
      For your last question, I think there is not a big difference between those setups. If you can use different domains, that could more interesting. Otherwise, subfolders or subdomains will be fine.

  12. We have an issue with our current plugin, where some of the translations from English to German are not correct, and would like to manually update them. Will this plugin allow us to make changes to the way a language translates? Ideally in this scenario, the site would be universally translated into German if the user selects it, but we could change the wording of a title or paragraph when in German, and it will not affect how it shows in English.

    • Hello,
      yes, you can always make edits to automatic translations when you use WPML. You can change both the title, the page body and even the page slug (URL).

  13. Hi, does WPML automatically translate the entire website into the selected language? Is this translated site able to rank on Google?

    • Hello Eddy,
      WPML can translate automatically but not 100%. There are some text strings on each site that need to be handled manually. What you can translate automatically: content of posts, pages, products and posts based on custom post types (if you have such), categories and tags. What you need to translate manually: texts from your footer, slides of the Slider Revolution, custom Elementor widgets from plugins that add their own Elementor widgets and these plugins have not been checked by our compatibility team etc.

    • Hello Sam,
      yes, of course you can make any edits to your machine translations. Moreover, WPML will remember your edits and use those for the future translations to improve automatic translations based on your edits. You can even set up the so-called glossary before your start translating.

  14. can i create website for multiple nationas using wpml?

    all websites in english only URL and some content will change in everypage.

    • Yes, you can create a website with languages for multiple nations. The best time to do so is when setting up WPML and using the WPML wizard for adding languages – please check this image. It will allow you to add the so-called custom languages. Now, when you mentioned that only some content will change you might be also interested in using the fallback or duplicate options, both our explained in details here.

  15. Hello I am wondering if the ACFML plugin comes with the Multilingual Blog plan or do I need a upgraded plan (Multilingual CMS) to have access to that?


  16. Do WPML pages get indexed by Google? Are they SEO friendly and searchable? Or does the translation only happen when someone clicks the language icon?

    • Yes, the translations created by WPML get indexed by Google and are searchable. This is because these are regular WordPress posts and pages (just in another language) and with correct hreflang tags (needed by Google to properly index multilingual content). This site ( uses WPML and is available in several language. It indexes very well in Google.

  17. Hi, I want to know which pricing plan fits our needs. We need a multilingual plugin to translate this site:, And I need to be able to manually edit something if the translation is not the best, plus make sure the URLs have the correct HREFLANG, is the Multilingual Blog price good for my needs or do I need the Multilingual CMS?

    • Hi Daniel,
      I can see that your website uses the WP Bakery builder and Sider Revolution and in this case you need the Multilingual CMS package. Please note that slides created with the Sider Revolution plugin needs to be translated manually as described in detail on this page. This will change soon and automatic translations will be possible for Sider Revolution but the development work is still in progress. Yes, you can manually edit machine translation if needed. Yes, URLs will have correct HREFLANG.

  18. I’m very curious about using this plugin on a website that we’ve made and manage for a law firm that has well over 50 pages of content, along with a growing list of blog posts that is quickly surpassing 100. Currently, we have and are using GTranslate to manage the Spanish translation of the site. However, the biggest issue we have with it is in the ability to edit the translated content. Per GTranslate, if we customize the Spanish translation of a page and then go in and alter one of the English pages and have the translator run through the site again, we lose all the custom edits we made. So, my question is, if we switch to WPML, when we make custom edits to the Spanish translation and end up editing, changing, or adding pages to the English site, is there a way we can have WPML update the Spanish version of the site to reflect the new English version without losing the custom edits?

    • Hello Jaden,
      if you use WPML, you won’t have the problems you are experiencing now. Yes, you edit the translated content. No, you won’t lose your previously edited translations even if you update your original content and you will need to retranslate it again to the other languages. This is because all your manual edits are stored in the so-called translation memory and when you translate your content again, WPML checks your translation memory. When you will start using WPML, I would recommend selecting the “Let me Choose what to translate” at first (instead of translate everything automatically), go to the WPML > Translate Management and select a few pages and post to translate automatically. Then, check the translations, make edits and see how it works. If everything is fine, you can select multiple posts and pages and translate them automatically. Eventually, you can change the mode to “Translate Everything automatically” as your last step. I’m sure when you see WPML in action, the options I’m describing will be clearer.

  19. Hello, I want to know if the plugin works well with this particular theme as well as wpbakery:

    If yes, will I need the Multilingual CMS plan or will the Multilingual blog do just fine?

    I just need to have automatic redirections to different domains based on the visitor’s location along with a translated version of the site based on the domain the user is on.

    Thank you!

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