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37,165 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi,

    I understand that we can only pay in Euro but now my problem is that we can only pay with a Paypal account? Is there a way to pay with credit card? I hope the answer is yes or else we will have to install another plug-in.

    • Hello Catherine,
      Yes, you can pay with your credit card directly by selecting Use a different payment processor during checkout. You will see it right below the option PayPal/credit card

      Kind regards,

    • Hello,
      your WPML expired in January 2, 2024 and has been inactive since then (for almost 2 months). If you want to renew it, please log into your WPML account and buy the WPML Multilingual CMS package again. Please note that you will need to pay the full price again (99 euros) because your account was inactive for almost 2 months and you lost your discount for loyal clients. We encourage you to keep automatic renewals (this way you won’t forget to renew your WPML on time to keep the discounts in the future).

    • Yes, there are only 2 kinds of packages of pre-paid credits.
      – 40,000 credits for €50 (+VAT)
      – 200,000 credits for €180 (+VAT)
      You can consider the pay-as-you-go option, which is less expensive. This calculator will help you estimate how much you will pay.
      If you would like to control how many credits you are spending, please consider the following:
      – at first add only one language
      – don’t enable “Translate Everything Automatically” but choose the other mode instead (Translate What You Choose)
      Go to WPML > Translation Management and select only a few pages to translate automatically. When finished, go to WPML > Translation Management > Tools and see how many credits have been used.
      I hope this helps.

  2. Hey there,
    I bought WPML this morning but forgot with which email but have not received the confirmation email on any of my addresses + if I try to say ‘forgot password’ the tool doesn’t recognize any of my emails either. I have got the bill and bank deduction to prove it, can you help me out!

    • Hello,
      unfortunately, we cannot see any order for the email address you posted this comment with so you need to contact us directly with more information about your order so that we can try to find you in our system using the other data. Please use this form and send us:
      1. The date (and time if possible) when you purchased WPML
      2. Your country
      3. Your first and last name
      4. If you used your credit card, 4 last digits of your card
      Thank you.

    • Hola,
      Eso depende.
      a) menú: sí, puedes traducir el menú, pero si utilizas el llamado tema de edición completa del sitio (tema basado en bloques de Gutenebger), no podrás traducir el menú. Los temas clásicos funcionarán bien y podrás traducir el menú.
      b) imágenes: normalmente no es necesario traducir imágenes porque se mostrará la misma imagen en todos los idiomas. Si la imagen es parte de su contenido y planea mostrar una imagen diferente para su página traducida, puede cargar una imagen diferente para la página traducida (cuando traduce una página, WPML crea una página nueva). Sin embargo, si necesita un logotipo o una imagen de encabezado diferente, es posible que no pueda lograrlo con el paquete Blog.
      c) básicamente no podrás traducir el pie de página con el paquete Blog, pero depende de lo que tengas en el pie de página. Por ejemplo, si su pie de página incluye un menú, WPML mostrará la versión traducida del menú, no hay problema aquí. Si su pie de página tiene un widget con texto personalizado, no podrá traducir este widget porque para ello necesitará utilizar el complemento llamado “Traducción de cadenas WPML”, que se incluye únicamente en el paquete CMS.
      Si lo desea, puede comenzar con el paquete Blog y actualizar al CMS más tarde por la diferencia en el precio de compra.

  3. Hi,

    After many attemp, there is no way to pay only with credit card. The options are only to log in to a Paypal account or create a Paypal account.

    Under these two options, it only says: Cancel and return to WPML

    I can send a print screen on request for you to see it.

    Please advise how to pay with credit card.


    • Hello, have you tried the “Use a different payment method” link (located under the orange Place Order button)? We don’t support cards for India users but otherwise you should be able to use a credit/payment card.

  4. Hello,

    My account is no longer active and I need to get back in. I tried to pay on Jan 20th, but my card was compromised so I had to cancel it so the payment did not go through. How can I change my card details so that the payment processes and I can regain access without re-purchasing for the full price?

  5. Hello. Could you please tell me what the credits exactly mean? I need to translate 6 websites, hotel websites. Is the enterprise plan enough? If I use all the credits, what is the cost after? Does a token=one character?

    • Hello,
      basically, 1 word = 2 credits but if we want to be precise 1 word can be also 1 credit if you decide to use the Microsoft translation engine (WPML supports all there: DeepL (default), Google Translate and Microsoft). You you use all your credits you can buy additional credits (so-called pre-paid credits) or sign up for Pay-as-you-go. Both options a re covered in detail here. If you would like to estimate how much you will pay for the Pay-as-you-go credits you will need for your website, this calculator will help.

  6. Are the 90k translations credits that come with the Multilingual CMS or 180k with the agency plan reccuring credits that you get every month and when you surpass that the pay-as-you-go activates?

    Or is it a one time only credit?

  7. Dear WPML team,

    is it possible to negotiate a one off payment for 5 years? I work with public funding with a deadline for the use of funds, and I’m looking for a una tantum payment solution


    • Hello Anna,
      it’s not possible to negotiate a one off payment for 5 years. What you could consider instead is the following:
      a. purchase WPML for the first year
      b. set it up to see how it works for you
      c. if everything is fine you can go to your WPML account and cancel automatic renewals. Then you will see an option to pay for the next year in advance. You can use it to pay upfront for the next year or if you use it a few times, it should allow to you pay in advance for a few years.

    • Hola Edu,
      Me temo que estás en lo correcto y no sería posible desde las opciones de WPML. En tu caso, solo se me ocurre código personalizado, lo cual está fuera del alcance del soporte.

  8. Hi. I bought WPML in 2022, now I moved my site to a new domain … and I cannot activate wpml anymore, but I have to buy it again.
    I don’t understand, I payed already for the plug in … I’m not interested in update or support, it was worlking fine, I just need to move it … and I cannot …
    What I should do?
    Thanks in advance


    • Hello,
      a WPML license key is generated per domain. If you moved your site to a new domain, you need to register your site again with a new WPML key and for this you need to have an active WPML account. Your account expired in March 16, 2023 and that’s why you cannot generate a new key. If you are not interested in updates and support, that’s fine and you can switch to manual renewals soon after buying WPML but you need to buy WPML again to register it with your new domain. It’s good to use the most recent version of WPML especially if you use the newest version of WordPress so updating WPML will be a good opportunity to keep your plugins up to date.
      Here are the steps:
      1. Buy WPML (you can log into your existing WPML account before your continue your checkout if you would like to use the same email address)
      2. On your WordPress site, go to Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab and unregister WPML and then register it again with a new key
      3. If you don’t plan to continue with auto-renewals, go to your WPML account, click on the Modify link next to the next renewal date and cancel your automatic renewals
      I hope this helps.

  9. Hi! I’m not sure which subscription I need, can you give me advice please?

    I have a basic website, no woocommerce etc. I need backend translation and duplicates of all pages. URL slugs in all languages.
    I don’t need automatic translation, I will translate manually the duplicate pages myself. I need the plugin to recognize the users browser language and pick the pages it shows accordingly, but also allow them to manually switch.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Hello, you have to buy the Multilingual CMS package to translate your WooCommerce site even if you don’t plan to use automatic translations. This page will help you understand how to translate manually.

  10. Does WPML allow for easy connection with Google Merchant Center? Ads can get rejected if there is auto-detection of geolocation.

  11. Hello. Are your pricing plan prices are in a year or in a month? Like Multilingual blog 39USD per month or per year? And also, will it translate only blog section? I wish to translate genuine shortcode input language and buttons.
    Kind regards,

    • Hello,
      these are yearly prices but actually, if you decide to renew you WPML subscription you will pay less for the next year(s) because we are giving a 25% discount for loyal clients. The blog package allows you to *manually* translate the content of your pages and blog posts, categories and the menu (the only exception where you cannot translate the menu with the Blog package is are Full Site EDiting themes – themes fully based on Gutenberg blocks). If your button is part of your page content (something you can edit when editing your page), you will be able to translate the buttons as well. I’m not sure what you mean by “genuine shortcode input language”. WPML will add the language switched to your site automatically for the selected languages.

    • Hello John,
      No, I am afraid we no longer sell subscriptions in USD. All transactions are now processed in EUR, exclusively.

      Kind regards,

  12. Hi there,
    I’m trying to purchased your plugin via credit card but I’d like to pay in American dollars (the only option is in Euros). Is there a way to pay via credit card and American dollars?
    Thank you,

    • Hello,
      something went wrong with your last comment and we received only “e”. Would you like to ask your WPML question again? I’ll be happy to answer.

  13. Hello, I bought a theme compatible with WPML and I am thinking to buy 1Y subscription but I have one question: my current theme language is EN so I would use WPML to translate it into Romanian as well. But I want Romanian to be the default language, not English. When user is accessing the website, the content to be in Romanian and to have the English flag for switching in.
    Or WPML detects user’s IP and if that IP is in Romania then the website is automatically in Romanian? otherwise in English?
    Can I setup this?
    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello,
      yes, you can use WPML with Romanian language set up as your site’s default language. You can finish setting up your site in one language (Romanian) and after it’s ready enable WPML to make the website available also in English (and of course you can also translate your pages, products and post to English automatically if you want).
      Now about automatic redirections. WPML provides language redirection features but these are not based on the user’s IP but the user’s browser language. This option is disabled by default and if you would like to use it, you would need to enable it in WPML settings. You can read more about this feature here. Please note that in practice redirection feature are not needed in most of the cases. Soon after your website is available in many languages, it will be index in Google (and other search engines) in all these languages (in Romanian and English in your case) so users who will be performing their search in Romanian in Google will received links to Romanian pages, users who will search in English, will receive links to English pages. That’s why redirections are not needed.

  14. Could you please clarify whether the credit calculation for translations is based on the number of translations per visit, or are the charges applied only once, allowing subsequent visitors to view the content in both languages without additional cost?

    for instance, if a single user, Mr. Joseph visit the English website 3 times, will it result the consumption of translation? If yes, we will be charged 1 time or three times?

    • Hello, the charges for credits are applied only once and are NOT based on the number of visits. In practice this means that you will use many credits when you translate your site for the first time but later on you might not use any credits at all or only few if you update the original content and you need to retranslate something. In this case, you will use credits only for the sentences that have been changed. Moreover, the translations are saved in your WordPress database and you can keep them even if you decide to cancel your WPML subscription (which you can do at any time and still use WPML plugins). Another good thing about WPML is that it uses the so-called translation memory and if a specific phrase was already translated, you won’t use credits for the same translations because the translations will be pulled from the translation memory (for example, imagine you have “Read more” used 15 times on your site. Credits will be used when you translate the first occurrence of this phrase not for all 15).

  15. My question has been removed without an answer for 3 times. Please assist as we are the first-time user and we really need it for budgeting purpose.

    Could you please clarify whether the credit calculation for translations is based on the number of translations per visit, or are the charges applied only once, allowing subsequent visitors to view the content in both languages without additional cost?

    For example, if a single user, Mr. Joseph, visits the English version of the website three times, does this result in the consumption of translation credits? If so, would we be charged once or three times?

    • Hello,
      your previous question was not removed but it was waiting for moderation. I have just replied. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  16. Hello,

    I am reaching out to inquire about the possibility of receiving a discount for our non-profit organization when purchasing your products. Is it possible?


    • Hello,
      yes, it is possible to get a discount for a non-profit organization. Please fill out this form and provide the link to your non-profit website.

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