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26,834 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi. I’m considering purchasing your solution but I’m a startup and keeping costs down are important.

    Will you have a black friday discount this 2019?

    Thank you

  2. Hi!

    I have WPML plugin in my website. We haven´t used it yet but now we might gona need it. We take it off for I while becouse it start to slowdown our website and some parts of our website didn´t work as it should have. After taking off the WPML plugin our website work just fine and was lot faster. We hadn´t updated WPML plugin for long time and now our lisence has expired

    -Does the update help with these two problems? (Slowdown problem and our website still works as it should)
    -What does the 12-month performance guarantee means?

    Best wishes

    • Hello,

      “What does the 12-month performance guarantee means?”

      We want to make sure that all performance issues are handled properly. If someone bought within the last year we see ourselves responsible for the performance of our plugins. To receive a refund because of performance issues, first, you need to give us the opportunity to fix the problem. You need to open a support ticket and allow us to troubleshoot it. We may need access to your site and we may ask you to install a test version.

      If we cannot come up with a fix and your site is still slow because of our plugin, we will issue the refund.

      So first we need to make sure that we have a support ticket and we notify our devs so that they know that there’s something that we need to handle with priority.

      To sum up, you can buy/renew your WPML subscription and in case of any permanence issues open a support ticket. We believe that the recent version will help to solve your performance problems but we cannot say much you without checking your site first.

  3. Hi, we are considering using WPML to internationalize our site. We target several different markets (but all English speaking). We’re learning that we should have country-specific pages and use the hreflang tags to indicate which country the content applies to (and not be flagged as having duplicate content). The main driver behind this is SEO in each market, but there might also be some very small differences in terminology used (eg US English vs UK English) and country-specific content.

    WPML seems mainly focused on other languages. Do others use it in the same way I’ve described?

    Thanks, Fiona

  4. Hi,

    Your software was recommended to me, but they pointed out that I need the String Translation and Translation Management modules, which of your 3 packages contains these?

    Best regards,


  5. Hi WPML,

    Our company is looking into downloading a translation service into our WordPress site although we are quite confused with the process. We have many international clients and want to have the language switched feature on our website in German, Dutch and English. We were wondering whether once the WPML plugin is downloaded down it automatically translate the whole site for clients once they click on their preferred language or will we need to manually update with if we choose not to use the translation management portal? We also want to know whether the translation plug in keeps up with the changes on our website, as we have quite an active site where changes are happening everyday will the other two language be automatically updated or is this something that we’ll need to do manually? is there a word limit for pages as we have got many pages featuring throughout our website? Any further info on the ease of use of this plugin would be amazing.
    Thank you!!

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      No, nothing will happen fully automatically. WPML allows you to provide your own translations but you can also use machine translations (if you use our ATE editor) but you need to “send” your pages (and other content) to translation manually.

      Please watch this video:

      and it will help you understand how it works.
      You can also check this video:

      “We also want to know whether the translation plug in keeps up with the changes on our website,”
      Suppose you translated a page and then the original content of that page has changed. WPML will detect it and will indicate it in your WordPress with a special icon telling you that the translation should be updated as well.

      Please note that using machine translation costs extra money. New sites that start using WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor receive a free quota of 2000 words. This is roughly 5 pages with a medium amount of content. Here’s the pricing:

      • Thank you for your reply! This sounds great although we were wondering with the extra charge per month from 5,000 , 15,000 and 100,000 words. Will we keep having to pay the $19.98 every month if we only update our pages once and then leave them as is? or will it track the website and how many words are there? For example our site has over 25,000 words, we’ll use the 100,000 paid charge for the initial translating of the page but then after that we’ll probably only be changing around 5,000 words a month?

        • No, you pay only for the words that you need to translate. You can also translate individual words yourself instead of relying on machine translation.

  6. Hi,

    We were using qtranslate plug-in but seems like that plug-in is not being supported anymore. If we now buy WPML, I am wondering how the transition would be like. We already have pages translated using qtranslate in Chinese and French. On changing to WPML, what will happen to the Chinese and French pages if we set the default language as English? Would I be able to copy-paste all the translations from qtranslate to WPML?

    I would also like to clarify pricing for 1 website. Is it a one time purchase or an annual subscription?

    Please email me the response.

  7. Hi,

    I am developing a new website and that website will be in 8-9 different languages so could you please let know if your plugin is capable to handle more then 2 languages and how good it will be. Right now I am using for 2 languages for my another website but I faced many issues there but good thing is that your support team always resolve my issues, and now in my new website I will add multiple languages later so please let me know the best solution which will not make our website too heavy.

    thanks you

  8. Hello! I am about to start to blog and I am not 100% sure yet I want it to be in one language or maybe two. So I would like to start with just one language without WPML-plugin.
    What I would like to know if is I could start using WPML later without destroying my website?
    Thanks for the information.

  9. Hello! I am about to start to blog and I am not 100% sure yet I want it to be in one language or maybe two. So I would like to start with just one language without WPML-plugin.
    What I would like to know if is I could start using WPML later without destroying my website?

  10. Hi, my client wants to use his bespoke polish translation throughout this site, but for all his other languages just have automatic Google translation.

    Is this possible? I already have the polish in a word doc.

  11. I’m considering purchasing the WPML “Multilingual CMS” plugin to translate my Divi website (Theme = Divi, from Elegant Themes).

    I still have 3 questions:

    1. Does WPML work well with Divi, and also with Divi Project-pages?

    2. I have a LOT of images on my website. I don’t want to translate them, so the images for the second language will be exactly the same as for the first. Does WPML copy those images, so that I need twice as much disk space (MB)? Or does it just copy the link to the image?

    3. When translating a page that is built with the Divi Builder, meaning with a lot of different rows and modules – do I need to click every single row/module on a page to translate it, or is there an easier way to directly translate?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Hi,

    Is there a way to check if we have a valid/licensed version of WPML installed? The developer who initially worked on the website has been not responsive for many months now and I can’t find any credentials that he may have sent me at one time.

    So I can’t establish if we have a valid license or not… We have Version 2.7.1 installed and it was working fine until I temporarily disabled it. Now I get an error when trying to re-enable it. I dug around the support forum for help, but nothing there speaks to my particular issue. In order to create a new ticket I need to provide my login info, but I can’t find any (and it doesn’t recognize any of my emails — if we have a valid license, then I believe the developer must have used his email).


    • Hello, you can check it yourself.
      On your WordPress site, please:
      1. Go to Plugins
      2. Add new
      3. Switch to the commercial tab
      Please check if your site is registered.
      If it is, you should be able to update the plugins (please don’t do it if you’ve never done it before, I’m just letting you know how you can check if your site is registered).

      There is no WPML subscription registered for the email you’ve submitted this comment with.

      • Thanks. I don’t see a commercial tab at all… I’ve read that this can also be due to a bug… Do you have any other way of checking?

        In any event, I see that the plugin hasn’t been update in quite a while (the version of WPML Multilingual CMS that we have is 2.7.1!). So can you give me a sense of how much work I may need to do when I update to the latest version (has the architecture changed so much that I should expect a lot of work, or will it rather be quite seamless)?


    • And yes, if you would like our supporters o help you with your issues, you would need to buy WPML subscription, without it, you won’t be able to open a ticket.

  13. Hello! I plan to buy the plugin for our e-commerce site, in the page of Checkout I do not see among the list the Canary Islands. We are always part of Europe but we do not have the use of VAT, so we generally receive the invoice without adding VAT from suppliers outside our area. Is it possible to solve this problem?

  14. Hi,

    I am planning to purchase WPML to use with WP Job Manager but first I need to know if the setups I want and need are possible.

    My sites will have 2 languages, English and Spanish. I want the users that post jobs (either frontend or backend – very important to have the option for both) to be able to enter job details as they wish in the language(s) of their choice between English and Spanish or both. So they could enter job details in:
    – only 1 language (may or may not be the language the site is currently in)
    – the 2 languages (for example, if the job targets candidates in a location where people speak both English and Spanish)

    I have seen and read on sites/forums about WPML/WP Job Manager that jobs can be translated from the backend (that it’s supported), but I haven’t seen any place where it’s mentionned that the jobs can be translated from the frontend and that there is a flexibility at that level. What can be achieved from the frontend?

    My perfect scenario (basic example) for the job posting form on the frontend:
    – User lands on the job posting form
    – There is a language dropdown/select box; There are 3 options: “English”, “Spanish, “English and Spanish”; the language the site is currently in is selected by default in the dropdown/select box.
    – The fields shown in the job posting form are for the language(s) that is/are selected in the language dropdown/select box. If the “English and Spanish” option is selected, then some trabslatable fields will be “duplicated” to specify values for each languages. For example: “Job title in English”, “Job title in Spanish”, etc.
    – Once the user reaches the job posting form in edit mode (to edit an existing job), the language dropdown/select box is pre-selected to what the user had chosen when he/she submitted the job.

    Other questions:

    1. Is it possible to show posts (job postings) even if they were not translated in the site’s current language? If the post is translated in the site’s current language, the post would show in that language, otherwise it would show in the other language. In other words, here’s an example scenario: for a location X there are 10 jobs, 7 jobs were only entered in English with no Spanish version, 2 jobs were entered with details/translations in both English a Spanish and finally 1 job was only entered in Spanish. If a user reaches the site In Spanish, searches for jobs in location X, he would see the 10 jobs, 7 in English, 3 in Spanish.
    2. If I use different domains per language, i.e. for English, for Spanish, and the setup that needs to be done with the plugin to achieve this, does it affect performance (when reaching the side)?


    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      regarding Translation Management. It all happens on the backend.

      If the post is translated in the site’s current language, the post would show in that language, otherwise it would show in the other language.

      Yes, you can show the post in the original language in that case. WPML has such an option and you set it up per post type in WPML setting.

      If I use different domains per language, i.e. for English,

      Yes, but some server admin work is required, please check the details here:

      • Thanks for your help, however it does not really answer all my questions, which must be answered before purchasing your plugin.

        So you’re saying all the translation happens ONLY on the backend? There is no way to make it happen also on the frontend? In regions/countries where there are multiple official languages, where users may visit the site in language A but wish to post in language B (or both language A and B) from frontend is a real and frequent use case. It does not make sense that a multilingual plugin provides no option for that.

        Maybe I misunderstood something. If your plugin lacks that essential feature, then do you know other plugins that could do it? I saw that on other WordPress websites and thought they were using WPML but I guess they were using some of your competitor’s plugins.

        Again, any clues how to make this happen? Other plugins, if yes, which one(s)?


        • Hello Martin,
          yes, the translation process supported by WPML happens only on the backend.
          If your site offers front-end forms that allow your end-users to submitt their content in different languages, it will work as soon as the plugin used for handling those forms is compatible with WPML. what I mean is something similar to this: – this form is available also in Spanish (please check the footer). But in this case, it is not WPML that translates but the user submits the content in her language.

          Can you please let me know how forms are implemented on your site? Have you used a plugin? What’s its name.

  15. Hi,

    I want to create a 2 languages online store.
    I need to translate every page, category and product.
    Which plan is suitable for me?

    Thank you

  16. Hi!

    I will use Marseille02 template from XStore developer to build some small shop with finally two or three languages, beside polish as main language. Pls. help me – WPML extension let me:

    1) translate pages and with my own text and blocks, menus, footers, etc.?
    2) translate woocommerce elements?
    3) add language switcher into page?

    Will be great, if You can help me..


    Theme version: Marseille02
    WooCommerce version: 3.8.1

  17. Hi! I’m considering to use the WPML plug-in for two different languages, each with its own domain name and not subfolders. I have a few questions before I can decide though and I’d be grateful if you could help me resolve them!
    1) Will I still have one WordPress log-in or one for each domain name?
    2) What about licensed plug-ins that are limited to one domain name? Would their functionality/content be automatically transferred to the secondary language (I’m thinking of the Visual Composer plug-in in particular but also security plug-ins)?
    3) And if I can continue using one WordPress workspace, how does this it work for the Gravatar? When I leave a comment on someone else’s website, how can I determine from which language I’ll be commenting? (and thus would link to my website in the correct language?)
    Many thanks for your help!

  18. Hello,

    I’m considering buying your plugin for translating the website to English. If I buy the CMS package with 3 website licenses. Once translated can I deactivate the license and use for another website. Perhaps going back by deactivating and reactivating. Does your license term allow this?


  19. Hi – So if I have 14k words on my English website, would these be accurate in terms of what I need to get from WPML?

    – plugin $79 (per year)
    – extra 15k words automatic translation $9.99 (one-time)


  20. Hi,

    1st of all thanks for your service.

    Is it possible to purchase your product without a creditcard? I used the option for PayPal, but still I’m being asked for a creditcard.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello,
      thnk you for your interest in WPML.
      Yes, you to have a credit card attached to your PayPal account to be able to buy subscriptions. It is a requirement from PayPal.
      You don’t need to pay with the credit card, but the card is needed to be able to use the PayPal funds when buying any subscription.

      You can also send us funds directly to our PayPal address.

      Please contact us via this form:

      for details.

  21. ho bisogno di acquistare
    WPML Multilingual CMS
    WPML String Translation
    WPML Translation Management

    Che prezzo ha la licenza per un anno del pacchetto completo di questi 3 prodotti?

  22. Hello,
    We are Bluesummits, a small training project group.
    We have some questions:

    1- What is the price of MULTILINGUAL CMS from now, until 3 December.
    2 – What do you mean with “Number of websites you can register” are they diffenent pages, sites, domains?
    3- Do you have a special discount for emprendours?


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