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26,798 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello,

    This is the second one which I post my question, my previous request got disappeared!

    Would you please mention if your plugin is compatible with these two plugins:

    – WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
    – Woo Custom Emails Per Product

    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      your previous comment was awaiting moderation. I replied a few minutes ago. Bottom line is that both plugins haven’t been tested by our Compatibility Team and you would need ot test them yourself keeping our refund policy in mind.

  2. what else i have to do because i bought the recently version but i still get the same error that i get when i made an update

    • Hello Alexandre,
      If you paid for the renewal of your subscription and you get an error when trying to update WPML, please try to unregister and register your site again.
      This should fix the issue.

      Let me know?

  3. Hi,
    Wondering if WPML is fully working using Divi Editor to translate content of pages without the necessity to clone/copy the pages in other languages, which will make page updates significantly more difficult ? Currently we need to reflect all pictures and structural changes on the respective language pages.

  4. Hi

    I am evaluating this plugin for a client. They need to be able to track the number of words each translator has translated in their team as the translators are paid by the number of words translated. is that possible with WPML? If so how can I program this into their website?



  5. I use WPML plugin and have 15 days remaining on my subscription. what exactly happens after that 15 days? does the plugin function as normal or will something appear/stop working on the site?

    • Hello Zack,
      If you don’t renew, you can keep using the files as they are installed on your site but without receiving updates or support.

  6. Hi – we run a large WP Network (800+ sites) where much content is editing using ACF Pro instead of the native editor.

    I understand there is support for ACF Pro but wanted to understand how much setup would be required by individual sites on the network to use WPML or whether we can complete most of the basic configuration at a network level? We try to minimise the amount of setup required by the individual site admins who often have limited technical skills so this may not be a viable solution for us if it must be set up from scratch on each site that requires it.

    Many thanks.

    • Hello Ben, ACFML (the WPML addon we provide for ACF) doesn’t provide any setup, you activate it and it works. You can also install WPML for your network but then you need to set it up individually for each of your subsites (for example subsite #1 might be available in English and German while subsite #2 might be available in 4 languages). Is this your case?

      • Thanks – our network is for volunteer-run units of our UK-based organisation (ie not a general-purpose network) so we’re only looking to support English (and not have the plugin active on that site) or English and Welsh on the minority of sites where that’s required. Anything that would make that more of a cookie-cutter process the better.

        • In this case, you (or the admins of your subsites) would need to set up WPML on all the subsites that are supposed to be available in English and Welsh. Apart from that initial setup to be done for WPML (which is relatively easy and we provide a wizard that will guide you through it), you need to translate your content. You can leave some of your pages in English (you don’t need to translate everything).

  7. Hi dear
    Yesterday I found transactions by 59$ was tajen from my visa card
    My inquiry is why you cut this money from me
    I don’t know ur site and didn’t make any purchasing before and don’t know what’s ur company sell
    I made contact with my bank to check and they told you that you cut this money for Annual subscription renewal
    I need to cancel this and kindly refund my money back because I don’t use your products
    Waiting for you reply

  8. Hi dear
    This is the purchasing no. For the transaction that you cut before 870047
    Please check and refund the money that you cut from my account and cancel Annual subscription renewal
    Waiting for reply

  9. It’s possible buy WPML without automatic renew? Yes, I know is better automatic renew because I can save money and have access to updates. But I’m wondering if I can manually renew my subscription and how do I unsubscribe if I don’t need the plugin anymore?


    • Hello Roberto,
      Yes, you can cancel the automatic renewal payment at any time from your WPML account. If you want to process the payment manually you will be able to do it for the same discounted price (as long as you do it before the expiry date).


  10. good morning, I’m looking for a reliable plugin for translating a wp site, I came across your plugin, but I have a couple of questions.
    -what does 1 year of free updates mean? after the year what happens? can’t i update anymore?
    -My site has a lot of photos with raster text inside. both inside the pages and inside sliders. how are these images handled? is there the possibility to replace them entirely for each language?

  11. Hi

    I already brought the question here a few weeks ago, and I then I was asked to point out the thread involved in the problem. At the time I thought it would be resolved quickly.

    From time to time, we ear people saying that they never got a so bad support in their life. It is like an expression…In this case, it is not. It’s the real thing. I’m discouraged .

    I’m on a project that requires WPML, and WPML is the first plugin that I tried to add weeks ago. Many weeks later, that is still the only plugin that I’m unable to registered, and therefore I cannot deliver the product. I don’t know what to do or what to say, and I need your help.

    You can see the thread here:

    It is said to be resolved, but as you can see in the last post, it is not the case.

    Help please…


    Gaston Huot

  12. Hi,

    I want to translate page slugs. Do I have to purchase CMS version or blog? Also if I have a plugin which adds custom fields which version do I need in order to translate them?

    Best regards,

  13. Hello,

    Previous developer of our site had bought a subscription, but unfortunately the account details are lost and we can’t renew our subscription. So, I would like to ask if we make a totally new subscription are we going to keep all of our translations that have been made in the past?

    Kind regards

  14. Hello!

    We are looking at a translation solution for our business site with woocommerce which currently is 100% japanese and based in Japan. However, our site has been up awhile and some translation plugins are specific to the type of permalink structure of the website. We currently use the default WordPress permalink structure. Would WPML require us to make any architectural changes to permalinks to function?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  15. Hi,

    I have 3 sites already registered to my account, and I want to add fourth. Howver, when I try to purchase WPML CMS I get renewal price in the checkout instead of the regular price. If I buy it, will I be able to register my fourth site?


    • Hello Karolina.
      To register more than 3 sites, you would to buy the Agency package (the CMS package allows you to register only 3 sites).

  16. Hola,

    Estoy necesitando una licencia para un solo sitio.

    ¿Hay posibilidad de comprar un término medio entre el Multilingual CMS y el Multilingual Blog donde tengo todas las características de Multilingual CMS pero con una sola licencia?

    ¿Ya no se encuentra disponible la licencia vitalicia?

    • Hello José,
      I’m sorry but we don’t have any other packages but these three:

      Everything you buy from us is automated and we don’t provide any middle options “on-demand”. There is no lifetime option either but renewals are not mandatory and you can still use WPML plugins even if you don’t renew your WPML subscription. But in this case, you won’t get new versions and you won’t be able to ask questions on our support forum but your plugins will still work. I hope it helps.

  17. Hi WPML Team! I’d like to clarify if there’s any extra cost for the add-ons or is just a matter of activating the ones I need.
    Thanks and Great job!!

  18. We are looking to translate an entire website, and we’d like to have the whole site machine translated and then go through and manually translate. The pricing table shows a 2,000 words-per-month limit, which we would very quickly exceed since it is a full website.

    Are there any other options for translating a full website using the machine translation?

  19. Hi,

    We are using country tld´s for language versions. I understand that WPML support separate domains. My question is how I would migrate the sites to “one”?

  20. Hi,
    I’m considering to buy WMPL for my website but need some clarification please:

    – can I manage the visibility for a page to be active in a language and not in another? Or make different contents for different languages? I mean also different images for example.

    – is it compatible with Divi Theme?

    – can I translate plugins text that are into specific fields/labels in english by default (i.e.: Sumbit | Reset buttons)? i.e.: Themify product filters; Ultimate member for managing access and so on?

    – do you have a dedicated support (chat/message/email) in case of specific problems into my website or only the forum?


    • The slug is translated as well and it’s generated automatically based on your new page/post title in the translated language.

  21. Hi! I would like to ask if it’s possible to display a certain number of pages per domain? For example, I have an English domain and it will display 10 pages then 20 pages will be displayed on my Japanese domain. Thanks.

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