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26,698 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi there,

    Is payment with PayPal possible in case I have no credit or debit card linked to my PayPal account? Is there any way to purchase WPML without either of those cards?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello

    If I am using a theme that allows to enter a specific currency for the products one is able to create with it, will installing wpml help me to have a different version of the theme currency for each different locale? Basically I want to have the usual capability that many sites have in which one changes the country and is able to see products in their own currency, that’s all. Please let me know if possible or If I need to explain more. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Ben.
      What you are describing here: “the usual capability that many sites have in which one changes the country and is able to see products in their own currency” is how our WPML works when used along with our WooCommerce Multilingual plugin.

      Can I have the name of your theme, please?

    • Hello Marcel,
      thank you very much for your interest in WPML.
      Yes, you can choose the folder-based format as in your example.

      Are you asking about the cost of machine translations? These are available when you enable the ATE editor in WPML.
      For now, we offer 10 000 for free each month, as you can read here:

      After October 8th, 2020, you will get only 2000 words for free and you need to buy extra credits and pay according to this pricing table:

      I hope it helps.

      • I think the problem is not the monthly, it is the initial automatic translation. Is the plugin available in Demo mode which does not do the translation but counts and gives you an estimate?

        • We don’t have a demo site for WPML but we use WPML on our demo for Toolset. You can try to test it here:
          Go here:
          2. Create a test site – Make sure you are choosing the “The site will be multilingual” (without this you won’t see WPML plugins on your site)
          3. Log into your copy
          4. Go to WPML -> Settings
          5. Switch to our ATE editor (which provides machine translations) by selecting “Use WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor”
          6. Go to WPML -> Translation Management -> Translation Tools
          7. Click claim words
          8. Go to “The Fitness Trends That Changed the world” and click the + icon under your language. If you want to test it with a different language, please add your language first by going to WPML -> Languages -> Add/Remove Languages

          Now, we also allow to choose Google instead of MS Azure.

  3. Hi,
    We would like to translate our website in to Arabic language.
    Before purchasing the new plug-in, we have tested the unregistered version in our local machine. But we got the error like “Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in”. We have discussed it theme support and they informed to contact with WPML support.

    Please confirm whether the same issue happens on the live site, if we purchased the licence version. Once you give the confirmation, we can move to the purchasing process.

    Used Theme: Hongo
    Version: 1.1.1

    • Hello Sam,
      If you have a VAT number valid for EU transactions you should not get charged for it. Can you paste it here?
      I will make sure it gets validated successfully.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi i made a wordpress website with elementor and advance custom fields plugin. i need to translate the post type pages. which one of the plans you have is ok for this? the Multilingual Blog plan could do the job? also is the price per year or its an one time payment if i dont need any support?
    thank you in advance.

    • Hello Jorge,
      This theme hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Team. Your theme page says that it’s WPML compatible but I cannot see any WPML mentions in their log either. Even if a theme was never tested by our team, there is still a good chance that it will work with WPML. Unless your site is not a simple blog, you would need to buy the Multilingual CMS package.

  5. Hello, I am about to buy Prolingua, from Envato, I was wondering which version of WPML will suit my needs (would be awesome that the basic version will cover it).

    I only want to translate it to Spanish

    I expect your comments, thanks!

  6. Hi,

    I found that there is Annual account subscription. Is it possible to opt-out automated annual renewal? I am purchasing this plugin for one of my clients and he is not sure if he is willing to pay for annual renewals.

    I also need to know if I can buy this plugin multiple times for my different clients. I know there is ‘Multilingual Agency’ license but that is not our option at the moment.


    • Hello Ali,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. You can buy WPML and cancel your subscription even right after the purchase. In this case, you will receive updates and access to our support for the first year. After the first year, you can still use WPML but without access to new versions and our support forum. If you buy the Multilingual CMS you will be able to register WPML on 3 sites, you can use WPML without registration but then you will need to handle updates manually and as I mentioned, you won’t get new versions and access to our support assistance after the first year. You can also upgrade to the Agency version later for the difference in the purchase price. I hope it helps.

  7. Hi there!

    I want to know if WPML can translate only specific posts?

    Example: – ORIGINAL

    I only want to have the version in Spanish of the post, not the whole site. Other plugins create a whole version of the site as and that’s a no-no for me.

    Thanks in advance

  8. I saw that you offer the ability to use different domains for different languages. However, I am wondering when the domain is different for the same language from different countries.
    For example, German – Switzerland and German – Germany. I would like the German – Switzerland website to be and the German – Germany website Is that possible? Does the plugin differentiate between the same language but different countries? Thank you!

  9. We need to add multilingual function to our website and have the following to areas of requirement.
    1. We will have multiple Indian regional languages which we want to appear under our .in domain where we have a Woocommerce store website for india.
    2. We also want support for international languages like Arabic and French. And these will be linked to/from the .in website however will have independent domain like .fr or .ae and will not have a Woocommerce store

    Please let me know how should I make my website structure and also which WPML plan I need to Purchase

    • Hello Salik,

      If U understand correctly, you want to create an unique WordPress installation with several URL formats:
      – Some regional codes under .in domain.
      – Some domains languages for .fr or .ae.
      If I understood correctly, I’m afraid this is not possible with WPML as you can’t mix different URL formats.

      However, something that you could do is create subdomains for your regional codes and domains for your .fr and .ae language, in that way, WPML could be the solution you are looking for.

      You can find more information here:

  10. HI, I have a wpml purchase status as “pending”. What does it mean? I want to cancel the purchase. Could you clear it for me please? thanks

    • Hi Joseph,
      Sure, I have deleted the invoice from your account.
      If you want to purchase you can log in and start the transaction from scratch.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hi,
    I would like to purchase this theme. But I want to confirm that Arabic and english translate are support and currency also support

    • Hello,
      WPML is a set of plugins, not a theme. Yes, it provides support for Arabic and English. For currencies, if you use WooCommerce, then, yes we support currencies as well. You will need the Multilingual CMS package.

  12. Hi,

    We are interested in WPML and probably would order soon.

    Only one question and that is regarding the Emails and Invoices.

    We are selling software hence we would need to send the activation instructions for each product. We use this plugin to send additional information per product in the email which the customers receive. Would you please mention if you mention WPML is compatible with this plugin:

    And regarding invoices we are using the pro version of “WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips”, would you please mention if WPML is also compatible with this plugin too?

    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      WPML works very well with WooCommerce but I didn’t find your WooCommerce extensions on our list of plugins compatible with WPML:

      Those are the plugins tested by our Compatibility Team.

      So you might not translate all strings coming from these plugins using WPML. There is a good chance they will work but you might not be able to translate all texts from those two plugins.

  13. Hi,

    I want to translate my website with WPML, but I do not want to translate all my articles. What would happen to my blog page in the new language? Will it show a mix in both languages or only show translated articles?


  14. Hi

    I used to use wpml on my website but at the time i was using a version which was free when i made an update of the plugin that when i saw that i have to buy it
    my question is if i buy it the translation that i made will come back or i have to start from zero link page to page and post to post
    my website have 5 languages i did translation on my self because most of the language are not familiar i had to translate page to page, post to post and word to word, right now my website is using just one language


    • Hello Jarel,
      Thank you for your questions.
      First of all, WPML used to be a free plugin many many years ago (8?) so if you still use that very old version, you might have a lot of issues after switching to the new one so better to do it first on a copy of be in touch with our supporters. I’m not sure what you mean by saying that your translation will come back. If you update WPML plugins you should still see your previous/old translations, they won’t be lost. Now, you still need to translate page by page but we have many new features that can speed up this process. For example, you can apply machine translations to them all and then just alter some texts. I hope it helps.

    • I’m sorry but we don’t (and won’t have) the lifetime plan. You can buy WPML and cancel your WPML subscription anytime and still use our plugins but in this case, you won’t receive new versions and you won’t be able to access our support forum.

  15. Hi, my account expired and i cannot use my old licences? I have multi cms 3 websites (2 already used) i want to use on 3 site but i see only “payment renewal error” message instead adding 3 website (i pay for 3 websites, i dont need upgrade / renewal at this moment but im blocked to use my 3 old licences…) – please fix it

    • Hello Pawel,
      your WPML subscription is still active (it will expire on January 21, 2020). Yes, you can register only 3 sites. You need to log into your WPML account, go to Sites and then you can remove existing keys and/or generate new ones. Is this what you are doing? What do you click so that you are getting the “payment renewal error” message?

        • Hi Pawel,
          Your subscription has expired already, you are right. You cannot register new sites unless you renew your account.
          If you log in you will see the payment options for you.

          Kind regards,

          • I don’t want to renew my account. I want to use the one I paid for – licence for 3 sites. I can’t add third site through the panel. So help me – how can I do that? Should I send you site url, you activate it and send me key or can I do this myself?
            I purchased a specific license – it’s something wrong if I can’t use it properly.

            • The subscription key is only used to receive updates on your site automatically. If your account is not active, you lose access to updates and support. This is explained in our Purchase page Q.06
              If you have WPML files you can install them on any site without registering it, and use them without receiving updates.

              • Ok I understand, but this way I can install WPML files on as many pages as I want – not only 3. So licence for 3 sites doesn’t make any sense. I was able to buy a one-page license and use it on all my sites? It would be cheaper and final effect will be the same.

                I add WPML files on my third website, but will it be working properly? I would not like to let the situation happen when suddenly files will stop working or blocks my action or anything that could threatens my online shop. On my sites in plugins I have an information: You are using an unregistered version of WPML.

                Can you register my third domain on my account for my peace of mind?

                • Hello Pawel,
                  we only allow users with valid/active subscriptions to register sites. Keeping up to date is important due to security reasons (and potential incompatibilities with new WordPress versions). If you want, you can install and use WPML plugins on sites that are not registered. But, in this case, yes, you might see some notices on the backend that your site’s plugins are not up to date but besides this, you can use them (if you are aware of the issues I mentioned: security and incompatibilities with WordPress core)

  16. Hi There,

    Our company plans to have a new web site in Eng and Jpn.
    We plan to use Genesis Framework. Does wpml translate the Genesis’ menu as well?
    Do they have compatibility?

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