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May 9, 2024

If you have a WPML Multilingual Blog account, you need to use the Plus icons to translate. These icons appear on the listing pages in the admin, and when editing content.

How to Translate Content Using the Plus Icons 

You can translate content using the plus icons in two places: admin screen, or Block Editor. To translate content:

  1. Click the Plus icon for the language you want to translate into.
Clicking plus icon in listing screen
Clicking Plus icon in admin screen
Clicking Plus icon in Block Editor
  1. This opens a blank page. To create a completely different translation, simply add your text on the page. If you want to start with the original content and make edits, click Copy content from [default language].
Translating page
Copying content from the default language
  1. Once you’re done adding translations, click Publish. Your translations will now appear on your website when switching languages.
Contact page in English
Contact page in French
Contact page in French

If you want to edit your translations, click the Pencil icon in the admin screen.

Editing translation in admin screen

Looking for Centralized Translation Management and Automatic Translation?

If you have a WPML Multilingual Blog account, you’re missing out on the Translation Management feature. It offers a dashboard where you can handle all your website’s translations:

  • Choose the best translation method for every part of your website
  • Send content for translation
  • Track translation progress across languages

And more.

Upgrading your Multilingual Blog account is easy:

  1. Go to your WPML account and click the Upgrade options link in the sidebar. 
  2. Click whether to upgrade to a Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency account. In both cases, you will only pay the price difference between your Multilingual Blog account and the new account type you choose.
Upgrading a WPML Multilingual Blog account at a discounted price