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January 8, 2024

If you want to automatically translate several pages at once, but not your entire site, you can use bulk automatic translation.

Translate Everything Automatically allows you to automatically translate all of your site’s content at once, but what if you only need to translate a few key pages? It would be tedious to open each one in the Advanced Translation Editor to use automatic translation.

Instead, you can automatically translate multiple posts, pages, and strings in bulk from the Translation Management Dashboard.

Automatically Translating Posts and Pages in Bulk

To send posts and pages for automatic translation in bulk:

  1. Go to WPML → Translation Management and select the posts and pages you want to translate.
  2. Choose the languages you would like to translate them into.
  3. Select the Translate automatically option and then click on the Start translating button.
Choosing which posts and pages to translate automatically

Once the automatic translations finish, you or your site’s translators can review the translations by going to WPML → Translations.

Sending Strings for Automatic Translation in Bulk

From the String Translation page, you can automatically translate strings in bulk.

How you send strings for automatic translation depends on:

  • Whether you’re using the Translate Everything Automatically or Translate What You Choose mode
  • If you’re the only translator or if you have multiple translators on your site

For more details, see the page about automatically translating strings with WPML.